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Rider-reported trail conditions on the Katy Trail

Recent trail conditions, as reported by your fellow riders and trail users.
BikeKatyTrail provides this web page only as a service to trail users. We make no representation as to the actual condition of the trail or the accuracy of this information. Data is reported by individuals who are not associated with this website or the state of Missouri. Please check the Missouri State Parks official Park Advisories web page. Please obey any trail closures or detours.
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Rider-reported Trail Conditions
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Bridge out

Detour: Yes
Bridge over Salt Creek is completely destroyed and Creek uncrossable. Alternative route using HWY 40 is posted on trail website. Repairs will be complicated by a new higher levee on west side of Creek that blocks the old route. The trail is fenced off at the Creek and significant debris from the old bridge is piled on east side. No repair work has been initiated.

Onsite report from May 2, 2020. The levee was repaired this week. Work can now begin on fixing the Salt Creek bridge. I cannot find any information as to when they will start or when it is expected to be open. There is NO safe way to go through this point. You would have to cross a lot of debris and the Salt Creek, which is extremely dangerous. The creek runs about 20 feet wide and who knows how deep. The Hwy 40 detour is not ideal , but it is far safer than crossing the creek.
- BikerBoy
Salt Creek bridge outSalt Creek bridge out
- BikerBoy
Bridge out

Detour: Yes
The trail from Clinton to Rocheport is in good shape except for the closure east of Booneville and just west of Rocheport. The park suggested detour coming into Rocheport is a bit harrowing for non rode bikers as highway 40 has only a 0-12 inch shoulder for the 2.6 miles required to get to 240. Don't be fooled by the alt 240 signs. Stay on the highway until the bottom of the hill where you reach 240 and turn right into Rocheport.
- Big B
Roughly three quarter of a mile east of Wilton, the trail consists of dirt where it has been scraped. It will become quite muddy and likely covered with lpools of standing water waiter a hard rain. This extends for about .1 to .2 miles. There was construction equipment along this segment as well.
Portland - Steedman
118 - 117
Orange mesh blocking trail due to a rock slide. Closed from Mile Marker 117 - 118. Park service notes No approved detours.
- Jeremy

- KR
78 - 56
The trail from Weldon springs to marthasville is in great shape. Klondike bridge and Bigelow Creek are repaired. No more detours. Some of the trail also is repaved but watch out for clumps of loose gravel.
- KR
Trail washed out - complete

Large section still washed out about 0.5 miles West of Machens trailhead. Gap is about 50 feet wide and 15 feet deep. Passable if it's dry and you are willing to walk your gear down and up. Best parking pick-up/drop-off is at Black Walnut. Other than that, the section is dry and "smooth".
- BikerBoy
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