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Red Wheel Bike Shop in Jefferson City
Liz from Vienna, VA on 10/29/2020 07:28 PM
I arrived in Jefferson City after four days on the Rock Island and Katy Trails -- I'd had three flats in those four days and was at my wits' end. Nate at Red Wheel Bikes was able to diagnose the problem -- the rim strip was loose -- solve it and get me going again with no further problems. My bike was a mess from riding in the rain so he cleaned it off and oiled the chain! Highly recommend Red Wheel Bike Shop -- a lifesaver!

Tom from Arizona on 10/30/2020 08:27 PM
I had a similar experience in late September during our cross state Katy Trail ride. Red Wheel put on a new front tire with tube. The new tire was problematic in that it was very tight on the rim. The shop told me that I would have had great difficultly especially without a lot of experience and the best tools. I too highly recommend this shop.

Meriwether Cafe and Bike Shop in Rocheport
Alex from Overland Park on 10/29/2020 09:18 PM
Unfortunately missed my chance to stop here due to it being closed for the 10/26 snowstorm. Glad to see they're keeping their employees safe but a hot coffee sure would have made the ride go by quicker.

Rocheport to Columbia
D on 10/29/2020 02:58 PM
How are trail conditions from Rocheport to Columbia for a ride tomorrow?

McBaine Burr Oak
Jim from St. Thomas on 10/23/2020 01:16 PM
The Burr Oak at McBaine was struck by lightening this morning.


ArkyKenny on 10/28/2020 08:56 PM
Any updates on the status of the tree? Do they think they saved it?

Photo of the bridge out detour
Jerry Whittle from Belleville on 10/26/2020 03:08 PM
The Nov-Dec 20 issue of Terrain Magazine's cover photo is about the detour for the bridge out near MM 180. The shot is facing west and shows a little water in the creek.


I did it in September and the hardest part was pushing about 60 pounds of bike up that hill in the photo.

Ken McDaniel from Kansas City on 10/26/2020 08:10 PM
So is that a safe place to cross? I know there re detours that require riders to take highway. I don't like riding on roadways, period. I ws gonna ride the Booneville to Jeff City part of the trail but was skeptical because of the detour. But if there is a safe crossing at the creek that would solve a dilemma for me.

Jerry Whittle from Belleville on 10/27/2020 07:22 AM
As long as the creek isn't more than a few inches high, it's very safe. You have to either ride a very short distance on the road or push your bike through some weeds on the west side of that detour. I remember that someone complained about either ticks or chiggers on the detour so you may want to use DEET on your legs before. I didn't and had no issues. Of course with the cold weather, bugs become less of an issue.

The detour around the rock slide does require about a half mile of riding on the road; however, I thought that the road was plenty wide enough and safe.

Around Sedalia you have to ride a few miles on roads. I found it plenty safe as there was little traffic.

Rain out rescues by Bike Stop Cafe
Jodi from Saint Charles on 10/26/2020 09:17 AM
If you need a rain-out rescue call Tony at Bike Stop Cafe. 314-973-4422.

Hotel Bothwell in Sedalia
Gary W from Centralia, MO on 10/26/2020 08:44 AM
Great place to stay. 20% discount if you tell them your on the trail. Had bike storage so you don't have to take your bike to your room the the elevator. VERY VERY CLEAN.

Fitter's 5th Street Pub in Sedalia
Gary W from Centralia, MO on 10/26/2020 08:41 AM
Great thin crust pizza. Very friendly place to bikers.

Maggie's Bar & Grill in Boonville
Gary W from Centralia, MO on 10/26/2020 08:39 AM
Good Bar food and beer selection. Tenderloin sandwich is huge.

Lindenhof Bed & Breakfast in Augusta
Diana from Columbia, MO on 10/23/2020 07:33 PM
We spent the last night of our Columbia to Augusta trek at the Lindenhof. It was delightful. Very well designed for cozy comfort. Kathy was a superb hostess. Unfortunately, we forgot our bathing suits for the hottub, but it looked inviting. The outside area is charming. All was very secure. The food was excellent from the nibbles she provided to bountiful breakfast. We really enjoyed the themed roomes. Highly recommend staying here.

