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Chilhowee City Park

Camping, Playground

Chilhowee City Park is located approximately 0.2 mile from the Rock Island Trail, in Chilhowee MO

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Chilhowee City Park
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Review - Chilhowee City Park
Michael from Arnold on 05/22/2024 05:44 PM:
Two camp sites. No fee. Some trees, but not really good for a hammock. Two blocks from the trailhead. No toilet I could find, which meant walking back to the trailhead to use the port-a-potty there. Noisy all night: several dogs (some loose), noisy cars all night, late night visitors to the park. The nearby store was not open in the evening, but was open in the morning.

Chilhowee City Park in Chilhowee
IBike2HaveFun from Rockville, MD on 03/03/2024 07:48 AM:
I'm a CPAP user. My travel machine can run on (large, heavy) batteries if need be but I prefer to carry an extension cord and run off a plug when/where I can. Is there an accessible outlet (as for example, on a post supporting a pavilion roof) anywhere within 30 or so feet of where I'd be likely to pitch my tent?

Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins from Windsor on 03/04/2024 09:26 AM:
Maybe best place to get an answer would be to call the Hometown Convenience Store in Chilhowee. I think they'd be able to answer that and give you good info on camping location and amenities. Chilhowee is very small

madunabomer from op on 03/11/2024 05:23 AM:
no out lets in chillhowie leeton has a nice pavilon with outlets

Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins from Windsor on 03/12/2024 09:24 AM:
Madunabomber I imagine you mean there are no outlets at the trailhead and that's correct. There are some in town - just two blocks off the trail if someone checks ahead

madunabomer from op on 03/12/2024 06:52 PM:
yes close to the trail camped there last october real nice pavilion with outlets.

Chilhowee City Park in Chilhowee
Matt Finch from Lees Summit on 03/30/2022 06:18 PM:
Is there any trees to hang a hammock in the Park? It's hard to tell on the satellite view on the map? I'm wanting to do a overnight trip and just want to see if I can bring my hammock or the tent. Thanks in advance for any information!

Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins from Windsor on 03/31/2022 06:04 AM:
Matt you might call the nice folks at the Hometown Convenience Store and visit with them

Mark from Lee's Summit on 03/31/2022 07:05 PM:
They have two tent camping areas marked out with PVC pipes with each area having a little bit of gravel to level off the ground and a fire pit in the corner. There is also a picnic table and about 15 feet away there are a few medium to large trees that aren't really pruned back, but you could tie off a hammock if you wanted to. They do a good job mowing back an area that is probably 100' by 200' so there is a bunch of extra room. I would never complain about free camping, but I will point out that you are in the middle of town so there are dogs barking, roosters crowing, and various other sounds all night long. The corner store is great to have when it is open, but only having a Johnny on the Spot at the trailhead is a downer. If you really want a close up picture of the campsite area then let me know and I can probably dig it up.

Jim from KC on 04/04/2022 03:07 PM:
I hammock camp in Chilhowee a couple times a year. It's a great stop. Bring a couple dog treats and be ready to play fetch!

Chilhowee City Park in Chilhowee
Joe from Wildwood on 08/21/2020 01:57 PM:
Has anyone camped at the Chilhowee City Park?

Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins from Windsor on 08/22/2020 06:54 AM:
Its just 2 blocks off the trail as is Hometown Convenience Store (open every day but Sun.) If you call or text April ahead of time at 660-233-6967 they will turn on water and open restroom for you. Tiny town with a big heart loving trail riders.

Joe from Wildwood on 08/23/2020 12:57 PM:
Thanks for the information you have been very helpful multiple times.

Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins from Windsor on 08/24/2020 07:14 AM:
Happy to help. We're thrilled so many are checking out the 47 mile Rock Island Spur of the Katy Trail - Windsor to Pleasant Hill

G&G from Sedalia on 08/24/2020 05:36 PM:
I plan to camp there over Memorial day weekend. It was a Sunday so store was closed and I wasn't sure where to camp. So pushed on and didn't stay. Kim was a great help in the pre-planning stage.