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Katy Trail closure 4 miles east of St. Charles

I was on the Katy about 3 weeks ago and tried to ride from St. Charles to Machens. The trail was closed because of storm damage about 4 miles east of St. Charles. Is the trail repaired and open all the way through to Machens now? If it is not. when will it be open?
posted Sep 11 2017 5:12PM - Anonymous

Here's a link about the closure.

It's been closed for months now. Unfortunately that part of the trail gets messed up easily by flooding. Often you can walk your bike through it if not actually flooded or wet. You can also bypass that part of the trail by taking roads. Another option is to stay on the levee; however I believe that this is private properly and you could be trespassing.
posted Sep 13 2017 1:24PM - Jerry Whittle, Belleville

If one would like to do the whole trail, how would you properly detour the washout section? Or.. are there more than one washouts east of St Charles? I was looking at a road map but don't know exactly where the problem sections are. Thanks
posted Oct 5 2017 9:58PM - Very Senior, Farmington, MO

The closed section is MM35-34. An orange plastic barricade fence blocks half the width of the trail on each end. That is, you can easily ride through the unbarricaded side...and many riders do.

The trail surface is packed, fairly hard dirt that is smooth-ish with some rough spots that are rideable for riders of average skill.

Bottom line: The trail is closed, but it's really "open."
posted Oct 5 2017 11:37PM - Anonymous

Now that I think about it, I'm not certain the barricade fence is orange. Not important, but hey, I don't want to give incorrect info!

(But I did purposely not leave my name just in case the Katy police are in a bad mood.)

((But if there's a guy on a tractor grading the area as you pass, He'll just pull over and let you through. No problem.))
posted Oct 5 2017 11:48PM - Anonymous

Because of the dry weather, the river is low and this section is passable. It will still be rough and sandy, but at worst, you will have to walk your bike and gear 1/4 mile.
posted Oct 6 2017 2:36PM - Anonymous, Augusta, MO

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