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Katy Trail One Day Riders and Through-Hikers

At 237 miles, the Katy Trail is a formidable distance to tackle.  Yet, a few hearty souls have ridden the entire trail in a single day.  And no less amazing, some hikers have covered the entire trail on foot. 
Some of these treks were accomplished before the opening of the St Charles to Machens section, when the trail was 225 miles long.  Whether the distance covered is 225 miles or 237 miles, it's an incredible amount to tackle in one stretch.
BikeKatyTrail does not recommend that you attempt either feat, at least not without a substantial amount of training and planning.  But we do want to acknowledge those who have done a single-day ride or walked/ran the entire distance.  Congratulations on your accomplishment!
The Katy Cozy by Jeremy V. Myers
"The Katy Cozy" Photo: Jeremy V. Myers

Daniel Glover of Bella Vista, AR
Date: February 21, 2024
Solo and self-supported
Moving Time: 18:22:18
Elapsed time: 21:31:56
Bike: Trek FX Sport 5
Tires: Bontrager GR1 40 mm, 42 PSI

Strava data for the ride

I made the decision to complete the trail with panniers to help carry food, water and gear since I was self-supported.

My beautiful wife and 3 children were rooting me on from afar. After 100 miles I began to experience muddy conditions from the recent snow-melt and increased wind speed.

My rear tire, weighted down by heavy panniers, got bogged down in the mud numerous times.

I kept pushing on and fortunately trail conditions slowly improved. After completing the trail in Machens, I had to bike an additional 13 miles back to a hotel.

Overall, It was a great experience and I would recommend this amazing trail to everyone.
Daniel Glover, single-day Katy Trail ride
Daniel Glover's bike, single-day Katy Trail ride

Genna Brock
Date: September 16, 2023
Female FKT
Moving Time: 14:40:14

Strava data for the ride

Genna already did a 1-day solo Katy Tail ride in August 2022, which is listed below.

Even with an injury, she set the female FKT on that first ride. But then she came back in 2023 to set an even faster time!

Jason Abbott and Brett Clark of Lee’s Summit, Missouri
Date: May 20, 2023
Moving Time: 17:05:09
Elapsed Time: 20:47:51
Jason's bike: LynskyGR with 42mm Pathfinder Pros
Brett's bike: Felt V85 with 38mm GravelKings

Jason's Strava data | Brett's Strava data

We arrived in Clinton Friday evening and stayed at a friend’s house 2 miles from the start of the trail.

The ride started Saturday morning at 2:05 am. The temperature was a brisk 42⁰F. We planned for two meal stops during the ride. Breakfast in Rocheport at Meriwether Café and dinner Loutre Market just off the McKittrick trailhead. Our goal was to complete the ride in one day. So we planned a pace of 14mph. The trail and weather conditions were perfect.

April Abbott provided wonderful support for us every 30 miles.
Jason Abbott & Brett Clark
Jason Abbott & Brett Clark
Jason Abbott & Brett Clark

J. Hunter Heiney aka “Cambo”
Indianapolis, IN
Through-hike: Katy Trail and Rock Island
July 21 - August 2, 2023
297 miles

Cambo's journal - http://www.trailjournals.com/cambo

Cambo hiked from Machens to Clinton, then caught a shuttle to pick up the Rock Island Trail from Post Oak to the end at Arrowhead Stadium. He kept a detailed and entertaining journal of his through-hike.

Darrell Marion
Date: September 22, 2022
Moving time: 13:25:12
East to west (Machens to Clinton)
Supported by my wife Lisa Marion

Strava data for the ride

I have been wanting to do the Katy Trail for a while so we asked my mom if she could watch the kids while she was in town. We had planned to drive Wednesday hang out Thursday and ride Friday but the weather wasn’t looking good Friday so we switched up the days. Despite making at least 4 wrong turns I got the ride done in 13:25 going East to West which is slightly uphill. To my knowledge only 31 people have done this ride in under 24 hours. I had the fastest time solo going east to west and 4th fastest overall excluding 2, 4 man teams. We got a good rest Wednesday night including my bike "PRIME" and got to the start Friday but had trouble finding it in the dark. The field and road to it reminded me of something out of the Blair Witch project at night.

