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Katy Bike Rental and Shuttle

Bike Rental, Shuttle
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Katy Bike Rental and Shuttle in St Charles
jac from lander,wy on 05/10/2023 04:44 PM:
Are you available for shuttle on August 28 for 4 people?

Jim from St. Thomas on 05/10/2023 05:36 PM:
You’ll need to contact them directly. The chance of them seeing your question here is slim. ??

Katy Bike Rental and Shuttle in St Charles
Joan schey from Billings, mt on 01/23/2023 09:10 PM:
We are looking for a shuttle from st. Charles to Clinton or Selalia. We are not sure of the number of people, probably 4 to 5 with bikes. Another option would be a shuttle from st Charles to the Kirkwood Amtrak station. No exact dates yet, May 5 ro the 10th.

Thanks for your assistance!

Joanie Schey

Ray (webmaster) on 01/26/2023 06:06 AM:
Be sure to check out the Share a Shuttle page at

Have a great ride!

Crossroads from St Charles on 01/30/2023 10:21 PM:
We have shuttle service from St. Charles to Clinton on a daily schedule leaving at 8:00. Give us a call or go to our website to inquire.
Crossroads Bike Tours