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Pleasant Green

Has anyone been through here? I read about an old church in Brett Dufur's book and was wondering if it's easy to find. I'm a history teacher, old building intrigue me.
posted Apr 26 2007 3:36PM - DougK, Troy

Unless Google Earth has lied to me, the historic building your referring to is in the same area as the Pleasant Green Plantation House, which is listed under Pilot Grove at this website. Google has it mapped as a school though, and it is about 1/4 mile from the trail(south side) out along Hwy 135 in the area that is generally referred to as Pleasant Green. After this building, Hwy 135 crosses over to the north side of the Katy Trail, and about a mile from this crossing you get to the Plantation House. Pleasant Green itself is considerably west of Pilot Grove, but I am not sure if you will know you are there(by sign, anyway) unless you pay attention to where the Katy crosses Hwy 135 in that area.
posted Apr 29 2007 10:05AM - Steve K, Saint Louis

Last September, we were in the area and tried to find it, but were unsuccessful while we were on our bikes. It can't be seen from the trail. We drove around after we finished riding and found it then. There was the octagonal barn just down the road, but it has fallen in and unless you know what it is, it is unrecognizable. I think it may be on Mt. Moriah Road. Sorry I can't remember how to get there from the trail.
posted Apr 29 2007 9:35PM - Anonymous, Jeff City

My 2003 map booklet that I received from DNR, which I forgot that I still had, says take a left(coming from Sedalia) at the 210.9 road crossing on the Katy Trail and go 1/3 mile to Hwy 135. The Methodist Church is on the right, and on the left is a cementary. They also mention the hexagonal barn, and the Pleasant Green Plantation House, but no specific location, they just say nearby. However, this does seem to agree with where Google Earth is saying where the Plantation House is. This booklet makes no mention of the Historic school building on the south side of the trail that Google Earth thinks is there though.
posted Apr 30 2007 6:08AM - Steve K, Saint Louis

What would I do without you guys??
posted Apr 30 2007 11:00AM - DougK, Troy

Hi guys! The bummer is that the hexagonal barn gave up the ghost last year. What a shame! Something about all of those corners really appeals to the non-conformist in me. Probably something really practical about that shape or else I'm sure they wouldn't have built it. I'm working on an updated 9th edition of the Katy Trail Guidebook and I hate to take it out, but alas, I guess I need to. The cemetery is still worth a relaxing stop. It is impeccably maintained and really connects you to ages past. A great place to take pictures... See you on the trail. ~Brett
posted May 13 2007 12:38AM - Brett Dufur, Rocheport

Pleasant Green Plantation is an ancestral home of my family. The Grave yard you mention is full of my ancestors, Reads, Ewings, Walkers. The woman who lives at the house Winky Fredrichs is a distant cousinn of mine. I met her for the first time this year. I will be visiting her again next year, What I found to be a little strange was that although the plantation owners were slaveholders most of them fought for the Union. One of them General Ewing was notorious for enforcing Order No 11 which forced people from their homes in western Missouri because they were thought to be southern sympathziers.
posted Jul 25 2011 10:37PM - Loren Albrecht, Eugene, Or

Winky told me that she tried and tried to get someone to come and repair the barn but no one seemed interested in taking it on. I think it was something to do with the way it was constructed.
posted Jul 26 2011 3:46PM - Loren Albrecht, Eugene, Or

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