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road bikes on the Katy Trail?

Has anyone recently ridden their road bikes on the Katy trail? We've been told its very doable on a road bike, especially towards the end of summer when the trail is dry and hardpacked. Is it dry and hardpacked? Specifically, what condition is the trail between Sedalia and McBaine section? Thanks.
posted Aug 5 2015 10:08PM - Kathy, Cameron

I just rode my bike with 23 mm tires on the trail for 40 miles on Monday. I rode from St. Charles to Defiance and back. I am a heavy rider and there was absolutely no issues. My PSI was around 100.
posted Aug 5 2015 10:57PM - Terry, Festus

We've ridden several miles on our tandem with 28's on the Katy. Stay in the track and out of the loose chat and you should be fine.
posted Aug 6 2015 6:57AM - Trek

I think it's doable, but not ideal. I'd pick a good fitting mountain bike with cheap slicks from Wal-Mart over any road bike with less than 32's on it. There is no need for knobbies. Hybrid's with 32's unloaded, and 37's when loaded are (to me) ideal.

I have said several times here, and I will say it again: With all the bike paths going in all over the country, if you are looking for a reason to get another bike, especially one for a path, you have it.
posted Aug 6 2015 9:53AM - ArkyKenny

The trail surface has many personalities: The west part of the trail is rougher than the east. While a road bike near StL works pretty well in dry weather, it would never be my choice for the west side of the trail where there are road crossings, debris, and looser conditions. Others will differ in opinion,
posted Aug 6 2015 10:00AM - ArkyKenny

As noted - tons of different opinions. I've ride Clinton - St. Charles several times on 28s.

Been fortunate in that I have yet to ride after heavy rain...but haven't had any problems.

As noted: you may have to watch a bit at gravel road crossings on the west end...and I stay in the "tracks".
posted Aug 6 2015 8:20PM - Anonymous

We rode from Sedalia to Hermann in the early June rain, me on a heavy hybrid with 1.95s, boyfriend on road bike with 23s. In the first two day's rain (between Sedalia and Rocheport), he had four flats and even with his tires inflated, he struggled to keep up with me. On the last two days, no rain, no flats and he flew past me, effortlessly. I would think the perfect bike would be a lightweight mountain bike or hybrid, or a road bike with gators.
posted Aug 7 2015 8:26AM - Donna Miller, Shawnee, KS

Arky is correct west end and river bottom areas road bikes are really not good but near StL, Augusta and east there OK.
posted Aug 7 2015 10:41AM - Anonoh

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