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Katy Trail Rock Island Spur Comments

Does any one know if the trail has extended any further west towards KANSAS CITY?
posted May 3 2009 8:34PM - GJ, KANSAS CITY

Work to begin on new Katy Trail segment

PLEASANT HILL, Mo. - Gov. Jay Nixon says work will begin this month on linking the Kansas City area to the Katy Trail that stretches across the state.

Nixon was in Pleasant Hill on Friday at what is planned to be the western-most trail head of the trail. The 46-miles segment will link the area to Windsor, where the trail now passes.

Once completed, hikers and bicyclists will be able to use the trail from Pleasant Hill to St. Charles in St. Louis.

The work is being paid for with $18 million from a settlement the state reached with AmerenUE following the collapse of the Taum Sauk reservoir. Nixon negotiated the settlement while he was attorney general.

- posted 4/3/2009 3:00:47 PM


I hoped I was going to be first with the good news! Oh well. Here is link to press release.

- posted 4/3/2009 3:20:35 PM by ka3751 , saint louis
posted May 4 2009 9:16AM - Trek

Please keep me up-dated, about the new "EXTENSION", from Pleaseant Hill, Mo., to Windsor, Mo.....Thank You...

LA TOUR, Missouri
posted May 13 2009 12:34PM - VERNON, La tour, Missouri

We took a ride down to Pleasant Hill last weekend to check out the beginning of the extension (they are starting it here and joining up in Windsor). They are definitely getting started and had equipment there. Beginning to clear the area. I noticed that, although this is supposed to be a "Rails and Trails" with the trail next to the existing track, there was no evidence of RR tracks at this point. I imagine that when they start working to build trail alongside tracks, it will slow things down. I was just happy to see it beginning though!
posted May 13 2009 9:18PM - kim, independence

Are the tracks still in use? Why are they building a trail next to the existing track?
posted May 14 2009 8:25AM - Jules, Lake St. Louis

When will the Pleasant Hill trail extension open?
posted Aug 31 2009 9:40AM - GTO, St Charles

Don’t hold your breadth. Last we heard was that 5 miles would be completed FROM Pleasant Hill in “12 to 18 months”. Assuming they start from Pleasant Hill and head towards Windsor, it is another 35 miles to the Katy in Windsor.


And remember this is a “rails with trails”, which will be a lot more difficult than if they could utilize the old railbed and infrastructure that is already in place.

In regards to the rail line, my understanding is that the existing Rock Island Rail line is currently inactive for much if not all of the route, but AmerenUE wanted to keep intact in case they wanted to utilize in the future.
posted Aug 31 2009 10:27AM - stevo, saint louis, mo

When we checked a couple of months ago, they had started the Pleasant Hill end, but I do mean started. They had broken ground and there was some machinery sitting around. There are no tracks at this point, so I'm assuming it will join up with tracks further on down the line. As Stevo said, don't hold your breath. Since they are working west to east, you can be sure that they won't open any of it until a large portion is completed, and it will probably be a few years before it connects at Windsor.
posted Aug 31 2009 9:34PM - kim, independence, mo

Just wondering what stage the extension to Kansas City the trail is in . . .it should be almost completed by now. Are there maps that detail where the trail ends?
posted Dec 20 2010 5:21AM - Annette Argyle, Gallatin, MO

Whats the source of your information that it should be done by now? Perhaps they could shed some light for you.
posted Dec 20 2010 7:43PM - Anonymous

there is now about 1.5 miles which can be riden and more still under construction
posted Jul 4 2011 1:45PM - ab3, pleasant hill

So they've only completed 1.5 miles of the trail in 2 years? Wow, at this rate it'll take about 30.6 years to link up that 46 miles. Wow, money not well spent. It shouldn't take that long. Guess I'll plan my hike from Clinton onward.
posted Jul 6 2011 11:02AM - Rob, Olathe KS

I was told from a fairly reliable source that it was to open this year but it appears they are no longer working on the trail. When I went to Pleasant Hill, I had to drive Several miles south of the city just to find the trail with a small section completed and could not find anything around Windsor. SAD!!!
posted Sep 27 2011 3:28PM - KB, Lee's Summit

where did the money go that was to be used for this part of the trail and why is it not being worked on?
posted Oct 23 2011 6:38PM - greg, raytown,mo

posted Oct 24 2011 3:55AM - Darrell, Jefferson City, MO.

I remember when the Rock Island was running close to my parent's house in Versailles. One exciting thing that happened was that my sister almost stepped on a scorpion that the authorities determined hopped a ride on the train as they aren't native. There are some fantastic elevated trestles between there and Cole Camp.

Ok, so we know the line will be abandoned between Pleasant Hill and Windsor, but I wonder if they'll let go the section between Windsor and Eldon where there's still the Rock Island park?
posted Oct 24 2011 12:41PM - Brad P., Pea Ridge

Greg, the trail is being worked on. Some segments are complete. The state has railbanked about five miles nearest Pleasant Grove and started work there. We are likely to hear an announcement about the remaining miles some time soon.