Rain impact trail?
Vince DeMatta on 10/21/2020 06:22 PM
How does rain impact the trail? I’m planning on riding Friday, but looks like rain in the early morning.

Jerry Whittle from Belleville on 10/22/2020 07:45 AM
Not all that much as the trail is pretty hard packed in most places. Wet leaves could be an issue. Hopefully you have fatter tires. Try running them nearer to their minimum pressure.

The one thing that I like is fenders on the Katy. They keep me and the bike cleaner in both wet and dry conditions.

Cute place to stay with great amenities
Jennie from Omaha, NE on 10/22/2020 07:07 AM
We stayed at the Katyrest Caboose on 10/15. What a cute little place. Full bed and twin bed, fridge/microwave. All the amenities you needed. Bill was a great host and let us use his guest bathroom in his house to shower. Even had some breakfast/snacks for us. Plus who doesn't want to stay in a caboose.

Bike Ride from St. Charles to Clinton
uturnshari from Springfield,d MA on 10/21/2020 06:57 PM
I spent the first week of October 2020 riding the trail east to west with three others. We rode east to west and found it was pretty easy. I know most people go the other way saying that there was slight downgrade going that way. I have to say, that as many of the times we had ups we had just as many going down. It was great to be able to pick up some speed! I thought I would share the places I stayed as they were all great. A Piece of Heaven B&B in Marthasville, in the Cowboy cabin. It was truly outfitted with cowboy decorations. They picked us up at the trailhead and brought us to the B&B. Only problem was that they only had a bike rack for 2. No problem, it gave us time to decide what we wanted for dinner. By the time we got there, there was a nice fire in the fireplace. Very homey. There isn't anything to eat near the B&B, but you can get delivery. I do have to say, though, the upstairs loft has a ladder that is straight up from the bottom. Though, at 63, I was able to manage!! On the first day, we were lucky enough to come across a place with an Ocktoberfest celebration! Very fun. 2nd night: Jefferson City. I was warned about the ramp that goes around and around going up from the bottom to the top of the bridge. It was a piece of cake. Very easy ride into the city. 3rd night: Rocheport: Loved Katy BikeFest B&B. Very comfortable. Because of covid-they basically had frozen breakfast food available, juice, milk, coffee, cereal and other breakfast items. Right on the trail. 4th night: Sedalia, Hotel Botwell, Loved the old historic hotel. They had a bike wash which I thought was great to get all of the dirt off. 5th night: Westbridge Inn. Was not a bad ride to it. Looks like it was newly remodeled. Very clean and good breakfast selection. 6th night: Back to Sedalia and stayed at Maxines! She rents rooms out, very reasonable. Maxine and her husband made us feel very much at home as we took over the kitchen and played cards. We had a shuttled planned to pick us up in Sedalia and bring us back to St Charles. My experience with them was not pleasant. I spoke with the owner, Tony, I told him what i was looking for and we settled on a price and day and time. Thought I was all set. He then text me and offered to pick us up a day earlier, which I put out there that it was a possibility. He gave me a time in the afternoon, but increased it to $40. Said I was possibly interested but didn't know why the increase. Never heard back, so I called him after a few days. He then wanted to pick me up earlier than he stated on earlier day and added another $10. He sent me invoice when I originally booked and paid a $50 deposit. I asked again why, one reason was because it was late pickup (he changed it to an earlier time, so it wasn't late, then it was because he was picking us up at the west end. Really, he is going to charge us more for drive the same distance and same about of time? He said he made a mistake on the quote. He then got snippy and said I have lots of people that want it, do you want it or not! What could I do? Not the kind of person that I wanted to deal with. Luckily, I told Maxine of my situation because I was going to have to cancel the reservation. She called back and said her husband would bring us back! That worked out perfect because then we could go when we wanted and did not have to wait in the morning. Still out the $50 deposit, but it was worth not having to deal with Tony. I was worried that he wouldn't even come. As far as the detours, we were able to go through them all without a problem. On one detour, we saw a couple at the other end from the rockslide. Once they reached us, they said it was no problem, just have to pick your bike up and over the rock, beyond that, again, we just had to lift our bikes over the gate. The section where they were grading the trail, it said it was closed. We went anyways, at first the sand was soft but it got harder. We went by the vehicle and the guy was sleeping, so he couldn't say anything to us. The section in Rocheporte we followed what others have done and it was very easy to follow, stream practically dry. Great trip and fun for us all except one of the group got sick and that is a whole other story!!Hope this isn't too long,