Check out the videos on YouTube:


Darrell's bike gets rested up
Darrell's bike needs a rest
Darrell prepares to start his single day Katy Trail ride

Mike Korst of Camdenton, Missouri
Date: September 2, 2022
Moving time: 17:16:21
Elapsed Time: 18:43:21
Bikes: Motobecane Fantom FB4 Comp fat tire (Miles 0 – 76) / Fuji Gran Fondo gravel-equipped (Miles 76 – 241.6)

Strava data for the ride

I left our Clinton hotel at 11:45 p.m. on Sep. 1st and rode the 2.0 “bonus miles” to be at the Clinton trailhead at midnight. I was crewed throughout the ride by Dave and Nancy LaRue and Debbie Korst. I rode my Motobecane fat tire bike until dawn, when I switched to my Fuji Gran Fondo gravel-equipped bike at New Franklin. I had companion riders from New Franklin to Machens: Dave LaRue (New Franklin to Jefferson City), Eric Bussick and Cody Eubanks (Jefferson City to McKittrick), Cary and Lori Maloney (McKittrick to Augusta), Chris Boyle (Augusta to Machens) and Nancy LaRue (St. Charles to Machens).
While there was no rain in the forecast until just before departing Clinton, it rained so hard just after Hartsburg that there was standing water on the trail. There was intermittent light rain for a majority of the second half of the trip. In all, a great ride with the best support team possible.
Mike Korst on his single day Katy Trail ride
Mike Korst at New Franklin during Katy Trail single day ride
Mike Korst at Machens after Katy Trail single day ride

Genna Brock
Date: August 21, 2022
Female FKT, solo and self-supported
Moving Time: 15:05:56
Elapsed Time: 16:51:36

Strava data for the ride

"The plan for six weeks was to ride with a teammate (previous one-day Katy finisher Luke Davis) and multiple support drivers from the Kansas border in Kansas City all the way across Missouri, finishing in Alton, IL. The plan kept getting upstaged and the day we were supposed to leave for Kansas City to prepare to ride, my teammate was forced to abandon the plan entirely and I gashed my knee, requiring a trip to the ER.

Jon at the KT Caboose saw how defeated I was when I showed up after getting stitches, and said if there was still a willingness in me to go for the women's FKT for the whole Katy, he would take me to Clinton and pick me up at Machens. My bike was already prepped for a huge effort, but the plan to go solo, without a support crew, and with a goal time was made roughly 12 hours before I started the attempt.

We began the drive to Clinton (three hours away) at 8:00 p.m. Saturday night, and I was on the bike and rolling at 6:00 a.m. the next morning."
Genna Brock at Machens after Katy Trail female FKT

Roger Orth
Date: May 7, 2022
Self-supported FKT
Elapsed Time: 14:29:25

Strava data for the ride

"This was my first time on the Katy Trail and I used this ride as training for Unbound XL that is fast approaching. Due to the head and crosswind all day, it wasn't the best day to ride the whole trail but it was the day that I had to do it. The trip went almost as I had planned except for my second planned stop of the day was at a water fountain to hydrate and the fountain wasn't operational, so I had to keep rolling not knowing where my next opportunity was at. Luckily, I was able to get water about 10 miles down the trail in Augusta."

"Overall a great day on the trail!"
Roger Orth at Machens after Katy Trail unsupported FKT

Kendall Park
Date: Oct 22, 2021
Moving time: 17:24:02
Elapsed Time: 18:16:12
Bike: Specialized Diverge Evo Expert
Tires: 42 Pathfinder Pros

Strava data for the ride

Kendall set the overall women's FKT to date, at 18:16:12! She rode self-supported from Clinton to Machens--no support crew, no drafting, no supplies cached along the way. Her husband Kyle monitored her GPS coordinates from several states away. As far as we are aware, she is the first self-supported female rider to complete the Katy in a single day.

Benji Bockting of Columbia MO
Date: Sept 28, 2021
Moving time: 12:55:42
Elapsed Time: 13:10:34
Bike: Redline Conquest
Wheels: Zipp 303
Tires: reneHerse bon jon pass 700/35c and latex tubes, psi 48/50

Strava data for the ride

Benji's comment on the ride: "Oddly enough my gps was reading high with the average speed and total miles, but I did the entire trail. There was a reroute near Rocheport cause of the bridge not existing so I would guess I did 239 miles with an average speed of 18.5mph.
My fantastic support team was Aaron Chism and Faizal Glenn."
Benji Bockting Katy Trail in one day

Joe Slavich
Date: October 24, 2020
Moving time: 17 hours, 15 minutes
Elapsed Time: 21 hours, 25 minutes
Bike: All-City Macho King ACE
Tires: MTB exposures 80psi

data for the ride

The average temperature for Joe's ride was a chilly 44 degrees. He was supported by his wife Elya Farias-Slavich and his mom Marilyn Slavich.
Joe Slavich Katy Trail in one day

Luke Davis
Date: October 10, 2020
Time: 15:32:20
Bike: Cannondale SuperX - WTB Exposures 34c at 80psi