The funds are all still in place and reserved for this projects. It is likely to turn out even better than we had previously anticipated.
posted Nov 2 2011 2:55PM - Brent Hugh, Raytown

Also I should add, the Pleasant Hill has opened over a mile of trail that they own/built. The vision for now is to start at Pleasant Hill and build outwards towards Windsor. Pleasant Hill is pretty excited about getting this connection done.
posted Nov 2 2011 2:56PM - Brent Hugh, Raytown

Biking the Katy Trail is a new adventure for me, so I am excited to get started this spring. Those venturing to this portion of the trail should come with mace or a reliable mode of defence. There have been sightings of a mountain lion in the Katy Trail area.
posted Jan 13 2012 11:42PM - Adie, Pleasant Hill

Adie, this from the Missouri Department of Conservation; “The risk of mountain lion attack on people in Missouri is very, very small to almost non-existent.” http://mdc4.mdc.mo.gov/Documents/160.pdf

But thanks for the heads-up!
posted Jan 14 2012 5:59AM - Darrell, Jefferson City, MO.

posted Mar 26 2012 12:33PM - Linda, Camdenton,MO

I went down to Pleasant Hill and pulled into the new parking lot about a mile or two south and east of Pleasant Hill. The sign still says it is closed but it appears to be ready to go. There has been no visible work done on the trail since I went there late summer but it appears only a couple of miles open. I am not holding my breath!
posted Apr 2 2012 3:27PM - KB, Lee's Summit

Is there any current news on the extension project? I read that the trail was going to be using the rail bed rather than running alongside the rails, which will be easier, cheaper and FASTER, but nothing since. Surely something must have happened since then? Anybody know?
posted Aug 11 2014 8:37AM - Vicki, Kansas City

I believe the land acquisition was tied to a political vote for another issue just recently in MO? Feds or Ameren or some group owned the land? The trail advocacy group sent out a posting to contact local political officials with a write in campaign I believe?
posted Aug 14 2014 3:51AM - Anonoh

Actually a lot depends on if Ameren sells the line for salvage or works with the state, dnr, or other group to develop the trail. You can sign the petition here: http://mobikefed.dreamhosters.com/RockIslandTrailPetition
posted Aug 14 2014 8:14AM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

Kansas City Star ran an article about the trail additions today.
posted Sep 9 2014 8:49PM - Chad

Can someone get an accurate report or overall plan from the Missouri DNR when sections of the Rock Island Trail State Park will be opened? There should be some public involvement with the project and not just constant updates coming soon. They are obviously working hard along the trail with all of the grading and rail salvage work, but why is it so hard for them to post updates or schedules?
posted Jan 10 2015 4:16PM - Trail Rider

This would be a good project for you, Trail Rider.
posted May 6 2015 4:53PM - Larry, Lone Jack

There are a couple of Facebook pages with updates on the Rock Island Pleasant Hill to Windsor section. Missouri Rock Island Trail, Inc. (MORIT) and The Rock Island Trail at Windsor. Some sections such as Windsor to Bowen, and others, have top layer down and are usable. Parks expects people to hike and ride the trail as it becomes usable. Crews are actively working and completion is said to be by late 2016.
posted Nov 18 2015 4:17PM - Kim, Windsor

On the comment, "Users are expected to use the trail as sections become available" (paraphrased), I would LOVE to, but, as I continue northwest toward KC, how am I able to tell if a section is "ready", as this can be subjective. I absolutely do NOT want to trespass, but, I love the thought of exploring and reaching further as the development continues. Is all of the land/right-of-way now under "parks department" control and ownership, ready-or-not? It will be a few years, but, I can't wait to basically hike/ride from St. Charles to the Colorado border on 90% trail, using the Katy and the Flint Hills Nature Trail in KS.
posted Jan 17 2016 1:21PM - commuterDude, Olathe, KS

They have made much progress this year. The trail has been cleared back with heavy equipment for most of the entire length. Now they are getting the bridges finished. I just walked a section of it tonight where it crosses T HWY about 5 miles South of Kingsville. Much of the trail bow has crushed gravel but there are some parts that still have the original rail bed gravel. They have even put up the trail crossing signs on the HWY but that spot is very dangerous. There is a small hill just to the North so it is a blind crossing.
posted Nov 10 2016 5:50PM - Justin Harper, Kingsville

Where can I get an updated map of the new KC extension? Where does it start? Where do I park? Are the maps for sale on this site updated? I don't see the update online.
posted Dec 13 2016 10:12AM - Cheryl , Basehor, Ks

Cheryl, the printed maps that we sell on BikeKatyTrail.com only include the Katy Trail at this point. And as far as I know, MO DNR does not yet have printed maps with the Rock Island Trail.

However, there is an online map showing the Rock Island route at http://www.bikerockisland.com/rock-island-trail-map.aspx.

There's a checkbox just above the map that you can check to add the Katy Trail onto the map.

Right now the trail goes as far as Pleasant Hill. Honestly I do not know the exact trailhead locations yet, but it's probably not hard to find if you go there. Worst case, you can probably find the trail very easily and just park on the street nearby.

Happy trails.
posted Dec 13 2016 10:44AM - Ray (webmaster)

Well, now it's officially called a "spur" to the Katy Trail. I am not sure I like this renaming.
posted Dec 13 2016 4:33PM - BikerBoy, Edwardsville, IL

Wow, I'm just as surprised by the renaming as the Pleasant Hill people were.

I may need to do a little website reconfiguring now. Man, I really don't want to cram both trails into that map at the top of the webpage. :-)

Oh well, just happy to have the new trail being added!
posted Dec 13 2016 4:58PM - Ray (webmaster)

I'll always call it the "Rock".
posted Dec 19 2016 9:42AM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

Makes no sense to me. I'll always refer to it as "The Rock Island Trail".
posted Dec 19 2016 4:45PM - Anonymous

It's been a few years concerning this ... When is this going to happen?...
posted Sep 22 2018 6:22AM - jennifer brooks, Raytown

There are 6 different trail segments that have to be designed, funded, and then built. It looks like 1,2, and 6 have been approved with enough funding that they should be built on schedule (if they don't have problems buying some new right of way where the trail turns away from the railroad easement). Sections 3, 4, and 5 are not going to be easy so people will have to keep working hard to get them funded. Look at the map link below and you can see the plan:

posted Sep 22 2018 6:22PM - Mark, Lee's Summit

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