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School House B&B Inn, Rocheport MO

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Katy Trail and Rock Island Spur Mileage Chart For Machens, MO

If you prefer, we also offer the traditional grid-format Katy Trail Mileage Grid
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Katy Trail Mileage (scroll down for Rock Island Trail)
(click town to change mileage columns)
Miles from
Round Trip
from Machens
KT Machens, MO
00 KT26.9 Restroom Machens info
KT Black Walnut, MO
2.14.2 KT29 Parking Black Walnut info
KT St Charles, MO
12.625.2 KT39.5 RestaurantLodgingBike ShopBike RentalPoint of InterestParkingWaterRestroomVisitors BureauShuttleWinery/BreweryFarm StandTour OrganizerHospital St Charles info
KT Page Bridge parking lot (St Charles)
15.931.8 KT42.8 Parking Page Bridge parking lot info
KT Greens Bottom Trailhead (St Charles)
18.837.6 KT45.7 ParkingRestroom Greens Bottom Trailhead info
KT Chesterfield /hwy 64 bridge (Weldon Spring)
24.448.8 KT51.3 RestaurantBike RentalParking Chesterfield /hwy 64 bridge info
KT MO Research Park (Weldon Spring)
25.250.4 KT52.1 Parking MO Research Park info
KT Weldon Spring, MO
29.158.2 KT56 RestaurantLodgingBike RentalPoint of InterestParkingRestroomShuttle Weldon Spring info
KT Defiance, MO
32.264.4 KT59.1 RestaurantLodgingBike ShopBike RentalPoint of InterestParkingWaterTable/BenchVendingVisitors BureauShuttleSouvenirs/Gifts Defiance info
KT Matson, MO
33.767.4 KT60.6 Point of InterestParkingRestroomTable/BenchWinery/Brewery Matson info
KT Augusta, MO
39.579 KT66.4 RestaurantLodgingCampingBike ShopBike RentalPoint of InterestParkingRestroomTable/BenchVendingVisitors BureauPlaygroundWinery/BreweryFarm Stand Augusta info
KT Dutzow, MO
47.194.2 KT74 RestaurantParkingWaterRestroomTable/BenchWinery/Brewery Dutzow info
KT Marthasville, MO
50.8101.6 KT77.7 RestaurantGroceryLodgingCampingPoint of InterestParkingWaterRestroomTable/BenchVendingATMWinery/BreweryFarm Stand Marthasville info
KT Peers, MO
53.2106.4 KT80.1 Grocery Peers info
KT Treloar, MO
57.5115 KT84.4 ParkingRestroom Treloar info
KT Bernheimer, MO
62.1124.2 KT89 Table/Bench Bernheimer info
KT Gore, MO
66.9133.8 KT93.8 Table/BenchWinery/Brewery Gore info
KT Case, MO
70140 KT96.9   Case info
KT McKittrick, MO
73.9147.8 KT100.8 RestaurantGroceryLodgingParkingRestroom McKittrick info
KT Rhineland, MO
78.1156.2 KT105 RestaurantGroceryLodgingPoint of Interest Rhineland info
KT Bluffton, MO
84168 KT110.9 RestaurantLodgingCamping Bluffton info
KT Portland, MO
89178 KT115.9 RestaurantCampingParkingVending Portland info
KT Steedman, MO
94.5189 KT121.4 Point of Interest Steedman info
KT Mokane, MO
98.1196.2 KT125 RestaurantGroceryParkingWaterRestroomATM Mokane info
KT Tebbetts, MO
104.3208.6 KT131.2 LodgingParkingRestroom Tebbetts info
KT Wainwright, MO
110.7221.4 KT137.6 Visitors Bureau Wainwright info
KT N. Jefferson, MO
116.3232.6 KT143.2 RestaurantLodgingCampingParkingWaterRestroomVisitors Bureau N. Jefferson info
KT Claysville, MO
122.9245.8 KT149.8 RestaurantGrocery Claysville info
KT Hartsburg, MO