Strava data for the ride

Riding at this time of the year, Luke had to deal with darkness at both ends of his ride.
Luke Davis Katy Trail in one day

Brad Flachsbart, Tom Keller, Aaron Fader, and Greg Springborn
Date: September 19, 2020
Time: 12:17:26 elapsed, 11:28 moving

Strava data for the ride

This four-person team achieved the fastest known time for completing the west-to-east ride.
Support crew: Kent Woermann (Move Up Endurance Coaching), Robert Clark (Photographer), Brian Garmin

Orion I. Child
Date: September 14, 2020
Moving time: 14:44:57
Elapsed time: 17:59
Average speed: 16.4 mph
38mm tires at 50psi
Strava data for the ride

Orion completed this single-day ride at the age of 17!
Orion Child rides the Katy Trail in one day

Dave Easley
Date: July 29, 2020
Time: 19:13:48 elapsed, 16:17:52 moving time
Average speed 14.7mph over 239.41 miles
Bike: Salsa Vaya single speed conversion with Panaracer Gravelking SKs, tubeless, 43mm, ~38psi
Strava data for the ride

Dave is the only person that we know of who has completed the Katy Trail in one day on a single-speed bike! And he accomplished this despite eight hours of rain during the ride. Truly amazing!
Dave Easley during his single-day single-speed Katy Trail ride
Dave Easley during his single-day single-speed Katy Trail ride

Lauren Pointer
Date: May 30, 2020
Time: 18:36:03 elapsed, 14:51 moving
Average speed 16.1 MPH over 239.8 miles
Bike: Trek Checkpoint SL7 with Specialized Tracer Pros 38mm, 40psi
Strava data for the ride

As far as we know, Lauren is the first and woman to complete the whole trail in a day. Making it even more challenging, she had to deal with detours around the remaining damage from the 2019 floods.
Laren Pointer completes Katy Trail in 1 day

Tycho Wagner
Date: September 24, 2018
Time: 14:49:00
231.3 miles: Clinton to St Charles
Bike: Raleigh r500 from 2001 with 25 mm Bontrager road slicks inflated to around 105 psi front and back
Strava data for the ride

We believe Tycho was the youngest person to complete the trail in one day, at the age of 17!
Below: Tycho before, and after with support person Paul Wagner

Tycho Wagner before the ride Tycho Wagner completes Katy Trail in 1 day

Michael Allison, Andy Chocha, Joe Kleidosty, and Kent Woermann
Date: November 19, 2016
Time: 14:12:15 elapsed; 12:50:28 moving
18.7 mph moving average over 239.3 miles

Strava data for the ride

One-day Katy Trail: Michael Allison, Andy Chocha, Joe Kleidosty, and Kent Woermann

Michael's bike: Trek Crockett with Teravail Lickskillets 32mm w/ tubes, 50/55 psi.

Andy's bike: Trek Boone 9 disc with Vittoria Voyager tires with tubes, 60 psi

Joe's bike: Felt F1X with Specialized Trigger Pros 38mm, 55 psi front, 58 psi rear tubeless

Kent's bike: Focus Mares Cx Disc with Continental GP 4-Seasons 32 mm (55/60 psi) w/ tubes

We encountered a couple issues along the trail - one of our riders, Don Daly (riding a Foundry Valmont with Clement Xplor Ush 32 mm tubeless with 55 psi front/60 psi rear), crashed around mile 14 on the trail and had to quit around 165-mile mark due to a knee injury. Another rider, Michael Allison, had to convert to single speed when his cable snapped, which affected our elapsed time.

Kelly Skinner supported us and provided great support at our five pre-determined rest stops.

Kent Woermann is a personal trainer that can get anyone ready to ride the Katy Trail in one day (training takes longer than one day!), if they so choose - he has experienced it now and knows what it takes to get the job done - anyone can contact him here https://www.moveupcoaching.com/ if they want to tackle this awesome experience! Kent also did a nice write-up on our experience under his Facebook timeline here: https://www.facebook.com/kwoermann

Zach Pashea, Tom Lucido, Matt Hagenhoff and Jason Johannpeter
Date: October 16, 2016
Time: 18:21:37 elapsed; 15:40:18 moving
These four riders conquered the trail together, as a group.

Strava data for the ride

One-day Katy Trail: Zach Pashea, Tom Lucido, Matt Hagenhoff and Jason Johannpeter at Machens

Tom's bike: 2015 Raleigh RXC with Clement Crusade PDX 33x700c tires with an added bonus of a Bell 700 Memory Foam Seat Cover with Comfort Channel.

