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Tom C from Nashville Area on 04/19/2019 10:44 AM
A buddy and I are riding the Katy Trail in July. We want to shuttle from St Charles to Clinton on July 9th. I'm looking for a couple of people to share the shuttle service. Please email your interest to tcampbell5151@gmail.com

Katy Trail in May
Ale Isa from St. Louis Mo on 03/25/2019 08:38 PM
We are planning to walk the Katy trail starting in St Charles and walk 8 hours a day for 2 weeks.
I would like to know if someone have done this before , are there places to stay overnight along the trail? Facilities? Any link we can use for better planning?
Thank you

Russell Williams from Colorado Springs on 03/25/2019 11:35 PM
The APP on KT has links for answers to all your questions. It should be fun.

Michael conley from Camdenton on 03/26/2019 07:13 AM
I hiked the entire trail last October, I finished it in 16 days with one day off. It’s a great hike and their is somewhere to stay in almost every town. Enjoy your hike!????

Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins, Windsor from Windsor on 03/26/2019 11:29 AM
That's awesome and you'll love it! If you want to contact me by email kimh_316@yahoo.com or 660-351-0905 I'm happy to hook you up with some other ladies from St Louis area who have hiked the whole trail.

Olive from Sparta, IL on 03/26/2019 03:09 PM
I plan to walk from Sedalia East and camp along the way. Is there somewhere I can camp near Clifton City? The campground at Pilot Grove is too far for a day's walk.

Michael conley from Camdenton, mo on 04/19/2019 08:01 AM
Which direction are you hiking?... I hiked the entire trail from Clinton to Machens. Pending on your direction there are plenty of places to stay and plenty o re-supply.

Anonymous on 04/19/2019 09:11 AM
Depending on which direction you walk there are plenty of places to stay?

Strange phenomenon. I've never experienced that on a bike or in a car. Never noticed the towns changing position or anything.

I guess I have noticed hiking in the mountains, that the return distance is exponentially greater than the distance hiking in. Maybe it is a walking/hiking thing.

Shuttle from St Charles to Clinton on 6/21/19 Friday
Anne from Cleveland on 04/17/2019 03:17 PM
Looking for a shuttle service or couple riders to add to our group of two, to shuttle back in the morning of Friday 6/21 from St Charles back to Clinton. The shuttle services are expensive. I understand why, but hope there is a driver out there that has space for two more (2 adults, 2 bikes plus cart)or a group of one or two more riders that wants to share in the cost. Thanks!

Camping along the katy
Greg from Galatia, IL. on 01/04/2009 09:36 PM
Not to beat a dead "horse" but has anyone done the trail from sedalia to st. charles and camped the whole way? Looking to do 30 to 50 miles per day maybe a b&b in the middle. I've ridden the trail twice and have not noticed places to camp at the major stops/trailheads. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

DougK from Troy on 01/05/2009 06:43 AM
I believe you can do it by bike as long as you don't have your heart set on an official "campground". There are towns like Windsor, Pilot Grove, Hartsburg, Marthasville, etc. along the way that permit camping in their city parks. Most have water/facilities available if you count gas stations and so on. You shouldn't have a problem if you use these in conjunction with "official" campgrounds such as the Katy Roundhouse, Steamboat Junction, etc. Use your imagination and you can put it together.

Trek on 01/05/2009 09:17 AM
Nope....we haven't camped the trail between Sedalia to St. Chuck, but there are camping opportunities. From Sedalia to New Franklin (40 miles) the Katy Roundhouse campground is right on the trail. It's a nice stop and is clean and quiet.

On to Hartsburg (34 or so) there is a train caboose that you can stay in...make arrangements at Doty's Cafe across the street. And I've seen people camped in the city park here too...they may have been comando camping so you might ask first.

On to Hermann (52) you can camp in the city park. Hermann is always worth the trip for wine and good food.

On to Augusta (34) you can camp at Klondike Park....nice park but haven't camped there.

Don't forget the hostel in Tebbetts....kind of camping there, its shelter anyway. There are also numerous B&B's along the way from quiet country settings that are inexpensive to more pricey with all the extras.

ss5 from Saint Louis on 01/05/2009 11:01 AM
FYI, I was in Klondike Park about a week ago, and they have a big sign up that you need to bring your own firewood (if you want a campfire). They do not sell it there, and apparently, previously they had supplied it for free. In addition, they do not allow you to gather wood from the surrounding woods. They do have a small camp kitchen by the shower house, which is nice feature. The camping sites are nice, even the basic sites had a nice picnic table and fire ring, but having to bring your own wood is a negative for me.

LInda Hunter from Sedalia on 01/06/2009 09:26 AM
There is camping in Sedalia at the State Fairgrounds. It is just up the road ( roughly 1/4

mile) from the trailhead mile marker 229.9. For more information contact the State

Fairgrounds at 660-827-8150 or www.mostatefair.com


aev from memphis on 01/09/2009 09:10 AM
just a note on the Hermann City Park. It is a nice campground but right next to the main drag through town which is quite loud. Also seems to be the local cruising spot so there were cars drving through by the site at all hours of the night. The campground is quite a ways into town and if you take the main road it is extremely hilly with no shoulder. I would recommend calling the tourist office to find an alternate flatter/less car-filled route.

