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St Louis Lambert Airport to Katy Trail Directions

The Katy Trail draws riders from all over, including many who arrive by plane.  St Louis Lambert Airport is about 7 miles from the start of the Katy Trail in St Charles.  But it's not always as simple as you might think to get from point A to point B.

Lambert-St Louis International Airport
Photo: Lambert-St Louis International Airport

Shipping Your Bike

If you are flying to St Louis to ride the Katy Trail, you'll need to decide what to do about a bike:
  • Bring your bike on the plane - check with the airline about whether this is allowed, and to find out what kinds of boxes or containers are approved.  Here's a website with useful information about bike shipping experiences.
  • Ship your bike - some B&Bs will let you ship your bike to them, and will hold it for you until your arrival.  Major shippers, such as UPS and FedEx, can handle this for you (see the "how to pack your bike" link above).
  • Rent a bike - if flying into Lambert St Louis Airport, you'll probably want to rent a bike from Momentum Cycles on Main Street.  This is the only bike rental in St Charles - the next one down the trail is Katy Bike Rental in Defiance, which is almost 30 miles from the airport.  Be sure to make your rental reservations ahead of time, and find out when they'll be open so you won't be stuck in St Charles without a bike (although there are lots of things to do there while you wait).

To St Charles By Taxi

If you shipped your bike to a B∧B in St Charles, or if you're renting, you can just take a taxi from the airport to St Charles.  It's less than 10 miles and the cab fare should be quite reasonable.

To St Charles By Trail Shuttles

If you brought your bike along on the plane, your first goal is to get yourself and your bike to the trail.  One easy option is to use a shuttle service.  These "trail taxis" operate all along the Katy Trail, carrying passengers, bikes, and gear.  Expect to pay about $30 to get shuttled from the airport to the trail.  Make shuttle reservations well in advance.  When B&Bs offer shuttle services, it's typically limited to their guests.  Here is a list of Katy Trail shuttle services, and inns that offer shuttles, although for the St Louis Airport you'll probably want to use one based near the trail's eastern end.

cbamshuttle  660-621-3488   Boonville
Katy Bike Rental  636-987-2673   Defiance
A+ Victory Shuttle  660-221-7795   Green Ridge
Old Timers Taxi  660-888-3917   New Franklin
B & L Shuttle  660-221-4406   Sedalia
Bike Stop Cafe  636-724-9900   St Charles
Lococo House III  636-946-0619   St Charles
Show Me MO Tours Shuttle  314-781-0015   St Charles
St Charles Yellow Cab  636-724-1234   St Charles
The Touring Cyclist Shuttle  314-739-4038   St Charles
Bike Stop Cafe Chesterfield  636-735-4422   Weldon Spring
Checker Cab  573-636-7101   Jefferson City
BikeHermann  573-259-4477   Hermann
Hermann Trolley     Hermann

By Bike

Although the St Louis airport is only seven miles from St Charles, that seven-mile route is a busy interstate highway that you cannot cycle on.  My best suggestion for St Louis airport to Katy Trail is less direct, but also less life-threatening than an interstate highway.  This route may be easier to understand if you look at this MapQuest map of the St Louis Airport.

The airport sits north of I-70, but you need to get to the south side of I-70.  There is an underpass near the main (western-most) terminal which will get you to the south side of 70 (exit 236 on the map).  But like any airport, Lambert Field is a jumble of roadways so it may take a little hunting to get there.  Once you get to the south side of 70, follow the outer road to Woodson Road, which heads directly south (again, you can see this on the map).  Head south on Woodson for about two miles, and you'll hit Midland Blvd.  At this point, you have connected into the Katy Trail-to-downtown St Louis route.  Take a right (west) on Midland.  Midland becomes Dorsett and after about 7 miles (rough guess), it ends at the southeast corner of Creve Coeur Park, at Marine Drive.  Go north on Marine until you see the lake (1/4 mile or so).  Follow the south perimeter of the lake and you can get to the Katy Trail connector, which leads to a bridge crossing of the Missouri River, one of the nicest bike/pedestrian bridge crossings I've ever seen (separated from cars by a cement wall).  Here's a page with details on the Creve Coeur - Katy Trail connector.

So altogether, it's about 15 miles from the airport to the Katy Trail using this route (rough estimate).  There's nothing scenic about the route until you get near Creve Coeur park, it's just an easy way to get there.  The surroundings are mostly suburban residential.

By Rental Car

Some riders have found a one-way car rental to be an easy option - rent from the airport, drive the car to the western end of the trail, and drop off the car at Clinton, Warrensburg, or Sedalia.  Then pedal all the way back.  Obviously you would need to make sure you rent a model with a large enough trunk to accomodate your bike (none of the rental agencies offer cars with bike racks, unfortunately).  Availability and prices for one-way rentals may vary widely, so call around in advance.

Downtown St Louis

If you want to go the other way and head east toward downtown St Louis from the airport, your best bet is to take the Metrolink light rail system.  Bikes are welcome and you can save your legs for riding around the interesting areas downtown.  You might want to hop off at the Forest Park stop and head south into Forest Park.  This large park is crisscrossed by numerous bike paths, and includes the Art Museum, History Museum, Science Museum, and the Zoo.  Once you've explored Forest Park, downtown is just a 4 mile ride away (see the Katy Trail to Downtown page again for details).

From downtown, a favorite ride is the Riverfront Trail, which follows the Mississippi River some 11 miles north to the Chain of Rocks Bridge.  Nice views of the river, although there's not much to look at along the west side of the trail.  Again, there are some details about the Riverfront Trail and C.O.R. bridge at the Katy Trail to Downtown page.  Also check out the Trailnet's website.

While getting around St Louis, be aware that all the Metro buses have bike racks up front.  The buses are run by the same organization that runs the light rail, here's Metro's website again.

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