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Rider-reported trail conditions on the Katy Trail

Recent trail conditions, as reported by your fellow riders and trail users.
BikeKatyTrail provides this web page only as a service to trail users. We make no representation as to the actual condition of the trail or the accuracy of this information. Data is reported by individuals who are not associated with this website or the state of Missouri. Please check the Missouri State Parks official Park Advisories web page. Please obey any trail closures or detours.
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Rider-reported Trail Conditions
Mile Marker(s)

Rock Island: Two dogs living north of the trail are fairly aggressive and unrestrained

Detour: Yes
Salt Creek -- the MO Dept of Transportation is replacing the Highway 40 bridge over the trail. There is a slight detour of only a few hundred yards, but it is well marked and fenced for safety. They are required to have the bridge completed by January 2023, according to the foreman on the project. The new Salt Creek bridge is open and looks to be much more substantial than the old wooden one.
Trail soft or muddy

Southeast of Hartsburg, there is a 3-mile stretch of very sandy surface due to trail maintenance. Plan on slow going there, especially if it has been raining.

Detour: Yes
The rock slide 2 miles west of Portland is still there, but MO State Parks has laid a short bypass around the rocks. No need to dismount when going through. No idea as to when they will clear the pile, but it is no longer an issue.
Tree/limb partial blockage

A medium sized tree has partially snapped and is hanging over the trail between mile markers 74 and 75. Use caution.
- GG

Lots of poison hemlock along the KATYH between Treelor and Agusta. Don't touch it. Will cause a rash like poison ivy. Some of it is close to the trail.
- rvrwoods
Bernheimer - Washington
89 - 70.5
Mostly good condition
Trail washed out - partial

Trail was generally in good condition - fast and clear
- RickNStl
St Charles

Detour: Yes
Just south of St. Charles at MM 40.5 to 42, Clayco Corp is building a mixed-use retail/residential area and has several detours/diversions in place that will be moved from time to time. None of them take you too far from the actual trail, and none are in traffic, however, a few have short, steep ramps that may be tricky if you are pulling a bike trailer or a lot of gear. Plan on going very slowly and alertly through that area.
St Charles - Green Ridge
49 - 39
Poor condition or some passable blockage
Trail washed out - partial
Trail soft or muddy

Detour: Yes
leaving st. Charles, be advised re multiple detours. Trail closed for a stretch around the 10 mile area. No detour signs but there is a fairly busy road running parallel. It was raining and storming so we stayed on the "closed " trail. Much safer than road . Need to be careful in some spots. Mud, rocks etc
- john
Tree/limb partial blockage

Tree across trail about MM 34.5, just east of the Low Elevation sign, about 5 miles east of St. Charles trailhead, Sat 7/30/2022 AM. Approx 12"diameter; should be able to dismount, lift bike over tree, continue.
- Rick K
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