Bicycleguy from St. Clair on 01/10/2009 05:01 PM
This is how I biked the entire trail from St. Charles to Clinton last year in 5 days. I pulled a bike trailer with my equipment including a tent. The first night I stayed in Marthasville at the city park. I was the only one camping there. I pitched my tent next to a log cabin and was able to use the showers next to the ball park. Cost: $5. Next day, I rode to Tebbets and stayed at the Turner Hostile. You will want to pay your $5 fee ahead of time. Not a bad place and you are indoors. The next day I rode to New Franklin and I planned on staying at the Katy Roundhouse campground. However, a thunderstorm was moving in, so I rode into Boonevile and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. The campground looked okay though. The next day I rode to Sedalia and stayed at the Fairgrounds. There are also showers there. The cost of that was $7, I believe. Then I rode the rest of the way to Clinton.

Baboo from Shawnee, KS on 03/16/2009 08:12 PM
I have done this several times New Franklin (katy roundhouse) 1st night Hartsburg city park second night, Tebbets hostel 3rd night, Blufton 4 th night or go 10 miles further and use city park In Herman. Marthasville 5 night, Klondike park 6 th night. No days were over 40 miles.

Anonymous from Hawkpoint Mo on 04/18/2019 11:56 PM
Just wanted to know if there is any camping allowed along the katty trail anywhere,?,
For longer trips,?,

RV parks near the Katy Trail
GP from Jefferson City on 04/08/2019 01:36 PM
Looking for places to pull the travel trailer where we can easily access the trail to ride bikes.

Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins, Windsor from Windsor on 04/09/2019 12:53 AM
Windsor is the crossroads of the Katy and new 47 mile Rock Island section so you can ride 3 directions. We have beautiful Farrington Park and lake with campground, shower house and shelter house.

savage24 from KC, MO on 04/18/2019 10:45 PM
Katy Roundhouse Campground in Franklin has pull-thru RV sites and is right on the trail between Boonville and Rocheport.

Planned Katy Trail Closures in April, May, June??
Mark from Strafford on 04/08/2019 04:38 PM
We have a Katy trip planned end of April, riding from Clinton to St. Charles. I have been checking the MO DNR website for flood updates, as no one can control weather or closures due to flooding. However, have you noticed that the Katy Trail is closed at Boonville, Easley, Augusta and Klondike Park?? Closed due to culvert replacement at Boonville and bridge replacement at the other sites. Easley and Klondike Park have detours, but none available at Boonville or Augusta. State Park's answer for these two sections is "No Detour-trail users should avoid this section" Kinda hard to "avoid this section" when you leave Clinton and need to end up in St. Charles!!

Just curious, who in the MO State Park System made the decision to close the trail at these sections for construction during the prime riding months of April and May? And then not have a detour for visitors to be able to complete their ride. I wonder how much lost tourism revenue this will cost the state?

Road and bridge construction has gone on all winter here in Southern Missouri, and we are only 100 miles south of the Katy Trail. Seems like December, January or February would have been a good time to start and finish these projects.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 04/08/2019 05:58 PM
At Augusta, it looked like we could take Augusta Bottom Road?

I asked about a Boonville ridearound on a different thread about 5 minutes ago. Hopefully someone can verify whether it's reasonable.

I agree that it's frustrating. But glad I saw the outages ahead of time.

Jody from Nowata from Nowata Oklahoma on 04/09/2019 05:22 AM
4 of us are planning to ride the whole trail from May 30-June 4th. Are these closures going to be a problem? Sounds like they might be done by then. We’re lucky enough to have a driver following us. Maybe she could take us around? I’v never been there so we’re not familiar with anything around the trail. Thanks for any information!

Matthew Kauffman from Macon on 04/11/2019 03:54 PM
Man, I agree. We have five kids and my wife and I have been planning this couples getaway since last fall. Plan to leave Clinton on April 25, I can't believe such huge sections of the trail are closed. What a disappointment.

John from State College PA on 04/13/2019 11:51 AM
We just rode the length of the trail. The closure west of Augusta is a simple off and on at a bridge crossing. They are almost done with the trail repair west of Booneville. Mile 34-35 was very muddy and unrideable; it is drying out. Ride safe.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 04/15/2019 06:03 PM
Thanks for the update, John.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 04/18/2019 07:53 PM
Another big closure just popped up west of Rocheport.

Maybe April and May are always big months for maintenance.

Dean from Columbia on 04/18/2019 09:45 PM
The Easley detour is 3.6 miles on rough by passable gravel road. Not too bad, but slow going.

2 businesses
Linda Young from Pleasant Hill on 04/18/2019 04:52 PM
I own 5 and 10 Antiques on First Street in Pleasant Hill also a new AirBnb in Pleasant Hill. How can I get these on your list?

Camping in Rochport
Jim from St.Charles,Mo on 04/16/2019 08:39 PM
Are there any camping spots in Rocheport

Anonymous on 04/18/2019 07:45 AM
Jim, The City of Rocheport does not allow camping... however there are many options for overnight sleeping, from full service B&Bs to homes for rent by the day.

Anonymous on 04/18/2019 01:58 PM
There a couple of conservation areas west of town that allow camping. Click on Rocheport in the map above to get info.

Clark Street Lodge in Rocheport
Pam Hendrix from Lenexa on 04/18/2019 01:48 PM
We had a wonderful Girl's Retreat at the Clark Street Lodge Loft. It was perfect for the four of us. Very relaxing and we all felt welcome and at home.

traveling from KC train station to the Rock Island Trail - need safe direcitons
Rick from Ste Genevieve on 04/17/2019 11:09 AM
I need safe directions from the downtown KC train station to the Rock Island trail.

Bobby from Fort Worth on 04/17/2019 12:46 PM
That is a tall order. Can you get off the train in Lee’s Summit? Much closer and a safter trip to trail head.

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