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Parking Question

I want to bike from St. Charles to Clinton. Can I leave my car for a week at the suggested St. Charles parking area? If so, do I need to notify the local police that the car will be there, pay a parking fee, etc.?
posted Feb 10 2005 3:13PM - Edna, Waukesha, WI

I just spoke to the St Charles Police Dept about this - the officer said that it is NOT necessary to notify anyone before parking on the lot for an extended period. He said that the lot is patrolled frequently, but just be sure to lock the car. Parking is always free at all the Katy Trail trailhead parking lots. If you want to clarify anything with the St Charles Police Department, their non-emergency number is 636-949-3300.
posted Feb 15 2005 11:58AM - Ray (webmaster)

It is probably better to park in the parking lot/garage of the Ameristar casino which is maybe 1.5 miles down the trail. VERY SAFE. They patrol tons and it is well lit and always active. I do it often for my runs on the Katy and they never have a problem. If you felt obligated you could always give them a few dollars at the slot machine
posted Feb 20 2005 10:57AM - TacticalTed, St louis

We are planning an overnight bike ride. Does anyone know if we can leave our vehicle overnight at Weldon Springs?
posted May 21 2006 3:24PM - Andy & Linda, Wildwood, MO

The official word that I've heard, is that overnight parking is fine at any of the trailheads. In the past there had been some vandalism problems at N Jefferson, but that was quite a while ago. I've never heard of any problems at Weldon Spring. Use your judgement and of course common sense stuff like not leaving valuables in the car.
posted May 22 2006 10:23PM - Ray (Webmaster)

I would check with DNR. I know that for the portion in mid-Missouri I was specifically told by
the Park superintendent of that stretch that overnight parking was prohibited. I was helping
out with the DNR ride and needed to leave my car overnight and was told I could not legally
leave it at the trailhead. But, it may be different for the Eastern end of the trail as that part is
managed by a different park superintendent. And, I have been told there have been some
recent vandalism problems at N. Jefferson, but I don't have any first hand knowledge on this.
posted May 24 2006 11:16PM - sbikes, Kansas City

My advice (from personal experience) is to definitely let the local police know if you're leaving your car at a trailhead for a week.
posted Jun 21 2007 9:40AM - Jen, Willowick, OH

I called the city of St. Charles PD. I was told overnight parking (or longer) is available and the best place to park is at the lot SE of the Trailhead Brewery, near Boonslick/Riverside (OR Main?). They said that lot is patroled more frequently. I called today, 08-25-07.
posted Aug 25 2007 8:27AM - Jon, Missouri

The above post is mine: we parked overnight at the lot just Southeast of Trailhead Brewery. This is the lot across the tracks. We had no problem and noted several other vehicles parked overnight also.
posted Aug 27 2007 8:31PM - Jon, Missouri

I see most of the questions and posts on this page are a few years old but I want to know as of June 2013, where is a good place to leave a vehicle overnight and/or three or four days safely?
posted May 28 2013 12:13PM - Dana, Sterling

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