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Rider-reported trail conditions on the Katy Trail

Recent trail conditions, as reported by your fellow riders and trail users.
BikeKatyTrail provides this web page only as a service to trail users. We make no representation as to the actual condition of the trail or the accuracy of this information. Data is reported by individuals who are not associated with this website or the state of Missouri. Please check the Missouri State Parks official Park Advisories web page. Please obey any trail closures or detours.
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Rider-reported Trail Conditions
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Bridge out

There are still no signs or markers for cyclist and hikers and no signs to alert auto traffic to the presence of pedestrians on highway 40 west of Rocheport. I inquired with MODOT and Mo State Parks last year. Hopefully some improvements will be forthcoming. Ride safe, hope for the best from autos, Maurice
- maurice mcmurry
Bridge out

Update on the Salt Creek bridge detour: No work has been done since my last update on 5/2/20. Today I talked to MO State Parks region coordinator. She said that the old bridge is irreparable, and there are no immediate plans to start replacement (and it is going to be expensive). The State budget starts on July 1st, and she did not know if funds had been allocated for replacement. If budget is not approved, then there is little to no chance of the bridge being replaced in the next year. MO State Parks wants the trail re-opened as quickly as possible.
- BikerBoy
Trail washed out - partial

The trail is very rough, but still cyclable at slow speed, from McBaine to about 400 yards past Hindman Junction.
- Uncle Eddie
With the exception of rough to very rough conditions on either side of McBaine for about 1/2 mile (each way) where water went across the trail and made it into a wash-board, from Easley to Rocheport is in good to very-good condition. But even in the rough area in McBaine, it is still cyclable at slower speeds as there are some smooth, but narrow strips passing through the area.
- Uncle Eddie
Repairs are complete at McBaine
- Uncle Eddie
Trail under water

Water on trail around MM 150 East of Hartsburg. At least 1/4 mile.
- DS Douin
Tree/limb complete blockage

Detour: Yes
Land slide and fallen tree completely blocks trail west of Portland but can go around south of trail with some difficulty
- peter wienke
Tree/limb complete blockage

Detour: Yes
Limb blocking trail about 1 mike from McKittrich towards Treloar. Can climb over or under.
- Lar
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