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City Park

PO Box 13

City Park is located on the Katy Trail, in Pilot Grove MO

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City Park
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City Park in Pilot Grove
Ted from Jupiter, Florida on 05/18/2024 01:52 PM:
Camped here on a Saturday night (May 11, 2024). It was high school graduation night, so there was a celebration and party at the Community Center in the park, so we were not sure what to expect. But it turned out great, as the park has plenty of space for everyone -- campers, graduates and their families. There are two big shelters that can be used by campers, and they have plenty of electrical outlets, plus overhead lights. There is also plenty of open areas to pitch tents. There are flush toilets, but no showers, and the bathroom is not a place I would linger long. But you get what you pay for, and this is FREE to camp, and a bargain. When the community pool opens, I would assume after Memorial Day, you can pay for a shower there. We met a lot of locals who were hanging out for the graduation, and had some great conversations. Really enjoyed out stay here. And there is a Casey's a couple blocks away.

Pilot Grove City Park
Doug from FTG OK on 09/04/2021 09:17 PM:
Camped at the city Parkin Pilot Grove fo free :) it is nice and quiet in a neighborhood It has electricity so I was able to recharge restrooms I hung my hammock in the covered I recommend camping here if you’re camping :)

Camped at Pilot Grove City Park
Jefferson from Monteagle, TN on 08/08/2021 10:32 AM:
I camped here 7/30/21.

Another great (and free) place to camp along the Katy. Open grass, some shade trees, two pavilions with electrical power and shelter in a storm, and decent restrooms.

As a bonus, the pool was open! So for $3 you can get a cold shower and a dip in the pool. Live large and buy a Dr. Pepper and a bag of Fritos from the concession stand!

There are streetlights, they didn't bother me, but you might want to evaluate your tent location accordingly. Also, the park is not obvious from the trail, turn on the Hall St, then Centre St and you'll see it.

Ron_S from Overland Park on 08/10/2021 08:19 AM:
One in my group hung his hammock from posts in the pavilion. Good bar and grill in the town. Good food. Camping in the park is $10 if someone comes by to collect, which is rare.

City Park in Pilot Grove
Geo from Madison WI on 01/06/2021 12:46 AM:
About hammocks, there are not sufficient trees, but you could string them between the pavilion posts.

This is a lovely quiet park, but there is constant noise from a nearby factory--24/7.

There is a Casey's convenience store in town.

We stayed here on 10/05/20.

City Park in Pilot Grove
MePlusBike from Palm Harbor,FL on 09/30/2020 10:54 PM:
Camped here 9/23/20.
I called the local police station as a courtesy. There was no problem and he was quite helpful.
1 660 834 4300

The site has two large pavilions should the weather be rough but the grass is well maintained and comfy.
The bathrooms were perfectly fine. The power for the bathroom lights is in the Women's though a well placed high powered flashlight will work - the walls are white.
Theres no facility to hang clothing or a bag of toiletries.

The shelters have power (2 standard outlets). The power for those is in the shelter. Lift the lever. All power is controlled by the master box on the light pole though I didn't need to touch that.

A note of the power pole. Its a street light and it will be on overnight. So unless you want a night light choose your spot carefully.

There is a swimming pool at the park and no doubt has showers. As there was a pandemic I cannot speak for the use or access to the pool.

Locally theres a Dollar General for supplies and a couple cafes.

City Park in Pilot Grove
Derek from Spring Hill, Ks on 05/28/2020 07:37 PM:
Did the city park have any spots for hammocks?

City Park in Pilot Grove
Keith from Columbia on 04/30/2018 08:02 PM:
Camped here Friday night, but didn't see the sign at the trailhead about needing to notify police until I passed back through going eastbound 2 days later. Thankfully no one came up to my tent in the middle of the night.

This was a really quiet and peaceful spot, other than a woman yelling for her cat around midnight. Also the bathrooms looked like they hadn't been cleaned in over a year (possibly longer considering the other comments). The water spigot outside the bathrooms had a padlock on it, but the water from the bathroom faucet was fine.

DMSO from Seattle on 05/01/2018 12:28 PM:
Were the pool showers open for the season yet? Thanks!

