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Camping Tebbets, Marthasville from Fayetteville, AR on 03/16/2023 07:43 AM
I will be biking with a dog so mostly camping along the way. In Tebbets I am aware of of the Turner Katy Trail shelter but not sure if they are do friendly. If someone might know it would be appreciated. And I just learned of camping in Marthasville by the baseball diamonds. Anyone know the cost of camping there?
Thanks for any info!

John from Pacific on 03/17/2023 05:54 AM
When I camped in Marthasville a few years ago it was $5. The first time I stayed in the Turner Shelter a young couple with a dog stayed there too and no one seemed to mind. It is unattended, so I think its just a question of minding your dog and being considerate of others who may be there.

Anonymous on 03/17/2023 11:18 AM
My dog is very considerate of others and never asks anything of me that might seem rude or out of line to others. I trust his judgement and always mind my dog.

It would seem inconsiderate to expect others to obey him though. So I can see why when you were at the Shelter that with the couples dog there, no one seemed to mind.

Arkykenny on 03/29/2023 07:37 PM
Leave your dog at home. Nobody wants to meet your dog (no matter how great of a dog it might be).

Anonymous on 03/30/2023 06:04 AM
I’d like to meet your dog Arkykenny.

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Michael from Fayetteville, AR on 03/09/2023 10:49 AM
I am looking for a subtle (3 riders with bikes) from the eastern terminus at Machen to the Kirkwood Amtrak Station. Thanks

CurtM from Farmington AR on 03/29/2023 04:19 PM
There aren't any services at Machens. It is the eastern terminus of the KT; there is a latrine and kiosk--that's it. Your best bet is to arrange transportation from St Charles. You can ride to Machens from St Charles (about 12 miles one-way), then back to St Charles to say you've done the KT. Did this a few years ago when I did the entire trail east to west. Be aware the train has space for 4 bikes; these fill up fast from what I've experienced, so the train ride can be a deciding factor in scheduling your trip. I went by train to Kirkwood, then the BNB where I stayed provided a shuttle to St Charles as part of the package. BTW, some travelers have expressed disappointment in Machens (it could be a let-down after biking over 240 miles), but I used it as point of departure to explore the area and went to Portage Des Sioux.

Arkykenny on 03/29/2023 07:30 PM
Skip Machens. Just ride into St. Charles then back to Washington to catch the Amtrak. Washington is a fun place to wait for the train-lots of bars and restaurants across the street from the train station. (Machens is just the end of the trail in the middle of nowhere).

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Road Bike 700x28 tires?
Richard from Chippewa Falls WI on 03/27/2023 07:54 PM
I ride a Specialized Venge with 700x28 tires and am wondering how challenging it would be to do Clinton to Machens in late April? I'm not into mountain bikes and don't want to swap out for wider tires just for this ride.

My questions:

1) What are the trail conditions like this time of year in general?

2) Are there sections where the surface would be more compact--amenable to my thin tires?

Thanks for your input.

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 03/27/2023 08:16 PM
It all depends on how much rain the trail sections have had before/during your ride. There are sections with hard compact gravel and sections with more dirt than gravel. I usually rode the trail on 28 road bike tires with no problems except after heavy rains or early spring when the trail had freeze/thaw conditions. That is when you wish you had wider tires. I would check the weather prediction for the trail before you start and switch to wider tires if rain is in the prediction.

Anonymous on 03/28/2023 06:54 AM
What Gary said. It's totally weather dependent.

Find someone who can predict April weather on your ride days and you'll have the crystal ball.

Arkykenny on 03/29/2023 07:25 PM
Can you do it on 28’s? Probably, even yes if it’s dry.
Would I do it on 28’s? No. I’ve done it on 32’s in June in dry conditions (and it worked). My preference now is 40mm tubeless gravel tires—-gravel bikes do well on gravel roads.

Road crossings, driveway crossings, ruts, sand, etc., provide too many opportunities for flats; and skinny tires are made for hard surfaces.

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Katy Trail 100+ Mile Bike Trip for out of towners! Tips?
Rob from Narberth, PA on 03/21/2023 07:25 AM
Hi, I'm looking to meet up in St. Louis, rent some road bikes and do 100+ or so miles on the katy trail over two days with some of my best buds. A couple of us have done many century rides and the katy trail looks like it would be awesome to do slowly and take in the sites! Has anyone done enough of the trail to offer some advice, perhaps potential start point to do 50 or so miles out and then come back?

