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Portage De Sioux Parking

Does anyone know of a place in Portage De Sioux where we might be able to leave a vehicle for a few days while we tour the Katy? Thank you for your input.
posted Sep 25 2015 9:06PM - rg, Danville, IL

I don't know of anywhere in that area. Safest bet is to park in St. Charles, bike to Machens and back (12 miles each way). That only adds an hour to your ride, but your car will be much safer.
posted Sep 26 2015 5:35PM - Don, Ellisville, MO

You might try one of the marinas out on the river. They have pretty large parking lots and they are used to having cars parked there overnight when their boaters venture out for a few days. Your vehicle could be hiding out in the crowd.
posted Oct 6 2015 3:17PM - LK (local knowledge), Columbia

To be perfectly honest as someone who has rode the entire Katy before, this section of the trail isn't a must see. It's not very scenic, it mostly passes through flat farmland and the trail abruptly dead-ends in Machens, literally into an active railway. For anybody wanting to do the entire trail from east to west I think you'd be better off just starting at St. Charles. Plenty of parking and amenities in that area.

I know this is asking a lot and is unrealistic but it would be awesome if they could somehow extend the Katy in the future to connect to the trail network in Madison County, IL. It's so close right now, only a few miles but I'm sure it's a logistical nightmare with that active railway in the way as well as highway 94 which is not a safe place to ride. Anybody happen to know anything or hear any rumors about possible further expansion of the Katy east in the future, possibly to connect to the Alton, IL area?
posted Feb 18 2016 3:08PM - John

Great Rivers Greenway has a pie in the sky plan to construct a bike trail from where the Katy crosses Highway H(between Machens & St. Charles) and then parallel Hwy H and Hwy 94 into West Alton, MO. From there, there are existing bike lanes that will more or less connect you into the Alton, IL area trails. I would think this would be a priority but not sure of the status. Also, there is a section between Machens and St. Charles around MM 34 that seems to be flooded about once a year so you have to be aware of that if you are planning a ride.
posted Feb 18 2016 6:20PM - steve k, saint louis

3 miles west on the trail is Black Walnut right by mile marker 30. There is a state park parking area along with bike repair station.
posted Apr 14 2016 7:59AM - Daniel , St. Chatles

I don't know about anyone else, Don, but it takes me more than an hour to do 24 miles. :-)
posted Apr 14 2016 12:46PM - jim, St Thomas

Jim, I meant he is adding one 12-mile stretch (he was wanting to start in Portage/Machens). I, too, could not do 24 miles in an hour!

I've gone through that area and connected to the Madison County Trails. I had to do a little planning because I do not like to ride on main roads. But once over the bridge, the trails are spectacular. I am sort of jealous of what they have over there (though not jealous enough to move and pay their taxes)!
posted Apr 15 2016 7:17AM - Don, Ellisville, MO

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