John Hutchins from PACIFIC on 05/14/2018 12:25 PM:
I camped in the Pilot Grove city park 5/9. I was glad to have the place to camp. But the bathrooms were disgusting. I'm not too particular and will put up wit a lot, but both toilets in both bathrooms were stopped up and close to overflowing with human waste. The smell was unbelievable. My assumption is that the sewer line from the bathrooms is clogged. The water was on, but after seeing the bathrooms I didn't want to go back in. Not that long a trip to the trail head to fill water bottles. I wouldn't discourage anyone from camping there as long as they understood the park bathrooms should be avoided. Mihjt be better this summer if the pool is open.

Chris from Prairie Village on 07/16/2018 06:02 PM:
I'm going to be camping there with my two children the first week in August. Does anyone have any updates on the camping situation / rest rooms? I will make sure to notify the police department in advance. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Joe from Wildwood on 07/23/2018 10:32 AM:
We will be camping there this weekend, I will try to let you know how the experience was. We normally go this time of year because the pool is open and you can take a shower. Casey's and a Bar/Grill are all within walking distance. Casey's has a breakfast pizza that is really good. The bathrooms have always been gross. The pool is worth it...

City Park in Pilot Grove
Dan k from Paw Paw, WV on 09/18/2017 06:34 PM:
This park is free, and patrolled by Police, whom you should call first. The bathroom was dirty, and the Pool was not open, so no hot shower. Nice pavilion, w/tables to eat, trash cans. Not quite as nice as some of the other town parks, but safe. Expect local teens to walk through the park until midnight, or later, which may unsettle some people. They meant mo harm, though. We won't go back, though grateful for the free ground, and water.

City Park in Pilot Grove
Barefoot4ever from Highpoint, MO on 06/14/2017 10:17 AM:
We camped here on our first day of our through-bike. There was one other camper there, town is nice and peaceful, felt nice and safe. My 6 year old loved the playground. Stopped at the Laundromat in the morning to dry our bags and had breakfast at Casey's. Didn't cost anything to camp, they just wanted name, number of people staying and number of nights staying in case of emergency. Would definitely stay here again.

City Park in Pilot Grove
Kelly from Colorado on 03/16/2017 07:51 PM:
Is this a safe place to camp for someone on a solo ride? It looks like most of the comments aren't recent. I'm also trying to figure out if the park is one big open area, or smaller divided ones ...... thanks for any info!

BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 03/17/2017 06:50 AM:
Kelly, I have not camped in City Park, but have stayed in and around Pilot Grove many times. Extended family also lives there. Very peaceful and safe community. Mostly farm families in the area. Good services nearby.

John Hutchins from Pacific on 03/17/2017 07:56 AM:
I haven't camped there but I checked it out on a ride last fall. It's a bog open area. The restrooms looked kind of sparse. No showers unless you are there in the summer when the pool is open. I like Pilot Grove and I'd camp in the park if it fit my plans.

MPH from ST Louis on 03/17/2017 08:16 AM:
We camped there last year, there were three of us but there was another camper a single woman.

We felt safe, no issues at all.

The bathroom is not the cleanest but it was nice to have a pavilion and tables for the night.

Anonymous on 03/18/2017 05:52 AM:
I stayed there my first night last year. All the comments are dead on. If you want to see what it looks like on video, I filmed the ride and the first video shows what to expect. You can see it on youtube on "katytrail 2016" HONDO

Kelly from Colorado on 03/18/2017 09:25 AM:
Thanks everyone!!

ArkyKenny on 03/18/2017 02:13 PM:
I have camped there about 6 times. Good place to camp/bathroom/shower/electricity for charging phone. My only complaint was the log truck that started early and took 2 hours to warm up before they left.

City Park in Pilot Grove
Miguel trujillo from Rogers on 05/24/2016 04:44 AM:
Is any body know the number for the police in Pilot Grove? Thank you in advance.

Jerry Whittle from Belleville Illinois on 05/24/2016 07:17 AM:
(660) 834-4300

Anonymous on 05/24/2016 02:13 PM:
Hey Jerry. You riding through Pilot Grove on the DNR ride this year?