Since we're all coming from different states, I was thinking we fly into St. Louis, Uber to ideally a bike rental place close to the trail, and go from there! Travel light and either camp or hit a hotel for a night and them come back, stopping 3-5 times each way for different sites.

Any advice or suggestions on what stretch to do, or how to pull it off smoothly would be appreciated, not married to flying into St. Louis, was just the first idea that came to me.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 03/21/2023 08:31 AM
Feels like Bike Stop Cafe in St Charles is built for what you need.

Anonymous on 03/21/2023 09:16 AM
If you're going to ride 50 or so out and back, why not start in St. Charles? As Bill said, there is bike rental there. I'd do St. Charles to Hermann.

Rob from Narberth, PA on 03/21/2023 11:08 AM
That looks like a great spot! Any suggestions of particular sites to see or things to do if we were going to do 50-60 miles out stopping 2-3 times each way for long breaks?

Jack on 03/21/2023 12:27 PM
We did the whole trail two years ago. We loved Hermann. Stayed at the Vinchester Inn which was our splurge for the trip and had no regrets. Hit the town for dinner (pizza), drinks and live music. Could have spent an extra night there.

There are a couple wineries and we hit a brewery/pizza place for lunch. I have to admit the points become blurred over time. I think the thing about the Katy is you just come upon someplace that makes sense to stop.

I remember an A Frame cafe place that was surrounded by decks. A through rider had ended up opening it up and we sat there for a long time talking to him and enjoying the view. Not sure if it is still open or exactly where it was, we just rode by and turned around because it looked interesting. Great smoothies and conversation.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 03/22/2023 04:01 PM
If I rode out 60 miles from St Charles, I'd get lunch at Treloar Bar and Grill, because we enjoyed the food there last time. But you might like something in Marthasville.

Marthasville seems to have some cool trail related stuff going on. Take some time to look at that.

Augusta has some fancy-pants wine kind of stuff.

Defiance has a bar that looks cool that I'd get an afternoon snack at.

The Klondike campground is in there somewhere. You should go through it just because lots of trail riders stop there, and the hill up to it is memorable.

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 03/22/2023 05:34 PM
Blumenhof Winery is a nice stop on a sunny day to sit outside and have a glass of local wine. They also have live music on weekend afternoons. Check out their website for more information.

Rob from Narberth, PA on 03/29/2023 10:00 AM
Great info! I'm seeing a lot of the town pictures of the trail look like it's a mix of gravel and road, can anyone comment on the stretch out from St Charles to abotu 60 miles out from there, mostly road, mostly gravel? What percentage of what?

Rich from KC on 03/29/2023 06:09 PM
Trail is 90% crushed limestone and very little pavement , so you may consider renting gravel bikes, especially if it’s wet. It’s flat and smooth though, so you can go hard if want to. St.Charles to Hermann would be the best 100+ round trip and stay in Hermann.

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camping itinerary
Guy on 03/13/2023 07:22 PM
Hey all,

Would anyone be willing to share their camping itinerary from Clinton back to St. Charles? much appreciated. thank you

Joe from Wildwood on 03/27/2023 09:43 AM
Hi Guy,
When my brother and I were younger, we rode from Clinton to Pilot Grove and camped in the town park - mostly because of the public pool they have there - usually open Labor to Memorial day. The 2nd night we rode to Easley and stayed at Cooper's Landing - it is amazing what comes out of the woodwork at night. The 3rd night we rode to Bluffton and stayed at Steamboat Junction the next day we rode into our cars at Dutzow/Washington. So we didn't technically ride to St. Charles but we take the train out and shuttled to Clinton. You name it we have probably camped there. This (early) April we are taking the train to Sedalia and camping our way back to Dutzow/Washington. We will add another day just because I'm not sure I can go 64+ miles fully loaded. I'm 63 and my older brother is 66.

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June BigBAM Katy
Bob from Waco TX on 03/21/2023 10:27 AM
Hello! Thinking about the June BAM as a first bike tour. Any opinions +/-? I can't find much discussion of this online and want to make sure it is a fun/well run event before paying for registration... Thanks for any input.

dano from lebanon on 03/21/2023 05:25 PM
Big Bam is well run, Greg is a class act, I have done multiple rides, albeit the trucks take your gear, have showers ready, on the rides, be self sufficient. Many start off thinking they'll offer water/snacks etc, and if they do great, but don't count on it. Katy is a great shaded trail, good in summer.

Bob from Waco TX on 03/22/2023 01:12 PM
Thanks for the info Dano! Think I will dive in - I hope there are lots of other people joining in...

Any other comments/suggestions?

