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Katy Trail Rock Island Spur Comments
Volunteer Park in Hartsburg

Is this campsite still functioning? I don't see any comments since 2011. We are planning to camp there this week with our cycling family!
posted Oct 4 2015 7:37AM - Merinda, Austin, tx

Not sure what you mean by functioning. It is a small city park just north of the trailhead. It has a gazebo and small grassy area. There are no facilities, but is only about 50 yards from the trailhead bathroom.
posted Oct 4 2015 12:23PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

Elaborating on what MidSouth said, it's just a place to sleep. The same can be said of several other places, like the ball filed in Marthasville, and the city park in Pilot Grove: They are just a place to pitch a tent and sleep (without making someone stealth camp--which is a no-no on Katy).
posted Oct 4 2015 2:01PM - ArkyKenny

Why is a no, no hide and camp in Katy Trail?
posted Feb 19 2016 11:00AM - Miguel Trujillo, Rogers

Not sure I understand your question. But if you are asking about stealth camping on the Katy, DON'T DO IT. Stealth camping should not be done on the Katy. Simple as that. Lots of history on that topic on this site, but making a long story short, DON'T DO IT. Camp in camping areas, or with permission only. Use this site to find those places, or knock on a door and get permission (and give the landowner $10 if they say yes), but do not stealth camp.
posted Feb 19 2016 12:40PM - ArkyKenny

The park does not have camping facilities. The only place to legally camp are a few MO conservation areas that allow camping and private campgrounds. Simple as that.
posted Feb 19 2016 12:52PM - Anonymous

Sorry Anonymous, but you're wrong. You CAN camp at the park in Hartsburg - riders do it all the time.
posted Feb 19 2016 2:23PM - jim, St Thomas

No need for you to be sorry Jim. To error is human. There are some city owned parks/facilities that allow camping. Camping along the trail is either private or city municipality. None of which are part of the Katy trail state park system. Camping is not allowed just anywhere you like along the trail.
posted Feb 19 2016 3:56PM - Anonymous

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