Nice place to stay
Jennie from Omaha, NE on 10/21/2020 03:24 PM
We stayed at the Bluffton Barn on 10/16. Doug was a very nice host. We had own kitchenette/bathroom/etc. For an extra price, Doug cooked supper/breakfast for us (which was well worth it). Doug is very nice and enjoys hosting.

Great Bed & Breakfast in Pilot Grove
Jennie from Omaha, NE on 10/21/2020 11:58 AM
My husband and I recently biked the Katy Trail for the first time 10/14-10/18 and we had a great time. We stayed at our first ever Bed & Breakfast: Katy Junction. Jerry is one of the nicest people. He was so welcoming and personable. We visited with him for hours because we wanted to, not because we had to. He gives you your space, but also enjoy knowing his guests. He made us a great breakfast in the morning before he headed down the trail. B&B was clean and he has a bike rack he made in his garage to keep the bikes safe. We had no issues. Would definitely stay here again.

Pierced Rock in Providence
Kathy from Kirkwood on 10/21/2020 11:35 AM
Any tips on viewing this?

Tire Widths for riding the KATY
Rusty from Quincy, IL on 10/20/2020 12:02 PM
What recommendations on tire widths?

We have Trek 7.3FX's with 32mm

or older Mountain bikes with 1.5 to 1.9" tires

Have a ride coming up in the Defiance area. Any suggestions/warnings/advise is appreciated. Thank you

Kendra from St. Louis on 10/20/2020 01:18 PM
I usually ride 28s with no issues. Every once in a while when I hit some deeper gravel I think a wider tire might be better, but I don’t suspect you’d have any issues with 32s as long as you keep your eyes open.

Anonymous on 10/20/2020 02:38 PM
Narrow tire. Slick or inverted tread. Less rolling resistance. More fun.

To each his own, but wide tires and mountain bikes are overkill on the Katy.

brad wilson from st louis on 10/20/2020 05:01 PM
The tires you have sound fine.

There are often sections with deep, loose gravel that are hard to negotiate (for me and people I ride with).

If it has rained, the trail can be very soft and a narrow tire will sink in.

And sometimes there are cracks, holes, branches, dead animals, and other debris that'll be easier to handle if you have wider tires.

Last weekend I went with a friend who is an experienced cyclist and rode the east end of the Katy from near St. Charles to Machens.

I used my MTB with 2" semi-slick tires pumped to about 55psi.
He rode his new gravel bike that had 37mm, semi-knobby tires pumped to about 80psi.

I had no problems with deep, loose gravel, branches, debris, etc.
He was OK, but was glad he wasn't riding his other bike with 25mm road tires. He thought it would've been better if he had reduced the tire pressure a bit.

You own hybrid and mountain bikes. It doesn't sound like you are pushing for top performance. Ride the 32mm or 1.5-1.9" tires and have a good time.

Anonymous on 10/20/2020 06:20 PM
Dead animals are easier to handle with wider tires?

You’re kidding.....right??

ArkyKenny on 10/20/2020 06:46 PM
Almost anything from 28mm to 2” will work. I have used 32-42mm. I think tubeless gravel tires about 38-40mm wide are the way to go: They stay out of the ruts, stay on top, provide float/suspension, roll over the rough stuff, etc. Anyone who says 40mm gravel tires are slow......hasn’t ridden a modern gravel bike. Nobby MTB tires are preferred over skinny 23-25mm road bike tires. If all I had was a mountain bike, I’d go find some semi-slick tires about 1.75” wide.

