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St. Charles Bike Ride

My husband and I are newer to biking. We are interested in doing a 15 - 18 mile or so bike ride around/through St. Charles. We would like to stop for lunch. Any suggestions on where to start? Where to park our vehicle?
posted Jun 6 2016 1:40PM - Missy, EDWARDSVILLE

Missy, I suggest parking at one of the lots adjacent to Frontier Park in St. Charles. Safe, and lots of space. Bike a few miles north (toward Machens) for some scenic views of the river and the St. Charles riverfront. Then turn around and go back the other way, past your car and 4 or 5 miles south. Then back. Then have a nice lunch/wine on Main Street.
posted Jun 6 2016 3:15PM - BikerBoy, Edwardsville, IL

If you want to see nicer scenery, I'd suggest parking a little further away in Defiance off of Hwy 94. Then you can ride out to Augusta where you can get a good lunch right off the trail. It's only about 3 miles so you might want to go a little further then turn back for lunch. You can also get lunch in Defiance although the places near the parking lot are often busy.
posted Jun 6 2016 7:00PM - Jerry Whittle, Belleville

If you just want to experience the feel of the trail, a few miles out and back from St. Charles would probably do the trick. St. Charles is nice, but there's not much pleasure in seeing the underside of the highway bridges to mo. If you'd like to experience the feel of the trail and experience some of its scenery, I'm with Jerry. Park in Defiance or Augusta and do out and backs from there.
posted Jun 7 2016 8:01AM - Anonymous

If you decide to ride the "about 3 miles" from Defiance to Augusta as Jerry suggested, if will be the longest 3-ish miles you'll ever ride. (Because it's a bit over 7 miles each way.) It's a decent ride, though. Just depends on if you primarily want to ride a trail or do more town riding around St. Charles.
posted Jun 7 2016 11:53AM - Anonymous

Thanks for the correction on the mileage. From the Klondike Trail Head / boat dock to Augusta is about 3.5 miles and one of my favorite walks. My brain must need a reboot.
posted Jun 7 2016 8:18PM - Jerry Whittle, Belleville

Missy, if you are new try the MCT trails there first in Edwardsville. Paved, better trail conditions, water stops, toilets, more businesses to stop at than the KT.
posted Jun 8 2016 5:49AM - Anonomyous

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