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What is the average cost for tent camping on the Katy
Timothy from Springfield Il. on 01/12/2023 04:35 PM
Just kind of wanted to know before my ride on the trail thanks in advance

JH from Pacific, MO on 01/13/2023 06:20 AM
Tent camping is inexpensive along the Katy. Free at the Clifton community center and city parks in Pilot Grove, Marthasville,Hartsburg and maybe others, The Turner Shelter in Tebbits asks for whatever you want to donate. Katy roundhouse campground is less than $10.

A few years ago I rode from D.C. to St Louis and after paying $35 to camp in an Ohio SP and $54 to camp in a KOA I started to look for cheap motels instead. SP's in Indiana were $35/night for camping too. Katy camping is way affordable.

Captain Jon from Geneva, NY on 01/14/2023 05:02 AM
Was looking up the addresses to get GPS cords for my ride this year. Should it be Clinton and not Clifton on the post of where to camp? Typo?

Jim from St. Thomas on 01/14/2023 10:24 AM
Just to clarify - the cost to stay at the Turner Shelter in Tebbetts is $10 per person. Its not really set up for tent camping.

JH from Pacific, MO on 01/15/2023 06:15 AM
Yes, Clinton not Clifton. Sorry about the mistake.

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Bluffton Barn is up for sale
Ray (webmaster) on 11/12/2022 02:13 PM
After 34 years, Doug Rendleman is retiring as the owner and host of the Bluffton Barn B&B, and putting the business up for sale.

Doug, and his home, are beloved icons of the Katy Trail. Hundreds of Katy Trail travelers have fond memories of staying in this historic house and enjoying Doug's food, music, and company.

If you've always dreamed of living the idyllic life of a Katy Trail B&B host, this is your chance to buy a successful, well-established, and well-loved B&B!

Bluffton Barn, originally known as Rendleman Home, is located right off the trail in Bluffton - midway between Portland and Rhineland, which is a little west of McKittrick/Hermann.

Contact Doug at 573-236-4575 for info.

Anonymous on 11/13/2022 03:32 PM
Doug is the best! If you haven’t had a chance to stay there you have missed a unique time

Dra from Indiana on 12/04/2022 08:09 AM
My wife and I have tried to ride the Katy Trail yearly for many years. On our very first ride I met Doug out on the trail. He offered to put us up for the night. I already had reservations in Hermann. For years I have followed Doug's comments on the forum. He has been quick to defend the businesses along the trail. Many posters have discussed his offers of help and the fun they had dealing with him. I think of Doug as an ambassador for the Katy Trail. This June we finally arranged our trail ride to where we could stay with Doug. Doug and I are similar in age and we had a wonderful conversation concerning other organized rides we had both participated in. Through the years we have met several trail ambassador's. Our favorite was Rhona Lococo of the Lococo House in St. Charles. Unfortunately she closed during the pandemic. Now my second favorite Doug has retired. There will be others who will fill the gaps. Two who I think have great potential are Kim of Kim's cabins, and Joey of Joey's Bird House. There are surely others I haven't met who will support this treasure . I have never met Ray our webmaster. His work on this site makes planning Katy Trail explorations immensely easier. I wish the best for Rhona and Doug and I am looking forward to interacting with the remaining ambassadors.

Anonymous on 12/04/2022 12:39 PM
Since Ray started this site with the forum, there have been many here who have answered questions, given advice and direction acting as ambassadors to the Katy as well as the state of Missouri. I would be amiss to single out a few when there are and have been many.

Big Al 3 from Saint Louis on 01/07/2023 09:47 PM
Uncle Doug’s place on the Katy is a unique experience with plenty of food, bon fires, and sometimes home brew beer. Stimulating conversation sometimes mixed with old timey music from the Ozarks, since 1988. Great to get a soft bed in airconditioning sftrr a hot summers ride.

Joey Los from McKittrick on 01/08/2023 08:50 AM
We on the trail will surely miss Doug.. You, Doug, have been a wonderful mentor in all the years I have been in business. May exciting new windows of opportunity open for you.
Love, Joey at Joeys Birdhouse.

Doug from Bluffton on 01/12/2023 04:21 PM
Thank you to all! Running the B&B has been the best part of my life and I will continue to do so until someone else takes the reins. I just got results of my Pet Scan a little while ago and all is clear so I will still be working at least for awhile with the caveat that it takes me all day to do what I used to be able to do all day! So I am taking reservations for this year and maybe will get to meet, and remeet some of my guests! Hoping whoever does take over will enjoy it as much as I have.

