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Rock Island Woodson Trailhead

Raytown MO
7198 Woodson Rd

Rock Island Woodson Trailhead is located on the Rock Island Trail, in Raytown MO

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Rock Island Woodson Trailhead
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Rock Island Woodson Trailhead in Raytown
Kenneth Lee from Raytown on 11/07/2022 12:16 PM:
I sometimes park at the Woodson trailhead and walk the Rock Island trail from Woodson to E. 63rd street and return. I am aware of the distance markers, but some are missing. I can't locate the "7" mile marker or the "6" mile marker.

I sometimes walk from my home, down Irwin to the trail and walk toward 350 highway and notice the difference in trail toppings which range from unimproved to concrete and wondered why the difference.

Sean Nunn from Raytown on 06/13/2023 09:50 AM:
This is a good trailhead. Almost exactly 4 miles north to the entrance to the Jackson County Sports complex, and almost exactly 4 miles south to the 98th Street trailhead. Be careful crossing Woodson just south of the parking lot; sight lines on Woodson Road for cars are limited and there is no stop/yield sign for the road.