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Share a Shuttle Ride on the Katy Trail

The Katy Trail is served by several shuttle services which will transport you and your bike and gear from one location to another.  Many of the shuttles charge per trip, rather than by the number of riders.  So, for example, a shuttle from St Charles to Clinton with two riders might cost the same as for four riders.
This web page can to help you find other riders with similar travel plans, that you might be able to share shuttle rides with.  This helps you and the other riders, by cutting your overall shuttle costs.  It also helps the shuttle services fill their vans for both directions on their trips.
BikeKatyTrail provides this page to help you get started - it is then up to you to add yourself to the list, and/or to contact someone who is already listed.  It's also up to you - or the other riders - to arrange the shuttle service.  Shuttle services are also welcome to post here, if you have a trip planned with some open slots to fill.
BikeKatyTrail provides this web page only as a service to riders and shuttle operators. We are in no way involved in or responsible for contacts or agreements between riders and/or shuttle services.
Share-a-Shuttle Listings

Who: Chris Baker []
Where: From Hermann to Sedalia
When: 11/08/2020
2 riders
Looking to share a shuttle from Hermann to Sedalia. Please email.