126.7253.4 KT153.6 RestaurantLodgingCampingParkingWaterRestroomFarm StandTour Organizer Hartsburg info
KT Wilton, MO
130.5261 KT157.4 Grocery Wilton info
KT Easley, MO
135.6271.2 KT162.5 RestaurantGroceryCampingWaterRestroom Easley info
KT Providence, MO
138.6277.2 KT165.5 Point of InterestParkingRestroom Providence info
KT McBaine, MO
142.6285.2 KT169.5 Point of InterestParkingWaterRestroom McBaine info
KT Huntsdale, MO
144.8289.6 KT171.7 RestaurantLodgingPoint of InterestVisitors Bureau Huntsdale info
KT Rocheport, MO
151.4302.8 KT178.3 RestaurantGroceryLodgingCampingBike ShopBike RentalPoint of InterestParkingWaterRestroomVisitors BureauWinery/Brewery Rocheport info
KT New Franklin, MO
161.1322.2 KT188 RestaurantGroceryCampingPoint of InterestParkingWaterRestroomVendingVisitors BureauATMShuttle New Franklin info
KT Franklin, MO
162.1324.2 KT189   Franklin info
KT Boonville, MO
164.9329.8 KT191.8 RestaurantGroceryLodgingBike ShopBike RentalPoint of InterestParkingWaterRestroomVisitors BureauATMShuttleCasinoHospital Boonville info
KT Prairie Lick, MO
170.1340.2 KT197 LodgingParking Prairie Lick info
KT Pilot Grove, MO
176.4352.8 KT203.3 RestaurantGroceryLodgingCampingPoint of InterestParkingWaterRestroomVisitors BureauATM Pilot Grove info
KT Clifton City, MO
188.5377 KT215.4 Point of InterestRestroom Clifton City info
KT Sedalia, MO
202.1404.2 KT229 RestaurantGroceryLodgingCampingBike ShopBike RentalPoint of InterestParkingWaterRestroomVisitors BureauATMShuttleWinery/BreweryPublic InternetSouvenirs/GiftsHospital Sedalia info
KT Camp Branch, MO
209.19418.38 KT236.09   Camp Branch info
KT Green Ridge, MO
212.3424.6 KT239.2 RestaurantGroceryLodgingParkingWaterRestroomATMShuttlePlayground Green Ridge info
KT Bryson, MO
216.9433.8 KT243.8   Bryson info
KTRI Windsor, MO
221.1442.2 KT248 RestaurantGroceryLodgingCampingBike ShopParkingWaterRestroomVisitors BureauATMPlayground Windsor info
KT Calhoun, MO
228.6457.2 KT255.5 ParkingWaterRestroom Calhoun info
KT Lewis, MO
232.6465.2 KT259.5   Lewis info
KT Clinton, MO
237.7475.4 KT264.6 RestaurantGroceryLodgingCampingBike ShopBike RentalPoint of InterestParkingWaterRestroomVisitors BureauATMPublic InternetHospital Clinton info

Rock Island Trail Mileage (miles from Machens are via trail intersection at Windsor)
(click town to change mileage columns)
Miles from
Round Trip
from Machens
KTRI Windsor, MO
221.1442.2 RI216.2 RestaurantGroceryLodgingCampingBike ShopParkingWaterRestroomVisitors BureauATMPlayground Windsor info
RI Leeton, MO
231.7463.4 RI226.8 RestaurantGroceryParkingRestroomATM Leeton info
RI Chilhowee, MO
240.2480.4 RI235.3 RestaurantGroceryParkingRestroom Chilhowee info
RI Medford, MO
250.1500.2 RI245.2 ParkingRestroom Medford info
RI Pleasant Hill, MO
267.7535.4 RI262.8 RestaurantGroceryLodgingCampingBike ShopParkingRestroomATM Pleasant Hill info
* - The Katy Trail mile marker system is completely separate from the Rock Island mile markers. The two trails intersect in Windsor, at mile 248 on the Katy Trail and at mile 216 on the Rock Island.

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