Jerry Whittle from Belleville on 03/23/2023 07:25 AM
I've done Big BAM on the Katy twice. Unfortunately I won't be there this year.

I highly recommend the tent service with Pork Belly Ventures. It's an extra cost but it's sure nice to pull into the campground only to have your tent already set up with an air mattress. They also take down the tent in the morning. Also includes other things such as drinks and a nice charging station.

Bob from Waco on 03/25/2023 07:54 AM
Sounds great! I'm signed up but guess I'll lug my own tent. For $70 a night (to set up and break down a tent) I'd probably look for a rooom!

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Tire size
Wayne jenkinson from Great Bend, KS on 03/22/2023 08:36 PM
Please recommend a tire size and type. My bike currently has 35mm Marathon (road) tires

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 03/22/2023 09:29 PM
You should be good as long as those have good tread, if they are bald, not so much.

Jerry Whittle from Belleville on 03/23/2023 07:18 AM
I agree with Gary. I've done the Katy end-to-end 6 times on 700x32 tires and I'm no lightweight. Tread does help if it's sloppy from rain.

I highly recommend fenders even if they are some small clip-ons.

Jack on 03/23/2023 07:56 AM
I rode it with 35 Gravel Kings with no problem even with one rainy day on the spur. My son had 32's on his road bike which maxed on clearance. On the rainy day he was miserable because the muck kept clogging up between the tires and frame. On the Katy and dry weather he had no problem.

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Katy Trail to the Rock Island traim at Windsor.
Billy from Oklahoma on 03/19/2023 01:36 PM

Is there an easy way to access the Rock Island trail from the Katy Trail at Windsor? Is there a path where the two trails intersect?


Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins from Windsor on 03/20/2023 04:19 AM
Yes there's good signage and a short connector trail

Jerry from Belleville on 03/20/2023 07:02 AM
Yes. There's a very nice connector that's well marked

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Class B RV Camping
Douin from KT on 03/18/2023 11:06 AM
Typically I can stop at camp sites with or without hookup in my RV. But what about just parking at trailheads? Is that allowed for just one night on the Katy Trail? I just have a 4x4 smaller Class B van, just boondock one night? Would I contact local police? Are the trail heads pretty safe in the towns?

Jim from St. Thomas on 03/18/2023 08:22 PM
The trailheads are part of the Katy Trail State Park which is only open from sunrise to sunset so technically there would be no overnight parking at the trailheads. A lot of the towns along the trail have city parks that allow camping. Use the town services feature of this site for more info.

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Maxine's Rooms for Rent in Sedalia
Guy on 03/13/2023 04:21 PM
Can anyone give a price or a range for a room? Thank you

Bill in Houston from Houston on 03/17/2023 01:53 PM
Business owners don't typically monitor this page. Best bet would be just to contact them directly using the contact info.

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Lofton from Benton, Ky on 02/22/2023 10:57 AM
I already contacted the shuttle service and they are full on the day I need to start. I would be willing to pay for a shuttle for me and my bike from Machens to Clinton on June 10th. Thank you.

Anon from Clinton, TN on 02/24/2023 10:54 AM
You'll probably have to catch a shuttle from St Charles rather than Machens. There are multiple shuttle services. If one is full on your date, try calling another.

Lofton on 03/01/2023 10:43 AM
I initially only saw the one service posted on this website but since found more. I'm solo and not paying $300 for just myself which seems to be the going rate whether its 1-3 people. My plan is just to YOYO it now and use that $$ to spoil myself with food and beer along the way.

Anonymous on 03/01/2023 02:14 PM
Well it wouldn't have been a very fun trip without food and beer.

Jack on 03/01/2023 04:25 PM
We rented a car at the St. Louis airport, drove it to drop our car off in St. Charles and then to Lee's Summit where we dropped it at a local outlet. It may not save much but is an idea if there is a drop in Clinton.

Deby from Dallas on 03/02/2023 06:18 AM
Don't forget Amtrak. It wont do the whole half of the yoyo, but would do a good portion of it. It's really cool to ride the rails. Also very bike friendly.

Anon on 03/03/2023 01:57 PM
Did you try Katy Bike Rental? 636-987-2600

Dave from Raleigh, NC on 03/14/2023 12:54 PM
Lofton, I have shuttle reservations (to Clinton) through Bike Stop Cafe in St. Charles. I originally made them a few months ago, and I was the only one. The initial charge was $440 when it was just me, but others have signed up and the price is now $110.

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Katy Trail Bunk House in Sedalia
Guy on 03/13/2023 05:33 PM
Any one pricing info or experience at the bunk house? Thank you

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