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Katy Trail Rock Island Spur Comments

riverrat it sounds as you dont want the bar to be open. I have lived here all my life and I was in the bar yesterday to have lunch and the bacon cheese burger was larger than cynthias however i have not had the fish but even then prices are about the same i think it raised about 25 cents but what hasnt raised look at gas and food they have to pass the cost on otherwise they wont stay in business at this rate. i would rather see the bar stay open then be closed again. if you dont like them then thats your opinion, but dont judge them for opening the bar back open. and yes I am a relative of Marks and I spoke with him there was a issue with the sale but not on the new owners part it was with paper work with the bar. so know your facts before you start being hateful
posted May 1 2012 7:00AM - Anonymous, mokane

You all are not hearing him!

posted May 1 2012 7:58AM - Anonymous

Yummmmmmmmm.......I'll take the half with the head.
posted May 2 2012 2:06PM - Jim, St. Thomas

I believe this is a Katy trail bike forum and not a personal vendetta facebook or tweet social network. If you have a concern or disagreement with the owners speak directly to them and not drag people who may not be involved (or care) about your petty quibble. Grow up.
posted May 2 2012 5:54PM - Another Anonymous

Slap that whole catfish on a plate and call it Sushi. Dem city folks will pay triple the amount of a half fish, I gaaaraaantee, whew boy!
posted May 2 2012 11:43PM - Gary, Near Tebbetts

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