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Dutzow Deli & Restaurant

Restaurant, Restroom
Dutzow MO
11861 E.State Hwy 94

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant is located on the Katy Trail, in Dutzow MO

Open Wednesday and Thursday 8 AM till 2 PM, Friday, 8 AM till 7 PM, Saturday and Sunday, 8 AM till 2 PM and closed on Monday and Tuesday

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Dutzow Deli Restaurant
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Forum Discussions about Dutzow Deli & Restaurant

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant in Dutzow
Timdoas from Nashville, TN on 10/20/2022 04:42 PM:
Stopped here for lunch while riding from Hermann to Klondike park. Good lunch and friendly staff. Right off the trail, very convenient. I would recommend again.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant in Dutzow
Mr. Bump from Hannibal on 12/06/2018 10:49 AM:
Nope, not open in the winter.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant in Dutzow
John Nickell from Parkville on 07/04/2018 02:12 PM:
Got there just before closing time (2pm the day I arrived), got a few drinks and had passing conversation about getting to Washington to catch Amtrak. Was warned that it wasn't a good one for cyclists.
Got a lift across the bridge, and I think it was a wise choice. From what I saw in Washington, the new bridge should be opening this year (2018), but not sure when.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant in Dutzow
Mr. Bump from Hannibal on 01/25/2018 12:12 PM:
Closed when we came through in the afternoon. Have to cross suicide bridge to get food in Washington.

Danijo from Dutzow on 03/15/2018 10:55 AM:
Marthasville has some places to eat along the trail. Philly's Pizza (north of the trail head) and Twin Gables(south of the trail head)and The Duck's is about 1/2 mile ride northwest from the Marthasville Trail Head.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant in Dutzow
Will W on 07/26/2016 07:32 PM:
Solid establishment, got there right at closing but was sat anyway. The waitress was quick to refill water and certainly knew her menu. Food was good, for a reasonable price. No frills food, but just what you need on a long ride. Tipped her well and was overall very pleased with my experience.

jeepilot on 07/27/2016 02:12 PM:
I agree with Will. Stopped there for lunch yesterday after a 31 mile ride. Excellent iced tea with lots of ice. The bacon chicken wrap was very good also.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant in Dutzow
mark easter from buckner mo on 05/11/2014 06:48 AM:
Had lunch there,great sandwich will go back.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant in Dutzow
Anonymous on 03/18/2012 09:40 PM:
waitress wad horrible are food was cold owners were rude will not go back!!

Tess from OFallon, MO on 03/24/2012 03:50 PM:
Must have been an off day. I've been there several times and the food and people were alway great to me!

Angela D. from Marthasville on 04/16/2012 10:04 PM:
Yeah they are often rude. Been that way for years now. It's almost like they feel inconvenienced by customers. Marthasville has a local bar and a pizza joint there small but happy.

Anonymous on 05/06/2012 08:00 AM:
Just there last weekend and the food was excellent! Staff was extremely friendly. Not sure what you experienced but it just must have been an off day! Definitely worth the trip.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant in Dutzow
Anonymous on 09/25/2011 05:19 AM:
Went for lunch on Saturday. Service very poor. After waitress got the order wrong, she never did come back to refill drinks. Food was ok. Will not go back.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant in Dutzow
Bob from Lake Sherwood on 08/21/2011 06:04 PM:
We have eaten there several times and it has always been very good. I fact I mentioned how good to my boss and she has stopped by now more than me when her and her husband bike. She raves about the crapes.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant in Dutzow
Anonymous from Foristell,MO on 07/07/2011 08:19 PM:
We eat breakfast there every Sunday possible, after church. We see many of the same crowd every Sunday. The food is great, the owners are
very friendly and know us all by name.The waitresses do a fantastic job and seem to enjoy what they do.

Breakfast was amazing!
Matt on 06/25/2011 12:53 AM:
I got there at 11:30 this morning was pleased that they were still serving breakfast. My two friends ordered sandwiches and they both said the food was delicious. I thought the breakfast was out-of-this world! I love eating locally and while some people complain that the service may be slower and prices higher, they don't understand that this is the price you pay to eat at a local food establishment. Well worth the money and the trip out there!

Anonymous on 06/25/2011 10:23 AM:
I had a great breakfast this morning too. And I have to admit, I make a pretty darn good cup of coffee. I can hardly wait to see what I can come up with for lunch. I just love it here!!!