Matt's bike: 2014 Pivot Vault with Reynolds Attack Wheels (external width 25.00 mm, internal width 27.00 mm, rim depth 29.00 mm); spokes: 20 front / 24 rear

Jason's bike: 2017 Trek Domane SL 6 Disc with Cannonball Galena 32mm tires

Zach's bike: 2016 Specialized Diverge Expert with Specialized Roubaix 700 x 30/32 mm tires

Andy Chasteen of Oklahoma City
Date: November 23, 2015
Time: 13:32 elapsed; 13:08 moving
Andy set the fastest known time for riding Clinton to Machens. See Andy's ride report for great pictures and full details of this epic ride.

Garmin Data

Bike: Garneau Gennix R1 race bike with 26front and 28rear tires, tubeless at about 80 psi.

Dr. Dru Dixon, age 61, of West Plains, MO
Date: July 17, 2014
Time: 13:51:16
Dr Dixon rode Clinton to Machens. He was supported by Jason Wilson & Edward T Boys, who witnessed the event start to finish.
The wind was out of the south/southeast- therefore this was not a wind aided ride.

Bike: Serotta road bike with Schwable Marathon (700x28) tires pumped to about 100 psig.

Darin Schneidewind of Lyndon, KS
Date: October 3, 2013
Time: 13:50:27
This is the record fastest known time for completing the Clinton-to-St Charles ride. Darin's feat is discussed in more detail in this forum thread.

Garmin Data

Bike: 2014 Specialized Crux Comp Carbon with Panaracer T-Serve Protex 32mm tires.

John Mathias of Olathe, KS
Date: June 21, 2013
Time: 15:27 moving; 18:05 elapsed
Garmin Data:
232 Miles
15:27 Moving time.
15 MPH Moving Avg
18:05 Total time
Max Temp 102.2 (It was hot but not that hot.)

Salsa Fargo Ti
MSO Explore, 60 PSI

Ben Bolin of Kansas City, MO, and four others
Date: June 23, 2012
Time: 13:18:12 moving; 15:03:24 elapsed
Garmin Data: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/192284954
227 Miles
17.0 MPH Avg speed
Avg temperature: 81 F

Cannondale SuperX, Bontrager slicks 700x35

It was actually a group of 5 of us that started together everyone finished separately by the end of the day. We did it June 23, 2012 a couple of weeks after finishing the Dirty Kanza 200.
We only did the 227 mile version because we didn't realize it went to Machens. We knew it went to St. Charles and our support guy was familiar with the spot behind the casino there.
Support crew stops about every 30 miles. Nearly perfect day with hardly any wind and some overcast sky for quite a bit of the day. Trail was in excellent condition with zero trees down and no obstacles to overcome. Trail was packed tight, no water spots and only a few ruts. Truly a day to remember. I want to go back with my wife and our tandem to enjoy the trail over a few days instead of just one next time.

Ben DuMont
Date: June 9, 2008
Time: 16 hours
I finished through flash flood conditions (it rained 90 percent of the day) and yes, on my road bike and skinny racing tires...but it was all for a good cause, to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research, as my wife is a survivor.  What I had trained for and planned to take 14 hours or less, due to the horrid trail conditions, took more than 16 hours.  It was like riding through deep, wet sand in many parts and frequent deadfall slowed me down as well.  What a ride, and what an experience!  A friend rode the final 40 miles with me.  PBS did a nice piece on the ride in support of the cause.

If I do it again, will do it with somebody else the entire way and on a DRY day!!!

David Pratt and Paul Toigo
Date: June 22, 2007
Time: 14 hours and 22 minutes

William Sharples
Date: June 22, 2007
Time: 13:40:44 riding time; 14:00:49 elapsed
More details about halfway through this thread

Sam Baugh of Clinton MO
Date: June 24, 2001
Time: 14:01:12 riding time; 15:45:00 elapsed
An unexpected meeting with Sam


Madeline and Lizzy
When: May 2017
An impressive 8-day run/hike of the whole trail; see their blog and Strava links.

"Mr Z" of Lee's Summit, MO
When: April-May 2013
"Mr Z" used the forum kept us updated during his twelve day adventure 

Matt Rees and David Stores of Washington, MO
When: July 2009
Two men and a baby jogger cross Missouri, from the Kansas state line to the Gateway Arch. Matt ran the entire distance, while David covered 250 miles.  See the Forum post about their cross-Missouri run.

Greg Cupp of Columbia, MO
When: September 2007
Read Greg's blog.

Doug Knox of Troy, MO
When: June 2007
Not only did Doug hike the whole trail from Clinton to St Charles - he continued on to Machens (before it was a finished part of the trail)! 
Read Doug's blog.