Doug from Bluffton on 10/20/2020 06:48 PM
Oh absolutely! Especially turtles and armadillos, they can really knock you off your line.

ArkyKenny on 10/20/2020 06:50 PM
Almost anything from 28mm to 2” will work. I have used 32-42mm. I think tubeless gravel tires about 38-40mm wide are the way to go: They stay out of the ruts, stay on top, provide float/suspension, roll over the rough stuff, etc. Anyone who says 40mm gravel tires are slow......hasn’t ridden a modern gravel bike. Nobby MTB tires are preferred over skinny 23-25mm road bike tires. If all I had was a mountain bike, I’d go find some semi-slick tires about 1.75” wide.

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 10/20/2020 11:03 PM
It’s those dang squirrels that run across the trail and into your spokes that you need to keep a lookout for, tires size doesn’t matter then. :-)

Jerry Whittle from Belleville on 10/21/2020 08:02 AM
I've ridden the Katy end-to-end 8 times on 700x32 tires. They were fine even given my 215 lbs weight (not counting the bike).

Last month I rode it again with my wife on a tandem using 26x2.125" tires. There were a few places where things were 'mushy' and the trail was perfectly dry. These places were where the trail had been repaired due to the floods a few years ago. The worse was the fresh repair just about a half mile from Machens.

I also have a gravel bike with 650B x 47 tires. It's overkill for the Katy and I'll probably go down to something in the 40 range when I replace them.

Finally I have ridden my road bike on the Katy with 700x25 tires. I wouldn't recommend it. The ride is much rougher plus less stable and that's around the St. Charles area which is much more packed down compared to places out in the boonies. I know one rider who has done things like Paris-Brest-Paris (1200 km in less than 80 hours) who did the entire Katy on 700x25 and said that it was a big mistake as it beat him up.

Harbor Haus Inn & Suites in Hermann
John from Columbia on 10/23/2016 11:13 AM
Great place to stay while biking on the Katy Trail! The room was clean and comfortable and Frank and his staff were a pleasure to chat with during our stay. A very nice hot breakfast was provided in the morning that included all of the essentials. We locked our bikes outside of the building and had no concerns or problems. This has to be the best lodging bargain in Hermann and is right downtown and close to many walkable dinner and drink options.
We'll return!

Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 10/19/2020 05:22 PM
We just stayed here on Sunday night 10/18 (last night on our 3-day ride) and it was perfect. Clean, plenty of soft fuzzy towels and hot water. Breakfast couldn't have been better. Friendly staff. Good location. We'd stay there again!

DoubleTree Hotel in Jefferson City
DANA from Billings on 10/10/2020 12:38 PM
Dana Leeds, Billings MT, 9/30/2020
Stayed here from Katy Trail- This hotel is NOT 2.2 miles from trailhead. Its actually 3.5 miles. You have to take a trailspur off the trail to downtown Jeff City, by the capitol building- you also have to go over this HUGE bridge, there is a bike path to do this- its quite impressive. The city built this ramp from park up to bridge for bikers. My friend was very afraid of heights, this situation was very intimadating for her and all bikers, frankly. If I had known this was in downtown jeff city, I probably would not have stayed here. It was a huge ordeal to find it. and very stressfull.
The hotel was very nice. clean, comfortable; hot water, Liz was very nice and helpful when we called because we couldn't find our way from park at end of trailspur. She had cookies waiting for us. Which we needed because of huge hills we had to go up with our gear. My blood sugar was low.
This hotel is round, so rooms are not symmetrical. our room was kind of small.
we made it work with our bikes. The restaurant on top floor was great- amazing views of city. The food was OK. we both ordered fish, it was undercooked, 2nd one was way too salty...was I am sure was good, cooked properly. I am not really a picky eater, not a "foodie", by any means. Everything was pretty good. Our breakfast was perfect. Everyone was required to wear masks.
I would recommend staying here for hotel sake- but not the fact we had a hard time finding it and the mileage is way off. This irritates me. I feel like I was lied to.

Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 10/19/2020 05:13 PM
We stayed in another hotel in Jefferson City on our recent 3-day ride -- and our experience is similar. We would NOT plan to stay in Jefferson City again. The ride to just GET to the bridge and bike ramp is confusing. Then you ride up the ramp, cross the bridge, and more confusion on the JC bike trail as you described. The next morning, felt again like we wasted a bunch of time to get back to the main trail at North Jefferson. On a future trip, we would recalculate our ride so that it doesn't include a stop in JC. (Sorry!)

Katarina's Homestyle Cafe in Pilot Grove
Dave from Minneapolis on 09/07/2020 03:32 PM
Katarina is an impressive young owner running a high quality cafe. Definitely worth the stop- the door is opposite the trail-side so don’t go past. Try the sweet potato fries with honey mustard.

Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 10/19/2020 04:58 PM
Adding our kudos to Katarina's cafe. We pulled in at 1:45 -- just before the 2pm closing. She fixed us delish grilled cheese and grilled ham & cheese sandwiches, sweet potato fries and some scrumptious chili. We sat outside and ate every morsel, and ready to go back on the trail. Don't miss Katarina's!

closure west of Portland
Kelly from Columbia on 10/09/2020 03:39 PM
The state park advisory map references a closure with no detour west of Portland. Is this still the situation?

Jen from St. Louis on 10/11/2020 09:07 PM
The bridge west of Portland is still blocked via a fence and signs as of today. Not sure of I missed the detour sign, but I had to use google maps to make up a detour and pick up the trail at the Portland trailhead.

Kathy from Kirkwood on 10/12/2020 09:44 AM
The State Parks dept says this will be closed until 2022 at least. It's a huge slide and will take careful engineering to shore up the cliff. They aren't recommending a detour because it requires riding on a section of 94 with no shoulder and fast traffic. I rode it without any issues on a weekday morning, but I'm comfortable with road riding.

Pat from Indiana on 10/18/2020 07:53 PM
Our last leg this past week was from Marthasville to St. Charles. As stated, we did encounter not just the rock slide, but just before that, a bridge out, large tree across the trail, and then the rock slide...all within about 300 yards. Managed to negotiate our way around each of them.
For the rock slide, although there is no recommended detour, it can be fairly easily negotiated (my directions are West to East). As soon as you roll up to the rock slide, there are a few medium sized boulders forming a 'chute' to the right of the trail. If you can lift your bikes down those few rocks, you will see a leafy path thru the woods to follow for maybe 40-50 yards to get back to the trail. We did it without much issues on Tuesday, 10/13 this past week.

Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 10/19/2020 04:52 PM
We navigated this closure on Sunday, heading west to east on a 3-day ride. I wish they would post something "suggested" even if not "approved." Were ages 66 & 72, and first negotiated the up-and-downhill paths around the bridge. Getting over the downed trees wasn't too bad. Then the rock slide --lifting and pushing-pulling out bikes over the rocks, then along the path, then back up onto the trail. It was a challenge. We're not big fan of road riding -- but a suggested detour might be better for some. Just sayin'!

The Corner (dining) in Rhineland
Cindy Drew from Edwardsville, IL on 10/12/2020 08:54 AM
Love The Corner for dining on the Katy Trail! We eat there every time we stay in Rhineland.
Quiet wholesome setting where the locals go to eat. Fresh made Homestyle food, breakfast, lunch & dinner. (Breakfast stops at 10:30, so better get up & at ‘um!) Kind & friendly staff.
Save room & Don’t miss one of their delicious desserts!
It’s nice to know of a place to eat any day of the week. And, without having to go into Hermann.
You’ve been on the bike trail & tired and hungry? This is your place! They will take good care of you. (Plse Be kind in return) (Clean restaurant & bathrooms)

Pat from Indiana on 10/18/2020 08:00 PM
Was our plans to stop here this past Monday (10/12) on our W to E on the trail. Unfortunately, the Corner restaurant is Closed on Mondays....argh!