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Katy in spring or late summer
GreginRI from Wakefield, RI on 01/10/2023 11:04 AM
Two retired seniors with a lot of miles and bike tours on our resume. We now ride an e-assist Bike Friday Twosday tandem. The Twosday is new as of 2021. We rode a BF family tandem from 2015-2021 and a full size Schwinn tandem for years before that.

We're looking to do the Katy during 2023 and wonder if late summer (after Labor Day) would be better than fall. We prefer late summer as we tend to be in better cycling condition after a summer of riding but trail conditions appear to be an issue late in the year on the Katy, at least from some of the comments. We did Erie Canal in the spring of 2017 and found the crushed stone trail sections soft and challenging when wet. We would plan to ride east from Clinton. I would appreciate any thoughts.

Anonymous from Cody, Wyoming on 01/10/2023 02:42 PM
We rode in mid-September but still had some 90 degree days. Each year will be a bit different, but late September through October should be good weather. The one drawback is that this is also Oktoberfest time, so camping spots and lodging choices can be limited.

Cathy from Churchill from Churchill, PA on 01/11/2023 12:34 AM
I live in Churchill, PA now (outside of Pittsburgh), but used to live in Jefferson City, MO. I biked the Katy trail often. I think your plan to bike in late summer (after Labor Day) is good. Plan early, avoid Oktober Fest weekend (as another poster noted). The weather in September and early October is usually good for biking in Central MO. If you plan early and book your accommodations you should not have a problem. However, having said that, a few years ago rooms in the area around Columbia, MO tended to be booked up if MU was playing at home. So keep that in mind.

As for biking in the spring, late May would be my preference. That way you can avoid any last frost situations. I tried biking the Katy in April one time. It was like biking on wet cement due to freezing and thawing. By late May that should be done.

Michael A. Rodemeyer from Hartsburg Mo on 01/12/2023 01:31 PM
Although you are welcome anytime Hartsburg in October will have approx 55,000 people running around our Pumpkin Festival. It's a fun time but some can't handle the mass of humanity. If it's too busy for you just ride on thru. Fall is a wonderful time in our area. Hope to see you then. Remember it's only the first full weekend in October.

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Trailheads and mile markers
SBS on 01/07/2023 04:23 PM
Is there a list of all the Katy Trail trailheads and their approximate location relative to the mile marker signs along the trail?

Fran from Detroit on 01/08/2023 07:30 AM
I remember looking for such a list a while back and couldn't find it, but if you buy the laminated map, it has all the trailheads and their associated mile markers. Also, I think if you go to the Trip Planner here, you could put in the start and finish and select Parking and it will show the trailheads and their mile markers.

SBS on 01/08/2023 08:19 AM
Great suggestion to use the Trip Planner with Parking only. Strangely, the mile markers are shown on the website output, but when you save the CSV file, the mile markers are omitted. It would be great if the mile markers could be added to the CSV file.

Ray (webmaster) on 01/08/2023 09:46 AM
I will look into why the mile markers are not appearing in the Trip Planner's CSV file.

Meanwhile, another option is the "Towns & Services" web page, from the menu at the top of this page or this link: https://bikekatytrail.com/towns.aspx

You'll see all towns listed with the services offered at each town, and a Mile Marker column in the middle.

Happy trails!

deby from Dallas on 01/10/2023 06:08 AM
Thank you Ray (Saint Ray!). I just want to say how very much we all appreciate your service by keeping this website up and running.

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Kickstand Katy Trail - Augusta in Augusta
Scotty Mac from Oklahoma City on 12/13/2022 12:00 PM
My boys and I rode the KT this past October. LOVED it!
Taking my wife on the trail in Oct. '23.
When we rode through the burg of Augusta and past the Kickstand shop we noticed what appeared to be a newly built or renovated Hostel or BnB. I'm trying to find out the name of it for my next trip on the KT.
Anyone have any info on the new place?

Avatar from St. Louis on 12/16/2022 07:27 AM
I ride to Augusta often. This is an old hotel that the outside has been refurbished. The inside hasn't been completed.