Jerry Whittle from Belleville on 05/24/2016 07:36 PM:
Yep. I'm looking forward to the ride.

Miguel trujillo from Rogers on 05/25/2016 05:57 AM:
Thank You Jerry!!!

City Park in Pilot Grove
brmayes from St. Louis on 10/03/2015 08:47 PM:
Brother-in-law and I camped here on Friday, July 3, 2015. Called the police to register. No problem, didn't have to make reservations or anything. Seemed like the whole town (all 650 or so) were here at the time, with a DJ and a cookout. Turned out the local fireworks display was happening that night. So we sat down on the ground near the neighbors, very nice folks. After the fireworks ended, about 9:30, the DJ kept playing music. Oh no, we were worried there was going to be a party right there till late in the night. So I asked the DJ how long the music would last--just until 10:00, which was fine with us. I will say that the restrooms at the park were pretty filthy when we were there, but hey, you can't beat the price to camp here--free. Friendly people in Pilot Grove.

brmayes from St. Louis on 10/03/2015 08:53 PM:
One other thing. We weren't sure where to pitch our tents. Some locals told us that the park extends into the grassy area south of Mt. Vernon Street to the east of "Progress St.," the little road that loops around the park. This is where we pitched our tents. Google Maps doesn't show this area as belonging to the park.

City Park in Pilot Grove
cross country bicyclist from USA on 03/15/2015 07:09 AM:
camped at the city park early March. Bathrooms were still closed for the winter; but Casey's convience store was short walk. Just call the police to get permission(they just like to know if any one is camping in the park)Have coffee at Casey's in the morning and hang out with the locals (who were very friendly)

City Park (Pilot Grove)
Allie from Warrensburg, MO on 08/24/2010 11:37 PM:
Camped here on June 26th, 2010 without calling ahead or anything and everything worked out fine. There is a sign at the trailhead that says to call the sherrifs office to make sure that it is okay- it is a small town and they just want to know who is there. They will also send someone over to unlock the bathroom, a very sweet old man and his wife who live right on the other side of the pool who will do almost anything to make sure you are comfortable- as much as offering their home to you if the weather turns bad!

Jeff Collins from Jefferson City on 04/28/2011 02:21 PM:
It's good to know there are still good people aout there willing to do good deeds.

AKillen from Kansas Ctiy on 08/14/2011 08:26 AM:
The number to call about camping is the Pilot Grove PD (660) 834-4300.

City Park (Pilot Grove)
gpennel from perry, ks on 08/04/2008 12:34 PM:
There were 3 of us riding the Katy trail a couple of years ago during mid-June (very hot, 90+ deg), camping along the way. We arrived in Pilot Grove early afternoon in time to enjoy the City Pool for a couple of hours. The pool felt great after riding in the heat. It started raining, so we ate supper at the deli close to the trail. It was very enjoyable talking to the girl who was running the deli, she let us stay there until it stopped raining. Went back to the park where the Town Mayor had personnally opened and restocked the park restroom. We felt like celebrities. Couldn't pay them for camping there, so we walked around the park and picked up trash. There are some of us planning to ride the trail again in mid-August (not the best time of year) but one of the our stops will be Pilot Grove.

City Park (Pilot Grove)
Dwight the Troubled Teen on 04/04/2007 11:04 AM:
Loved, loved, LOVED the people of Pilot Grove. Very friendly.

The park isn't much, but the community pool was open when I visited and the lifeguard let me use the shower facility for a buck.

Local kids talked my ear off.

There are bathroom facilities, but they lock them up at night to prevent vandalism.

You are across the street from suburban homes, but nobody hasseled me. There are electrical outlets in the pavillion to charge your phone, but you have to flip the power box lever on the the utility pole west of the restroom to get them to work.

Loved, loved, loved Pilot Grove. I'd love to live there one day.

Jason from Huntsville, AL on 04/04/2007 03:16 PM:
The little deli right off the trail was good. Nice people!

City Park (Pilot Grove)
jake from lawrence KS on 09/15/2006 09:31 PM:
I camped here in August for one night. I was a little weary of camping in a city park, but went and ahead and did it becuase the price was right. There were lots of families hanging out at the park and everybody was very freindly.