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Long Term Parking@ North Jefferson City or Tebbett

I will riding trail 9/23-9/25 from Clinton. Friend is going to pick me up and I am going to ride back to my car. I was wondering about long term parking Nat N.Jeff City, if it OK, and safe from the trailhead. Or I could do Tebbetts or Hartsburg also.
I'd appreciate and feedback.
Thank you

Bob Hansen
posted Aug 28 2011 7:43PM - Bob Hansen, Lincoln, NE

Have left my car at Hartsburg several times, no problems. Was more comfortable leaving it there than Jefferson City Trail Head.
posted Aug 28 2011 11:06PM - Anonymous, Jefferson City, MO.

I'm with Anon. I've never had a problem leaving the car in Hartsburg. It's only 12 to 13 miles by trail between Hartsburg and N. Jefferson.
posted Aug 29 2011 7:57AM - Trek

I would suggest you leave it at the Jeff city park, which is about 0.5 miles on the greenway trail from the trailhead. There has been burglary issues at the trailhead. It will be a lot more lit area at the park.
posted Sep 18 2011 9:47PM - Aaron, New Bloomfield

My plan is to park approximately 1/2 way...(N. Jefferson or Jefferson city) and use that as my base. From there I would travel east over a couple of days to Clinton and back to Jeff. After a day's replenishing supplies, head out to St. Charles and back. The parking suggestions that were discussed from from 2011 and I wondered if there was a specific option for long term or if the suggestions from then were still good options. Any help is appreciated....will be traveling alone and the first time on this trail.
posted Aug 2 2016 7:18AM - DanD, Knightstown, Indiana

Couple of suggestions, Dan. First, there is a new trailhead facility at North Jefferson. However, it may not be safe to park there overnight. You might be better off parking at a hotel lot in Jeff City (pay the manager $10 or so) and biking over the bridge. Or park your car in Hartsburg, which would be a safer option than N. Jefferson.

Second, since you are traveling alone, it's a good idea to let people know where you are. We use an app on our Android phones called Real-Time GPS Tracker 2. It's free and will allow others to see where you are via a webpage (you grant them access). It's also a great way for them to share your adventure. You can turn it on an off throughout the day.
posted Aug 2 2016 12:48PM - Don, Ellisville, MO

I have also left a car in Hartsburg many times without issue. Don't believe I would use N Jefferson Trailhead for longterm parking.
Have a great trip.
Warning, the KATY trail is addictive many people including myself do it many times.

posted Aug 2 2016 2:22PM - Allen, Shawnee

Don, Ellisville, MO and Allen, Shawnee, Thank you both so much for the reply and suggestions. I have done a great deal of solo touring I will certainly check out that app.
I think I will go with you suggestions for Harrisburg as my staging point. Any suggestions on where to stay prior to leaving, upon my 1st return before leaving for the other direction ? Would that accommodations be receptive to my leaving my car there for a small fee and also my giving the local law enforcement a discription of my vehicle and timeline.
Thanks again for helping me with the process.
posted Aug 17 2016 12:40PM - DanD, Knightstown, Indiana

Decided to plan my trip for the last week of September and the 1st week of October.. Any heads-up that I should be aware of for traveling that time of year...? Thanks, Dan Dudley, Knightstown, Indiana
posted Aug 17 2016 12:43PM - DanD, Knightstown

I highly recommend calling Mark and Leaih at the Globe Hotel in Hartsburg. They will accommodate you and will give you the skinny on parking your car. End of September and beginning of October is my favorite time on the Katy. Not too hot and not too rainy. Leaves will not have turned color and the days (riding times) are shorter, but plan accordingly and you will love the experience.
posted Aug 17 2016 4:06PM - Don, Ellisville, MO

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