Had to pedal on to Augusta to a little place called Kate's Coffee. Have to climb a few hills to get to, but a very quaint little place. Opens at 7:30am

Amtrak Washington Station to st. Charles.
Vonnie on 10/16/2020 02:48 AM
Thinking about taking Amtrak to Washington station, then cycling to Augusta then over to St. Charles. Is It safe to cycle across the 47 bridge from Washington to the trail head in Dutzow? Is there a bike lane across the bridge?

Dave from Kirkwood on 10/16/2020 03:14 PM
YES, there is a separate bike/pedestrian lane on the new bridge, and it is open now. You can even ride under Hwy 47 on the north side of the river to get on the right shoulder. From that side of the river, you have a choice of riding along the shoulder of a busy Hwy 47 to Dutzow or taking Augusta Bottom Road (gravel for a bit) to get to the Katy.

burr oak tree age
mike from willard mo from willard mo on 10/16/2020 08:30 AM
age of the burr oak tree west of Mcbaine

BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 10/16/2020 11:01 AM
350 to 400 years old, according to the Univ of Missouri. For a time scale, I like to tell people that when Lewis and Clark went past the tree, it was already at least 130 years old.

Jim from St. Thomas on 10/16/2020 03:05 PM
It’s about the same age as I feel when I pass it on day 2 of our 4-day Clinton to St Charles Ride.........

Pro-Velo in Sedalia -- Going Out of Their Way to Help
TJ from Oakton, VA on 05/16/2019 01:04 PM
Pro-Velo and Ebby (hope I got the name right) took a phone call from me on May 11, 2019 -- after hours -- and agreed to wait at the shop in downtown Sedalia for another 10 minutes until I could pedal in. I'd had 6 flats over two days on the Katy: my tires were worn out after 3.5 years of trail and road service. (Katy Trail tip--start the trail with new tires).
Ebby met me and my friends, didn't up-sell the tires I needed, installed them expertly for a nominal fee, and met all my tube and CO2 cartridge needs. We were done in 30 minutes and I had no troubles the rest of the trip.
Thank you, Ebby, for staying late on a Saturday and saving this discouraged biker. Wishing you much success. -- TJ

Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 10/15/2020 11:24 PM
Just adding my kudos to Pro-Velo and Ebby. Arrived in Sedalia -- tire problem! -- on a late afternoon he made the repair and I'm ready to go in the morning. Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Great guy, a real treasure. Thanks to Ebby!

Hotel Bothwell in Sedalia
DANA from Billings on 10/11/2020 09:58 AM
Dana, Billings MT, 10/2/2020
Great old hotel. The staff were amazingly friendly.
Trail was very close to Hotel.
Katy Trail Discount, make sure you tell them!!
Our room was kind of small- especially with our bikes in the room. They did offer to store them for us, but we wanted to get an early start, we didn't want to bother with that time constraint.
Thye had usb ports on bedside table- which is very nice!!
The restaurant in hotel, was very good!!
The only breakfast available were in brown bags due to COVID. Mostly high sugar stuff, no protein.
Bed was comfy; hot water, but pressure was very low. It took forever to fill up bathtub. Would def recommend.
Check out Train Depot at trailhead, if you can- closes at 4pm. Get you KATY trail tour stuff there, support the local economy.

Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 10/15/2020 11:17 PM
We're staying at the Hotel Bothwell tonight. Perfect place to start our 3-day ride. Historic, charming, welcoming to cyclists. Excellent location downtown and near the trail. We'll stop at Katy Depot on our way out of town.

Shuttle our vehicle to destination point ?
Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 09/08/2020 04:56 PM
We are thinking of driving down from Iowa -- possibly to Windsor -- and then riding east for 3 days (Day 1 to Boonville; Day 2 to Jefferson City; Day 3 to McKittrick-Hermann). We're wondering if anyone provides a service to shuttle your vehicle back to your destination point (in this case, to Hermann)? It seems like all the shuttle services we've seen want you to leave your vehicle at the destination and shuttle Bikes & Riders to their starting point. Is it ever done the other way? And who would be a contact at the western points of the trail to do this? Also -- feel free to comment on our proposed 3-day ride. Thanks!

Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 09/09/2020 10:44 AM
I guess since there are no responses to my inquiry . . . this isn't a good idea. Okay -- what if our final destination is Hermann, and we park and leave our vehicle there -- who would be a possibility to shuttle us + bikes out west -- say to to Windsor-Sedalia? Thank-you again!

Doug from Bluffton on 09/09/2020 11:48 AM
How many riders?

Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 09/09/2020 12:16 PM
TWO -- just me & husband. Sorry -- I should have said that! And while our dates aren't firm -- thinking about October 14-ish.

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 09/09/2020 01:43 PM
You probably didn’t get any input on your initial plan since it would require two drivers (one to drive your vehicle to the end point and one to drive another vehicle to bring the shuttle driver back home). Picking you up and driving you to your starting point only requires one driver.

Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 09/09/2020 02:22 PM
Gary -- Thanks for your comment . . . understand that. We've provided that kind of service for RAGBRAI riders who were riding maybe 3 days of the ride -- followed them to an eastern point where they left their vehicle, then took them back to the west end to start their ride. So, I thought maybe there would be folks along the Katy Trail who provide that sort of service. But I'm learning! :)

Doug from Bluffton on 09/10/2020 07:07 AM
Contact me at The Bluffton Barn. Doug

Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 09/10/2020 01:29 PM
I called and left a voicemail along with my email. Hopefully we can connect. Thanks!

Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 09/11/2020 09:16 AM
Happy to say that we have a plan! I quickly saw (unexpectedly) how lodging fills in mid-October--so scurried to get the plan together and have made lodging reservations with this itinerary:
Day 1: Drive down from Iowa to Sedalia -- and we have a plan to leave our minivan at the east end and be shuttled back to Sedalia.
Day 2: Ride Sedalia to Boonville
Day 3: Ride Boonville to Jefferson City
Day 4: Ride Jefferson City to Hermann
Day 5: Drive back north
COMMENTS or suggestions are appreciated, especially if any of you experts see big mistakes. We each have roomy trunk bags + a small triangle frame bag -- think this will be sufficient. This forum has been helpful!

Jim from St. Thomas on 09/11/2020 03:06 PM
Keep in mind that Hermann has it’s Oktoberfest every weekend in October so if you’re going to be in town Friday - Sunday expect crowds and heavier traffic on 94 when you’re doing the rockslide detour. Lots of good wineries in the area. Hermannhof Winery in the downtown area is party central. If you like inebriated crowds and loud accordion music they have it covered. Since I’ve entered the “you kids get off my lawn” phase of my life I prefer places like Adam Puchta’s which is just a short drive out of town.

Anonymous on 09/11/2020 03:23 PM
You don't care for the "Hup! Hup! Ho!" on the patio, Jim?

Have experienced that once and it seemed the more I drank, the funnier it got. Before too long I just couldn't seem to get out of there fast enough. One of those "get off my lawn" things and I figured it wasn't my lawn that they were on.

Adam Puchta's Port is worth the drive from anywhere.

Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 09/11/2020 10:14 PM
Jim -- Ha!--yes, now we've heard about OctoberFest! We guess that we won't get into Hermann until Sunday afternoon . . . and hoping that it's perhaps not so crowded as folks will be leaving. We couldn't find lodging on Friday or Saturday -- but at least a couple days ago found a few spots for Sunday night. Now I've looked at Adam Puchta's winery and see that they close at 4pm on Sundays! If that's typical, now we'll just hope we can find something to eat-drink on Sunday evening. We are staying at Harbor Haus in town, partly because it looks like we can WALK and won't have to worry about driving when we've had a couple glasses of wine. That'll be the "end of the trail" for us, as we head back to Iowa the next day.

Iowa Cyclist from Northeast Iowa on 10/15/2020 11:12 PM
DOUG of the Bluffton Barn gave us a great start today on our Katy Trail ride. We drove down from Iowa, left our vehicle at his place and shuttled us & our stuff-bikes to Sedalia. What a great guy, super-nice and a plethora of stories to tell. We're headed east in the morning to Boonville. It'll be crisp! A big THANKS to Doug for getting us on our way!

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