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FLOOD CLOSURES: Some sections of the Katy Trail east of Boonville are closed due to flooding. Check MO State Parks website, Trail Conditions Report from trail users, and Katy Trail Forum discussions for the latest details.
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Some portions of the Katy Trail are currently closed due to flooding. For the latest locations and details, check MO State Parks current list of flood locations and potential flood locations. Also look through recent discussions on the Katy Trail Forum, and please share any additional information you may have. Please be safe out there!
NEW! - Trail Conditions Report from trail users
About the Katy Trail
The Katy Trail is a 237 mile (386 km) trail stretching across most of the state of Missouri.  Over half the trail's length follows Lewis and Clark's path up the Missouri River, where you can ride beneath towering river bluffs while eagles circle overhead.  After leaving the river, the trail meanders through peaceful farmland and small-town Americana.
America's longest "rails-to-trail" project, formerly the MKT rail line, is flat and scenic.  It's ideal for hiking, running, or cycling on just about any kind of bike.  Horseback riding is allowed on two segments of the trail: Sedalia to Clinton and Tebbetts to Portland.
Many cross-country cyclists include the Katy Trail in their tours.  It is part of Adventure Cycling's Lewis & Clark route, as well as the American Discovery Trail
About the Rock Island Trail
The Rock Island Trail intersects the Katy Trail at Windsor. It currently runs 47 miles to Pleasant Hill, and will eventually extend into Kansas City. The trail is still undeveloped east of Windsor, but someday it will reach some 200 miles across the state to form a 450 mile loop with the Katy Trail.

We have incorprated the Rock Island Trail into the maps and mileage charts of this website, but you'll also find a website dedicated to the Rock Island Trail at BikeRockIsland.com
Bill Grant Katy Trail
Photo: Bill Grant

The Frenchtown Inn B&B, St Charles MO

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Trail Conditions for Katy Trail State Park in Missouri

Check the State Parks Katy Trail web page for current trail conditions.
We suggest that you also check the forum for any recent Katy Trail or Rock Island Trail condition updates - and please share any information you may have there.

Beyond the Katy Trail...
Missouri's Rock Island Trail is finally under construction! The Rock Island intersects the Katy Trail at Windsor and will eventually stretch over 200 miles, giving Missouri an amazing 450 mile trail loop.

 If you like the Katy Trail, you'll also enjoy the C&O Canal Towpath Trail.  The C&O runs 185 miles from Washington DC to Cumberland Maryland, along the banks of the Potomac River.

  The Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) connects to the C&O at Cumberland MD and runs across a significant part of Pennsylvania.  Together, the C&O and GAP enable you to ride 335 miles from Pittsburgh to Washington DC.

 New York's  Erie Canal bike trail runs from Buffalo to Albany, crossing most of upstate New York.

 In Illinois, the  I&M Canal Trail cuts most of the way across the state, with one end in the Chicago area.

 Travelling to Florida?  If so, check out our sister website for Sanibel Island, Florida, the most bike-friendly island you'll ever visit (nice beaches too!).

  The Silver Comet Trail in Georgia connects up with the Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama, giving you nearly 100 miles of scenic paved trail.

  South Dakota's Mickelson Trail takes you through breathtaking scenery where you can still feel and experience the old West.

  The Cowboy Trail in Nebraska will eventually stretch over 300 miles - even longer than the Katy Trail.

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