Michael A. Rodemeyer from Mobile on 12/17/2022 05:41 PM
According to the local papers some billionaire has bought most of Augusta so he can turn it into his playground; like Napa Valley etc.
He bought 4 winerys and about everything else. We won't go there anymore. Good luck.

Anonymous on 12/19/2022 10:24 AM
The investments in Augusta should create a variety of jobs for the locals. I would think many small towns would welcome a boost to their economy. There is no logical reason for me avoid Augusta.

Todd White from Augusta on 01/08/2023 06:31 PM
The old Hotel is under construction still. It is owned by Hoffmann Properties. It will eventually be available for booking on their website: https://visitaugustamo.com

There are many other lodging options in Augusta and this new website shows you what is either available currently or available soon.

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Clifton City Trailhead in Clifton City
JohnMc_76 from Taylorsville, CA on 01/01/2023 04:45 PM
Is overnight camping allowed at this trailhead?

Anonymous on 01/02/2023 08:13 AM
Overnight camping is not allowed at any of the trailheads.

Arkykenny on 01/02/2023 06:30 PM
You can’t (legally) camp at Clifton City (so don’t do it), but camping at the city park in Pilot Grove is only about 10 miles away. There, they have covered pavilions, electricity, bathrooms, a nearby C-store, and other services.

Todd White from Augusta on 01/08/2023 06:21 PM
I concur with the Pilot Grove Suggestion. Not only that, you can grab a beer if Deon's is open, reload with essentials at Casey's and if you get there early enough grab some delicious pie from Katerina's

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Riverside Hammocks in St Charles
jacob r from warrensburg on 01/03/2023 03:33 PM
just seeing if tent camping is allowed or not if we decide to stay at this destination. this destination lines up perfect for mileage i have planned

Jordan on 01/03/2023 07:53 PM
I am the owner and I love bikes! I’ve ridden RAGBRAI many times and lead Airbnb experiences along the Katy trail!

I’ve started hosting bike campers and really enjoy talking with them.

Plenty of grassy area to camp but there are mosquitoes.

Fresh chicken eggs for breakfast.

I enjoy spending time with my guests so I prefer if you stay with me in the house in one of my two guest bedrooms, which I’m happy to rent out for basically free.

I actually have 3 queen beds, one double and one couch pullout. Bring the whole party!

Let’s party like it’s Ragbrai!

Text me when you plan to visit and I’ll block the Airbnb calendar. 7605193446

jacob r from warrensburg on 01/04/2023 12:11 PM
Ive heard a lot about ragbrai and have wanted to do it some year. thanks for all the info and possibly see you this spring !

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Camping at the primitive camp grounds on the north side of the river in Jefferson
Andrew from KC on 12/26/2022 12:52 PM
We are considering riding from Katy Round house this Wednesday and camping at Jefferson. Last couple times I’ve rode through people kept saying that there were a lot of homeless living at the camping spots. What I’m wondering is, will I be pulling up on a tent city or just a couple homeless people in the area?

Michael A. Rodemeyer from Mobile on 12/27/2022 01:03 PM
In answer to all three of your questions, I haven't seen a homeless person yet. Our trailheads don't offer anything for the homeless so I guess that would keep them away.

Jim from St. Thomas on 12/27/2022 04:35 PM
They’re not talking about the North Jefferson trailhead. They’re talking about the primitive camping sites on the river next to the Noreen river access.

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Hitching Post in Hartsburg
Michael A. Rodemeyer from Hartsburg Mo on 12/27/2022 01:13 PM
The Hitching Post was opened mainly for locals and has survived many competitors. The previous entries about Hartsburg are mainly inaccurate as those places are gone. It's mainly a beer and pizza place and we must like it that way. If my friend Dan likes it, it can't be all bad.

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Machens Entry Point
Steven from Novato, CA on 11/29/2022 03:00 PM
Formulating a plan to ride Machens to Clinton and possibly back. I do plan to use lodging not camping and this site is an amazing resource, thanks to whoever built this.

My question is when I get off the plane in St Louis, where to stay the night before, so I can assemble my bike, and then get to the trailhead at Machens the next morning. It looks like there are some hotels 15-20 miles away. However, I don't which ones are best to get to the trail. There appears to be a bridge across the Missouri to the hotels in West Alton which might be a problem if there is no bike lane on the bridge.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Mark from Lee's Summit on 11/30/2022 09:35 PM
I would recommend that you take the St. Louis Metrolink light rail to Downtown St. Louis and start your Katy Trail adventure on the paved trails along the Mississippi River from the Arch. Depending on your flight arrival time, you can either stay at a hotel near the airport or in Downtown St. Louis.

