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James Davis from St Louis on 08/22/2021 01:48 AM
This needs to b e paved; then you have a real national treasure. Cant we start a go fund me? any type of donation system? Even a dollar from everyone who rides it would help. Donors would get together to pave sections for naming rights along the trail. There can be events to fund the paving. Its nice; its shaded, but its dirty.

Anonymous on 08/22/2021 07:51 AM
It looks like it will be paved after you with your knowledge of national treasure funding takes action. I can’t believe no one has thought of this yet! For perspective, what is the cost for a donor to pave a section? And what is a reasonable distance to be called a section? What are the logistics of paving, ie start at one end and pave continuously to the other end? Or let donors have whatever section they want paved leaving non paved sections dotted along until someone wants to pay for those?

Please share your knowledge and let us know the details!

Mapmedic from KCMO on 08/22/2021 04:22 PM
That would be great if it was paved, but it will never happen. The costs to pave are incredibly high and the costs to maintain and repair are prohibitively high. The parks budget is already tight and underfunded for a park that stretches 237 miles. The Missouri River regularly damages the trail and the surrounding property. The equipment brought onto the trail for repairs would cause further damage and wear/tear because the trail would be paved thick enough for bikes and light vehicles, not trucks and equipment. Consider this: Lee’s Summit, Missouri is a wealthy suburb of Kansas City. They have a portion of the Rock Island trail (and parts of the Rock Island are included in the Katy Trail State Park.) Even the wealthy city with multiple funding sources didn’t pave their complete trail…..although a few parts of it are paved . Like I said, it would be great paved…..a few long trail systems in the country are paved such as the Trail of the Coeur d’Alene.

Marna from On The Trail on 08/22/2021 04:39 PM
I think the Chat is part of the Beauty of this Trail. It keeps it "Country". Katy is not really a Race Track to Hurry Down! It is suppose to be more Scenic, more Rural, more Relaxing. ;-)
Also, keep in mind, when the pavement needs fixing, and it would, what a mess and dangerous road it would be.

Marna from On The Trail on 08/22/2021 04:40 PM
Forget to add......this Planet has enough Pavement, don't you think?
Asphalt is also cheap.....AND HOT! And very slick when wet.
To me? It is 'Be careful what you ask for.'

Karen C. from Harrisburg, MO on 08/22/2021 09:13 PM
Ditto what Marna said. While there are a lot of beautiful paved trails out there, I love the Katy the way she is.

Al from Athens, GA on 08/23/2021 06:12 AM
I've ridden rail-trails all across the country. My least favorites are the ones that are paved. The pavement deteriorates very quickly and becomes far less pleasant and far less safe. Gravel is best! I don't think there is any danger that paving the KATY will ever happen and, for that, we should all be glad. We have lots of pavement for people to ride if you prefer pavement.

Jerry Whittle from Belleville on 08/23/2021 06:38 AM
As others have said, paving the Katy would be extremely expensive as would be future repairs. What you need for the Katy is the proper bike and tires. I've found 700x32 tires great on both a hybrid and touring bike. My wife and I have 26x2.125" tires on a tandem and that works very well also. As far as dirt, fenders help a lot especially if the trail is wet.

Earlier this year we rode both the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) and C&O Towpath from Pittsburgh to DC. The GAP had a similar surface as the Katy and great riding. The C&O however was dirt and mud more than half the time. Crushed limestone would be a major improvement.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 08/23/2021 08:55 AM
I understand asking for pavement, but long term it becomes a maintenance issue. Not to mention a million speedbumps where roots pop up the pavement. Love it for what it is, rather than despising it for what it isn't.

Anonymous on 08/23/2021 02:21 PM
Well drats James Davis from St Louis. Doesn't look like of the six others that replied, any are too interested in putting up any money for the cause. Yet anyway.

Hopefully when you share the details of your plan it will open a few eyes and donors will be gained.

---Sitting in the shade waiting---

Ray (webmaster) on 08/23/2021 03:32 PM
If only someone would raise the funds to pave it...
and then spend that money fixing the bridge between Rocheport and New Franklin.

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 08/23/2021 07:17 PM
I road a portion of the Raccoon River Trail in Iowa, it was nice new concrete trial coming out of Perry Iowa, then turns north towards Jefferson Iowa and was cheap blacktop with cracks running across the width of the trail every 10 to 15 feet. Thud-thump, thud-thump, thud-thump… I’m guessing people within a mile heard my curses as I hit each bump.

So I vote no on pavement. ;-/

Jack from Columbus on 08/23/2021 07:48 PM
Paved trails are nice. Usually we find them in population centers so I would expect them to start working out from Kansas City and St. Charles since they get the high population. Trails in the hinterland tend to be crushed stone. The Ohio to Erie as paved except for the Cuyahoga National Park section which was more single track like the C&O. Both the Ohio to Erie and the Erie Canal still have portions on roads.

