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Katy Trail Trip Reports

Share the knowledge and experiences of others who have already traveled the Katy Trail and/or Rock Island Trail, whether by bike, foot, or boat. Trips are listed in reverse chronological order.

Please contact us if you'd like to share your own journal, blog, or essay of a KT / RI trip.

Author: Mr Purple Paul
When: May 2021
Where: Sedalia to St Charles
Paul brings his annual epic bike ride to Missouri

Author: John Brackman
When: 2017-2018
Where: Clinton to St Charles
John walked the entire trail, an impressivive accomplishment. Even more impressive, he did this at the age of 70. His journal contains some great photos and very useful informtion for anyone tackling the trail, whether on foot or on wheels.

[This trip report is a PDF. Depending on which browser you use, it might open in your browser or it might appear in your "Downloads".]

Author: Karl Brand
When: Annually in September
Where: Clinton to St Louis
Written for the author's cycling buddies in Houston, this travelogue for an annual September trip includes photos, maps, elevation info, and recommendations.

[This is a Word document with lots of photos - it may take a couple minutes to download and open, after clicking the link. It's worth the wait.]

Author: Betsy Lubis
When: July 2017
Where: Kirkwood to Pleasant Hill
A train ride from Kansas City to Kirkwood, followed by a bike ride back including the Rock Island trail. Lots of interesting people, places, and observations along the way.

Author: Cheryl & Keith
When: October 2016
Cheryl and Keith chronicled their Katy plans and adventures in six travelogue-style installments.

Author: Kristy Nerstheimer
The Katy Trail has been a part of this family's life for 20 years.

Author: Jen
When: May 2015
Where: Clinton to Machens
Follow Jen's blog as she and her husband plan their anniversary Katy Trail ride

Author: Dr Skeep
When: April 30 - May 7 2015
Where: Clinton to Machens, and back to Washington via Dutzow
This trail veteran from Tucson shares lots of insights from his Missouri experience.

Author: Susan & Bruce
When: May 2014
Where: Sedalia to St Charles
Susan & Bruce came all the way from Phoenix to spend a week on the trail.

Author: Cheryl Gragert
When: June 2013
Where: Machens to Clinton
Cheryl found beauty in nature all along the trail while enjoying a dry ride, shortly after the June floods had receded.

Author: Bill Penland
When: October 2012
Where: Clinton to Machens
Four days, tons of pictures, good advice.

Author: John
When: October 2012
Where: Entire trail, west to east
John rides solo on a cool recumbent. Lots of pictures, good preparation details and info on businesses.

Author: Jessica and John Hammond
When: June 2012
Where: Clinton to St Charles
Two adults, one toddler, 235 miles

When: 2012
Where: Entire trail, west to east
Nice 16 minute YouTube video with clips from throughout the journey.

Author: Susan
When: May 2010
Where: Clinton to St Charles
Nice blog, excellent photos.

Author: Blue Tapp Scheffer
When: October 2008
Where: Entire trail, plus Amtrak
St Louis to Warrensburg by Amtrak, and back by bike. Great photos, and nice use of maps.

Author: Ann Ruger
When: July 2008
Where: Clinton to St Charles
This is a must-read, especially if you have ever wondered whether you are capable of doing the whole trail end to end.

Author: Jerry Dusterhoff
When: May 2008
Where: Clinton to St Charles
Having fun on the Katy Trail, by the author of Bicycle Journeys with Jerry.

Author: Jaye Dee
When: Early May 2008
Where: Clinton to St Charles
Photo-essay of plants and flowers along the Katy Trail. (2.6 MB, may take a few minutes to download)

Author: Jay Delms
When: October 2007
Everything you need to know about the Shelter in Tebbetts.

Author: Henry & Daisy
When: June 2007
Where: Clinton to St Charles
A must-read for advice on trip planning and preparation, and lots of good advice along the trail too.

Author: Douglas Knox
When: June 2007
Where: Clinton to Machens
Follow along in the author''''s blog as he prepares to hike the Katy Trail in June 2007, and as he accomplishes it.

Author: Bruce Thompson
When: April 2007
Where: Boonville to St Charles
The Geezers return to finish their quest.