From Downtown St. Louis and the Arch, you can take the paved Mississippi River Trail north about 15 miles, cross the Mississippi River into Illinois using the bike/ped only Chain of Rocks/Route 66 bridge, ride the paved Illinois levee trail (called the Madison County Confluence River Trail) north about 15 more miles to Alton, take the paved bike shoulder across Hwy. 67 Mississippi River bridge back into Missouri, and then use low traffic streets through West Alton to Machens. Through West Alton, the trick is use the two lane Hwy. 94 as little as possible, just look at Google Maps and you can see how you can use Saale Road and Dwiggins Road to parallel Route 94 almost all the way to Machens Road. I would then ride from Machens to St. Charles and enjoy yourself in old Downtown St. Charles right by the Katy Trail.

If you don't want to make it a Katy Trail roundtrip, then there are other options like taking the Rock Island Trail spur off of the Katy Trail into Kansas City.

Jerry Whittle from Belleville on 12/01/2022 03:08 PM
St. Charles. It's about 13 miles from Machens and on the Katy Trail. So the out and back will add about 13 miles to your trip. There are plenty of hotels in St. Charles and a couple within a few hundred feet of the trail.

madununibomer from op on 12/01/2022 03:22 PM
last october i was on the greenway trail near stl when it was raining and they opened one of the gates and closed the trail so had to reroute my way to machens so beware.

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Using the Turner Shelter During the Winter Months
Jim from St. Thomas on 11/30/2022 07:29 PM
You will need advance reservations to stay at the Turner Shelter during the winter months.


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Spring trail conditions
Andy from Vermont on 11/15/2022 11:47 AM
Question about riding the trail next spring. Considering riding and camping the Katy in early May 2023 and am wondering if that is too early most years because of possible high water and trail closures?

Anonymous on 11/16/2022 11:25 AM
That's a hard one to predict. I don't know that the Katy floods most years. That aside, it could flood next May but not in the area that you are riding making it a non issue for you.

Probably the most logical path would be to keep an eye on trail conditions next spring and plan accordingly a bit closer to time you would like to ride.

Deby Elliott from Dallas on 11/16/2022 10:07 PM
We rode in May of 2021 and it was the absolute perfect time to go that year; warm, dry, green and verdant, lots of song birds around. However this past summer (2022) brought a horrible drought, resulting in the trail between Sedalia and Boonville being full of very deep and frequent ruts. I am wondering how long it will take the State Park system to work on this part of the trail. We rode the trail a few weeks ago - in October, and with the leaves covering much of the trail, we often couldn't see the ruts, making riding a little dangerous. So this is a concern, but at least in May the trail would be clear of the fallen leaves. I'd say May is a good choice, and I am hoping the parks system can do some work between now and then.

Deron Kazmaier from rural Boonville MO on 11/17/2022 08:06 AM
The cracks in the Katy appear every summer. Sometimes worse than others. They came through last week and poured gravel/chat in them. Should be good for another year.

I've often wondered why they don't have a salt truck attachment on the back of their pickups. They drive through most every day. Why wait and try and do the repair all at once? Like you said, dangerous with fall leaves covering the trail. They try and put cones up near the worse spots, but seems like it would be almost as quick to actually fix it.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 11/17/2022 11:24 AM
Everything that is going to be fixed will typically be fixed by May. April can be too early.

Anonymous on 11/18/2022 09:55 AM
Good to know.

Didn't know DNR was done in May each year.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 11/29/2022 04:20 PM
I mean, not everything is fixed. Just that IF they are going to fix it, it would usually be done by May. Your mileage may vary, as pointed out by others.

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Camping or lodging near Machens
Eric from St. Louis on 11/22/2022 12:00 PM
Where do people camp near the Machens trailhead. I want to ride from Sedalia to my home 60 miles South of Machens and Machens would be the perfect stopping point for me, but there doesn't seem to be anywhere to stay the night. Is there primitive camping close by there?

Jerry Whittle from Belleville on 11/25/2022 05:06 PM
Klondike Park might be the closest place on the Katy to camp. It's still quite a way from Machens.

Here's a web site for camping in that area.


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