I know here in Ohio most of the paving is done by local/county governments using state and federal grants with local fundraising so we end up with sections that are paved and then not and overtime the nots get filled in. Over time is years/decades.

Dave from Kirkwood on 08/27/2021 02:39 PM
Let me reiterate Gary's concerns about the fate of some paved trails. I rode a variety of trails in Colorado this summer, with many of them paved. Some trails were just fine, if they were concrete/cement and/or new. A few trails were blacktop, and the older ones suffered the major problem of cracks every so often (10-30 feet). The cracks really made for an uncomfortable ride. Fixing all those cracks would greatly increase the long-term price for such a paved surface.

James Davis from St Louis on 08/28/2021 03:04 AM
Madison County Transit is a great example of how long a paved trail can last (if it is done correctly) ; pretty much forever. It has been 20 years now and it still in great condition and smooth and clean. It is easier to maintain and would be safer too. The Katy Trail needs to be paved. It is a shame that it is not. It is also sad that it is not. There are MANY ways to EASILY fund this. We can do this!!! It will bring even more people; to spend even more money, in the state, like I did; even more often. The River Des Pere trail is still here and in great condition. I can start giving right now with the first dollar. If everyone who has ever rode the trail would do the same, we can pave the trail.

Vicky from Lenexa, KS on 08/28/2021 05:56 AM
Just a simple NO to paving an absolutely beautiful trail.

Ben on 08/28/2021 08:35 AM
Love it the way it is, paving would be a terrible idea. Too expensive, too much maintenance, and riding crushed rock is a better riding experience anyways.

Janna from Lee’s Summit on 08/28/2021 10:11 AM
Please please please do not pave the trails ???????????? Keep them peaceful, pleasant, and beautiful. They are already a treasure. Pavement ruins so much. Then who’s going to keep up with ripples, potholes, etc. It’s so beautiful, nice, and rural like it is. The hordes have so many other paved places to ride. This is a Beautiful country ride. TYIA.

Richard from Grafton on 08/29/2021 11:50 AM
I live near the Madison County trails. I don’t ride them because they are paved. I love the Katy trail just as it is. I put 1000 to 2000 miles on it every year. If you have ever ridden the paved trail from Aton to Grafton you see what happens to an asphalt trail in close proximity to trees and their roots. Paving the trail with the impact the trees, rock slides and flooding would be unsustainable.

John H from Pacific MO on 08/29/2021 02:35 PM
The MCT paved trails are great. But you can't compare their condition after years of use to the Katy. All of the maintenance issues with the trail east of Booneville are from flooding in the Missouri river and its tributaries. That's not an issue for Madison County. 2" of asphalt isn't going to resist the waters of the Missouri river any better than crushed limestone. It would just be more expensive to maintain. The bridge west of Rocheport would still be gone. The GAP trail in PA is crushed limestone and it is in wonderful condition. I didn't see a washout or recent repair along its entire length. The difference is that where it follows a river it is high enough to not get flooded. Mo State Parks has a tremendous backlog of deferred maintenance items in all of its parks. If someone donated the entire cost of paving the Katy there would not be enough money to maintain it in the current political environment in Missouri.

In short, the answer to your question is never. At least until attitudes change about the public benefit of increasing tax revenues in the state.

FWIW, the current crushed limestone trail is fine. There are plenty of places to ride for those who insist on pavement. I think many people are unnecessarily fearful of riding on the roads. With good route planning, highly visible clothing and lighting lots of people ride thousands of miles on the road and live to tell the tale.

Bill from Illinois from Springfield, IL on 09/20/2021 10:47 PM
One of the comments mentions "riding on roads" if you want to ride on pavement. Sorry, you can wear all the safety clothing and gear you want, but all it takes is one careless driver and you are (at best) in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. At worst, well, you know. I've not for paving the Katy, but I love life too much to entrust it to crazy drivers on highways. And there are millions of crazy drivers out there every day. I do like the paved trails in Madison County, IL, but crushed limestone trails like the 109-mile George S. Mickelson rail-to-trail in South Dakota are wonderful too. But I wouldn't let a person I cared for ride on a highway for a million dollars.

Russ Cabaniss from Muscle Shoals AL. on 09/21/2021 08:36 PM
Don't pave. Just rode the Silver Comet / Chief Lagota rails to trails that runs 100 miles between Atlanta and Anniston AL. The Ga. section is concrete and for the most part great. But AL. black top their section and tree roots make it a rough go.

Anna from Golden on 09/23/2021 03:39 PM
Florida has hundreds if not thousands of miles of paved trails, the are well maintained. I lived there several years and enjoyed them. Tree roots did not seem to be a major problem. I have ridden the KATY and see no reason why it couldn't be paved. Rode bikers, skate boarders, scooters ect. would be able to enjoy it. That would mean more people and business. When the river floods you would simply clear off the debris and not have to haul in more rock over and over. There are also miles of paved trails in Nashville, Chattanooga and other places in the country.

