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Bluffton Barn

Lodging, Camping
Bluffton / Bluffton MO
Mile marker 111

Bluffton Barn is located 100 yards from the Katy Trail, in Bluffton MO

Bluffton Barn Mailing Address:
173 Highway 94

Full furnished Kitchen



Groups welcome

Multi-night discount

Tent camping also available with hot showers

Bluffton Barn
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Forum Discussions about Bluffton Barn

Bluffton Barn in Bluffton
lambchop from northwest arkansas on 04/10/2019 04:36 PM:
we will be in your area the first week in june and are interested in staying with you one night. we are not campers, and would prefer 2 beds. could you email us or post here with rates and availability for that week for 2 people.


Rider from Missouri on 04/10/2019 10:04 PM:
You would be better off contacting him directly. He has an ad on the Bluffton page. I doubt if he has your email address and might not want to conduct business on an open forum.

Bluffton Barn in Bluffton
Mr. Bump from Hannibal on 12/06/2018 09:30 AM:
Doug wasn't home when we passed through. We stopped just to say hello because Doug is awesome. Hopefully next time.

Doug on 12/07/2018 10:57 AM:
Dang it. Sorry I missed you. Company is scarce this time of year.

Bluffton Barn in Bluffton
David Howell from St. Louis on 09/11/2018 07:23 PM:
I stayed here for a night in early July, 2018. The loft has everything a person could want, great AC, comfy bed, cooking facilities, and shower. And Doug is a world-class raconteur and musician. If you're lucky maybe he will even play his bass for you. If you're a dog-lover like I am, you're in luck. Doug has two fantastic dogs, Spot, a super sweet yellow lab, and Freckles his partner in crime. The B&B is a short hike to the Grand Bluffs Conservation Area, which will take you to the top of the Bluff for a Lewis and Clark view of the surroundings. Highly recommended.

Bluffton Barn in Bluffton
Mr. Bump from Hannibal on 01/25/2018 11:59 AM:
Warm, spacious, unique, great home cooked food. Room for several people plus floor space for more. Doug is a wonderful host, who coordinated meals and even craft beer by request. Nice dogs. We talked till we couldn't stay awake any longer. Contact Doug in advance, send him a check, and he will take good care of you. Highly recommended.

Bluffton Barn in Bluffton
Mark Rovenstine from Dallas, TX on 10/12/2017 09:28 AM:
My wife Nancy and I just cycled the Katy Trail. We stayed at the Barn with Doug on this trip. Doug has done a nice job on his Barn and we were comfortable. Seeing Doug on our trips is always a highlight of our cycling trip. Doug is entertaining and a character. It is not your typical place so, be prepared to be flexible. But Doug is a great guy and will do his best to take care of you.

Bluffton Barn in Bluffton
Kathy H. from Atlanta, GA on 09/27/2017 12:59 PM:
It was a hot day and Chug and I were happy to arrive at Bluffton Barn. We set up our tents in an area of lush grass and had a refreshing shower. By prior arrangement, Doug prepared dinner for us since there is nothing nearby. He's a very good cook. The three of us shared dinner together and had some good conversation. The next morning Doug prepared coffee and breakfast and offered us some suggestions regarding our ride that day. After saying our goodbyes to Doug, Spot, and Freckles we pedaled away.

Bluffton Barn in Bluffton
RBratt from California on 09/22/2017 11:45 PM:
We stayed at the Bluffton Barn while riding the Katy Trail -- what a memorable night! Doug set us up right, and he joined us for a dinner that featured plenty of laughs and a lot of life truths in addition to some good food. Super interesting guy, and a terrific host. The barn is comfortable, and it has everything you need: kitchen, beds, table and chairs, and more guitars than you can play. Would love to come back again!

Bluffton Barn in Bluffton
Blue Tapp from St. Charles, MO on 04/30/2017 03:31 PM:
We were so glad to find that Doug's B&B is open again! We just love Doug and stayed at the Rendleman B&B many times. A few years ago, a truck ran off the highway and hit the house so hard it pushed it off the foundation. The insurance company has refused to settle and so unfortunately the house is still unusable. But since then Doug has renovated his barn into an adorable B&B and it is a fantastic place to stay.

Bluffton Barn in Bluffton
Scott from Sw mo on 09/13/2016 01:47 PM:
Is this Doug!

Ray (webmaster) on 09/13/2016 05:35 PM:
Yes, Doug is back! He has been renovating his barn to include a living space which he plans to rent on a nightly basis. Grand opening in the spring but he's test-marketing some availability this fall. Great to have him back.