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Rider-reported trail conditions on the Katy Trail

Recent trail conditions, as reported by your fellow riders and trail users.
BikeKatyTrail provides this web page only as a service to trail users. We make no representation as to the actual condition of the trail or the accuracy of this information. Data is reported by individuals who are not associated with this website or the state of Missouri. Please check the Missouri State Parks official Park Advisories web page. Please obey any trail closures or detours.
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Rider-reported Trail Conditions
Mile Marker(s)
178 - 191
Bridge out

Detour: Yes
One detour is just North of Booneville, the other just West of Rocheport. Since both detours are along Rt 40, you can save time by taking 40 all the way from Booneville to Rocheport. Rear flasher & rear view mirror are recommended for riding on Rt 40.
Bridge out
Trail washed out - complete
Trail under water

Decided to check out the damage where Hwy 40 crosses the Katy between Rocheport and New Franklin. The Salt Creek bridge was washed off by the flood and a significant portion of the trail as well (about 100 feet). There is still floodwater flowing off the fields on the south side of Hwy 40 in the Missouri River bottomland. so you have thousands of acres of flooded fields still shedding the extra water, and it all goes through the point where the Katy, Salt Creek and Hwy 40 intersect. There is no way crews can get in there for weeks. And it will take weeks to repair the levee before they can start repairing the bridge. Also, MODOT is looking to replace the Hwy 40 bridge over the trail very soon. All in all, I can't imagine this section being re-opened in 2019.

- BikerBoy
Excellent condition, no issues
The trail bridge on the west side of Rocheport (over Moniteau Creek) is now OPEN (although several signs saying it is closed are still posted on the east side.) Also the famous tunnel just to the west of the bridge is now finally OPEN, as well.
Trail soft or muddy

The loose gravel reported last month is in the central hump of the trail. You can avoid it by riding on either side.
There is no longer any need to detour in McBaine, the trail is reopened there.
157 - 163
Poor condition or some passable blockage
Trail soft or muddy

Need to walk bike thru patches of sand and loose gravel from Coopers Landing (MP 163) south for 2 miles. Then, south of MP 161, the trail is ridable -- sand has been scraped off.
I'm happy to report that the trail is passable all the way to Jeff City. There is no longer a detour at 157. There is no bridge out.
- ap1777
157 - 158
Bridge out

Detour: Yes
Detour via River Road. If heading south, can avoid big climb on River Road by returning to trail right after County Road M turns east (away from trail). You will need to walk bike thru a few sections of sand buildup.
Easley - Hartsburg
162.5 - 153.6
Poor condition or some passable blockage
Tree/limb partial blockage
Trail washed out - complete
Trail soft or muddy

Starting at Mile 156 and to 162 trail has 2 closures both are passable however if you have street tires you will be walking several miles. We walked approximately 4 miles dut to soft and muddy conditions. The trail is this part has had very little maintenance since the floods. We did make it from Hartsburg to coopers landing but it was not easy and definitely not anyone that is not in excellent fiscal shape. Agin it is passable but expect walking in several areas. And there are 2 areas completely washed out but you can walk around.
- sw
There is no longer any detour at Hartsburg. Trail is reopened here.
Jefferson City
The spur into Jeff city is in good condition
Tree/limb complete blockage

There is no longer any detour at Tibbets. Trail is reopened here.
116 - 117
Bridge out

Detour: Yes
Detour via Rt 94, which is parallel to trail. Use 464 between trail and 94 at West end of detour and 476 at East end of detour. At East end of detour it is NOT necessary to stay on 94 into town of Portland, easier to join/leave trail on 476.
Portland - Steedman
118 - 117
Orange mesh blocking trail due to a rock slide. Closed from Mile Marker 117 - 118. Park service notes No approved detours.
- Jeremy
Tree/limb complete blockage

Detour: Yes
Land slide and fallen tree completely blocks trail west of Portland but can go around south of trail with some difficulty
- peter wienke
There is no longer any detour at Bluffton, trail is reopened here.
Case - Case
96.9 - 96.9
Bridge out

Use Case Road both directions. Trail is fenced off at Case east of the bridge and then between Case and the bridge west of the bridge. No need to use 94. Can’t see bridge condition from road but the trail looks fine so I’m assuming it’s the bridge.
- OwOwOw
64 - 66
Detour: Yes
A detour is marked thru Klondike Park, but it follows a narrow mountain bike trail. If you are on a road bike, suggest using Rt 94 as detour. At West end of detour, follow Klondike Park trail between Katy Trail and Rt 94 park entrance. At East end of detour, Katy trail crosses 94.
Bridge out

The new bridge on the Katy trail next to Klondike boat launch is in place. The work on the bridge should be complete by the end of January 2020.
- Jerry Whittle
Tree/limb complete blockage

Detour: Yes
Big tree down blocking trail but passable just off either side of trail.
- Raydar
Tree/limb complete blockage

Detour: Yes
Half way between MM49 and 50. Have to get off the trail a bit but passable on foot.
- CB
46 - 47
Moderate condition
Trail soft or muddy

Trail that was washed out just West of Green's Bottom has been repaired and reopened. But the repair included spreading a very thick layer of loose stone, need to walk the bike thru a few sections. Watch out for this.
Trail soft or muddy

There is very loose/deep gravel from around Jungs Station to Caulks Hill. Normally my 35 MM tires have no problem on the Katy but I had to really slow down and get off at points. I would recommend taking Greens Bottom for this stretch unless you have a mountain bike or are a very skilled bike handler.
- BG
St Charles
Other than being damp, the trail is in good shape.
- Bike Stop Cafe
St Charles
35 - 39.5
Excellent condition, no issues
North of St Charles the trail is in fine shape. But it is Closed after mile marker 35 - not passable to due work to repair area washed out by flooding
- Raydar
Machens - St Charles
26.9 - 39.5
Mostly good condition
Trail washed out - complete
Trail soft or muddy

You can make it to Machens from St. Charles. There is a muddy section, and a section you have to carry your bike and walk because of construction. Both are short. If it just rained it could be very soft in both locations. I had knobby tires and took both slow, they we're no problem and barely slowed me down.
- MM
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