Gary from Near Tebbetts on 09/23/2021 07:02 PM
Anna from golden
I have seen floods tear up a major highway near North Jefferson to the point that it looked like it was bombed, with slabs of concrete jutting up in the air so I’m am absolutely positive that flooding would not result in a simple cleaning afterwards.

John H from Pacific MO on 09/24/2021 07:51 AM
I suspect the sandy soil and lack of freeze thaw cycles in winter limit tree root displacement of paved trails in Florida.

Jerry Whittle from Belleville on 09/25/2021 08:38 AM
John H from Pacific MO:
I bet that you are right. I've seldom seen potholes in Florida.

Madison County Trails have a lot of tree roots in places. Heck the MetroBikeLink trail near Southern Illinois College has a sign telling cyclist to dismount over a tenth-mile section due to large bumps from tree roots in the asphalt.

Rick from Jefferson City on 09/30/2021 12:46 PM
I highly doubt its ever paved, nor in my opinion should it be. The cost would be astronomical and that doesn't include maintenance, which would be even higher than what it is now. Flooding, freeze/thaw and more would be a big problem. No, The Katy is fine as is and the state has enough problems keeping it up already. I ride the trail out of North Jefferson nearly every day and its a great trail as is.

Jack from Columbus on 09/30/2021 01:12 PM
Weighing in on this older topic after riding the trail. The trail is not really in that bad of shape but I can see that flooding/rain creates issues.

I think the fact that it is a state park makes it harder to pave. Many trails are paved by local groups or governments and in this case they would not be able to. I could see St. Charles paving their section for example or the section near Jeff City because of the higher density of users.

We noticed that in the west, many of the roads we crossed were not paved. It probably would be hard justifying paving a bike trail to residents when their roads are not paved.

Michael from the UK from London on 10/01/2021 09:35 AM
I endorse 1000% Vicky, Russ, Janna and all the others who say NO TO PAVING. We've ridden the Katy and many others in the USA and the UK, and part of the beauty is the changing surface, the rough and the smooth, with a little bit of tarmac (blacktop) when you ride through a town or village. If you want flat and boring, go to the velodrome or ride on the road.

big mike from Hartsburg on 10/01/2021 11:24 AM
Go somewhere else if you want a paved easy trail. We love it like it is. Nissouri has so many other needs this should never come up.

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KT Caboose in Marthasville
John Hickey from St. Louis on 10/01/2021 09:02 AM
I just finished a bikepacking trip on the Katy Trail. The food highlight of the trip was the KT Caboose in Marthasville. High quality vegetarian food (I had the falafel wrap), and topknotch coffee (french press). The owner Jonathan was delightful to talk to, and a group of us solo riders had a great conversation on the deck. Highly recommended!

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Tagged: KT Caboose

Is the Corner Store in Chilhowee still open?
Debbi G from San Rafael, CA on 09/30/2021 10:55 AM
I am looking for a definitive answer on whether the Corner Store in Chilhowee is still open. I can't through on the phone number and am getting conflicting information on the internet. Biking through there in a couple of weeks and would like to confirm.

Joyce Brandon from Garden City, MO. on 09/30/2021 12:52 PM
I stopped earlier in the summer and they were open on a Saturday. Very reasonable prices.

Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins from Windsor on 10/01/2021 05:18 AM
Different owners and now Hometown Convenience Store. Open every day except Sunday I believe. Two blocks off the trail and great stop for cyclists.

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Katy Bike Rental in Defiance
Anonymous on 09/28/2021 02:07 PM
The gap from the ground to the top of the wooden bridge coming from the Katy trail to the shop is dangerous. It needs to be fixed. One of your customers could get hurt if they fail to negotiate the jump up the gap to the bridge. It could result in a law suit if someone gets hurt.

Eric from KCMO on 09/28/2021 02:50 PM
Apparently you were there in person. Did you tell them at that time? I'm guessing not. Did you call, go to their Facebook page, etc? Seems like this forum would be an ineffective way to communicate to them.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 09/30/2021 12:18 PM
They don't come to this group and will never see this.

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Lindenhof Bed & Breakfast in Augusta
Karen E on 09/29/2021 03:00 PM
If you're riding the Katy and needing a place to stay in Augusta, I highly recommend the Lindenhof Bed and Breakfast, which is just a couple blocks off the trail. Our group of six stayed there two nights last week, and the accommodations were absolutely perfect. Kathy was a gracious and informative host, and our rooms were spacious, clean, comfy, and charming. We shared the common area with two other guests, and there was plenty of space for all of us to relax. Our breakfast both days was delicious, with more than enough carbs and protein to fuel our morning rides. We also loved the outdoor space--lovely greenery everywhere, a shed to park our bikes, plenty of seating around the water feature and the fireplace (which we used both nights), and even a hot tub (which we didn't use but could have). We've stayed in a lot of places over the years while riding the Katy, but the Lindenhof B&B is now one of our favorites that I'm sure we'll return to in the future.

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