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Planning a 5 day backpacking trip

Our Scout Troop is planning a 5 day 30 mile backpacking trip on the Katy Trail in May 2018. Are there any suggestions where to start and end? Any camping spots that are good for 15 people?
posted Dec 12 2017 10:21AM - WH, St Joseph

Cub, Boy, Brownie or Girl Scouts? That would make a difference (e.g. 6 miles a day seems short for Boy/Girl Scouts).

While looking at the Trip Planner, realize that in addition to the listed camping sites, some B&Bs along the trail might allow camping in their yard, with the benefit of showers available. I know this is true of the Globe in Hartsburg.

Also consider contacting the local troops for their advice on where to camp.
posted Dec 12 2017 11:46AM - BikerBoy, Maryville, IL

My opinion: Find another trail to hike. Katy is a great bike trail, a good place to go for a stroll, and an OK place to ride a horse. I am a big fan of Katy. I’m not saying negative things about Katy. But she is not a hiking trail for kids. They will be bored. It will not be a good experience for them. Walking 6 miles a day on Katy does not sound fun to me. Go hike on a hiking trail that is not a flat, straight, railroad bed. Or have them bring their bikes, and ride 10-15 miles a day.
posted Dec 12 2017 12:48PM - ArkyKenny

There are some really cool things to look at on foot on the Katy... I walk it daily if I can! Hart Creek Conservation and lots of other areas have stuff set up for kids and discovery! the flowers and trees and shrubs are very diverse. Depending on the season... you can spy bittersweet growing up a tree... a hornet's nest or owls or eagles nest high in the oaks... the flowers and shrubs change and are awesome to look at... some somewhat rare varieties as well. Contact DNR and see what they suggest for the age group.
posted Dec 12 2017 12:54PM - Sarah J Eber, Hartsburg

There is a great campground at Farrington Park in Windsor with shelter house and shower house. Windsor is at the crossroads of the Katy and Rock Island Trails so three different directions to hike with diverse terrain. Large Amish community they could visit, fishing in the evening at the lake and could even bring kayaks. https://www.windsormo.org/farrington-park.
posted Dec 12 2017 2:41PM - Kim Henderson, Windsor

I'm with Arky.

Another option may be the Ozark Trail.


posted Dec 18 2017 2:55PM - Anonymous

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