Author: Bruce Thompson
When: October 2006
Where: Clinton to Boonville
These riders make a wise decision at the end of this ride.

Author: Kim
When: September, 2006
Where: Clinton to St Charles
Two friends enjoy the scenery and overcome flat tires on an end-to-end tour. Includes photos and discussion of businesses along the trail.

Author: Greg
When: Late summer 2006
Where: Clinton to McKittrick
Greg set out to walk the Katy, recording his thoughts and experiences in this blog. It's a fascinating narrative that will make you want to experience the trail from the intimate perspective of a hiker.

Author: Moni
When: May 2006
Where: St Louis to Boonville & beyond
As part of a longer tour with "Lewis & Clark", the author followed the original L&C route up the Missouri River using the Katy Trail. See days 2-5 for Katy Trail.

Author: Jennifer Popham
When: October 10-14 2005
Where: Clinton to St Charles
A 70 year old dad and 28 year old daughter ride end to end, discovering that dangers of the trail are not so dangerous after all

When: September 18, 2005
Where: St Charles
Comments from various runners about the Lewis & Clark Marathon, which is partially run on the Katy Trail in St Charles.

Author: Joe "Metal Cowboy" Kurmaskie
When: Summer 2005
Where: Entire trail... and (far) beyond
The famed author rode the Katy during a coast-to-coast tour with his two young sons... and found it to be one of his all-time favorite rides!

Author: Sarah McGregor
When: June 2005
Where: Clinton to St Charles
A pair of Colorado natives endured the summer heat by day, and enjoyed some of Missouri's finest B&Bs by night. Some great advice from all aspects of their tour.

When: June 20-27, 2005
Where: Clinton to St Charles
MO House Speaker Rod Jetton rode end-to-end to promote the Katy Trail, and the health and fitness of Missourians. This page offers a collection of articles about the ride.

Author: MO Dept of Natural Resources
When: June 20-24, 2005
Where: Clinton to St Charles
Photos and day-by-day description of the big (300+ riders) annual end-to-end ride, sponsored by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Author: Marty & Joe, Los Gatos, CA
When: May 29-June 4, 2005
Where: St Charles to Clinton
Marty & Joe share helpful tips and their impressions of businesses along the way.

Author: Tom Gibb
When: October 3-7, 2004
Where: End to end: Clinton to St Charles
Tom gives lots of excellent tips on the businesses and services along the trail.

Author: Troy Ratliff
When: April 2004, with Sept & Nov followup
Where: Cinton to Hermann, with later ride to Weldon Spring
The author's first multiday trip. He encounters interesting people and animals, and works out the logistics of taking the train and shuttle.

Author: Denis Kertz
When: Fall 2003
Where: Cross-country
Denis rode the 3000 mile Lewis & Clark Trail, a portion of which runs along the Katy Trail.

Author: Larry Plumlee
When: September 2003
Where: Clinton to St Charles
A solo ride on America's Longest "Rails-to-Trails" bike trail

Author: Laurie Allshouse
When: September 2003
Where: Clinton to St Charles to Clinton round trip
A round trip on the trail, with LOTS of pictures. Good info on B&Bs.

When: July 4, 2002
Where: Entire trail
Three endurance fanatics tackle the entire trail in one day, making emergency repairs and enjoying Fourth of July fireworks along the way.

Author: Bill Keaggy
When: May 1 - 5, 2002
Where: Sedalia to St Charles
The author presents 100 photos, with commentary that is entertaining, informative, and somewhat irreverant.

Author: Raymond Scott
When: March 2002
Where: Clinton
This day trip had an interesting start, with a couple of big surprises.

Author: John Trower
When: Spring 2001
Where: Sedalia to St Charles
After spending five days on the trail with his father, John Trower wrote a series of articles about their experience for the St Charles Journal.

Author: Laurie Allshouse
When: Fall 1999
Where: Sedalia - St Charles - Marthasville - Amtrak back to Sedalia
The intrepid duo from Oklahoma don't let a litte rain dampen their spirits.

Author: Laurie Allshouse
When: Spring 1998
Where: Columbia to St Charles
This tour started it all for this couple from Oklahoma, who have since come back for two more tours, each longer than the last.