Jim from St Thomas on 06/25/2011 05:36 PM:
There does seem to be a growing trend lately to extoll the the virtues of nameless places......

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
LESLIE AND HANNAH from WARRENTON on 10/17/2009 08:22 AM:

Silvano from STL on 06/22/2011 06:39 PM:
I stopped at the Deli & Restaurant today for lunch. I was pretty happy with the sandwich I got and the service was good too!

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant in Dutzow
Anonymous on 04/03/2011 07:13 PM:
went in on a sunday and there was one waitress who was doing everything...running around like a chicken with it's head cut off while the owner sat at the table and smoked. Tipped the waitress well for her excellent work but also noticed on the menu that if you order a whole sandwich to share with your other they charge you .75 cents more...what a joke. Anyway, the owner runs a sweat shop it seems and greed has gotten to them.

Anonymous on 04/06/2011 10:22 PM:
Right now we are in our transitional stage between winter and spring so yes we tend to keep it tight. WE never know if we are going to have a full house or no one that evening so we have staff on call if it gets out of hand. We have been open now 10 yrs and still going. Now about the owner, i am the owner, I do not smoke, and I was not their and 2, you're one of those people who want something for nothing, I get them all the time, just deal with it. Calling my my place a sweat shop is a real joke, those girls make more in 6 hrs then you probably make all day. I'm sure the sandwich was great if you have any other complaints see me personally.

Anonymous on 05/27/2011 08:06 PM:
I like this restaurant. It is very good!

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
hwhoover from Marion, OH on 01/06/2009 09:39 PM:
I biked the Katy Trail late May 2008. I didn't eat at this restaurant, but the lady and I think the evening manager who worked the night of May 29th did me a huge favor...

I biked that day from Hartsburg and it was about 9ish and starting to get dark. I pulled into the B & B right off the trail at Marthasville, no one answered my knocks, so I called the number on the sign/brochure. For some reason they were not accepting any boarders that night. Total bummer. I then biked into Dutzow and saw the Deli/Restaurant and talked to them about local lodging. It seemed that my only choice was to go to Washington-10 miles away and across that bridge. It was totally dark at this point. Understanding my plight, the lady/manager took it upon herself to help a stranger in need, loaded me & my bike into her minivan and drove 10 miles out of her way to the "Sleep Inn" in Washington. I am not sure what I would have done that night if she hadn't help me, and I was too tired to go any further on the bike, but with her kindness and generosity I was in a luxurious motel with an air conditioner, clean sheets, and a hot shower. I will never forget the kindness of this woman who helped me out-a total stranger. The next time I am on the trail which hopefully will be in the next year or two I will definitely seek out the Dutzow Deli & Restaurant and be able to thank her again. I am sure if the food is as good as the people that work there it would be a fantastic place to eat.

Paul from Fairview Heights, IL on 09/08/2009 12:57 PM:
We tried to eat here on Labor Day. I guess business was slow, as they closed menu service at 2:00. My wife, who arrived before we did, said the menu looked appetizing. Will give it another go later!

Gary from O''''Fallon on 09/08/2009 03:17 PM:
My wife and I have eaten at the Deli many times over the past several years. You will not be disappointed; great food and prices.

Cvrz from St Peters on 09/08/2009 09:32 PM:
I've written about the Dutzow Deli before. It's great! I also stop there when I'm just driving through. Also, The brother of the guy that has the bike shop in Defiance is supposed to open the bike shop next to it this coming spring.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
Gary from Marthasville/Osage Beach on 10/18/2008 04:09 AM:
I used to eat about 20 meals a week here. During the summer months they will sometimes have live music in the beergarden behind the restaurant on the weekends. The owners, Karl (Stuttgart area) and Tina, (Austria) are usually accessibl, and very nice. Gary

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
Richard on 09/27/2008 03:27 PM:
Call to make sure of the hours, they close at 2pm on most weekdays rather than the posted 3pm

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
crevecouerrider from creve couer on 09/02/2008 12:09 PM:
I rode from Creve Couer all the way to Dutzow and back in one day. Very grueling ride. I ate my lunch at this local deli. The service was excellent and the food was good. This is a great stop on the trail and it is always nice to meet all the kind folk that live far outside st louis.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
MH from Foley MO on 07/30/2008 08:56 PM:
A pleasant stop on our first Katy Trail trip (22 miles). My wife and I shared a foot long deli sandwich. It was either very good or I was very hungry!

Anonymous on 08/02/2008 07:32 PM:
IF you like your food sauteed in nicotine!!! We stopped there on July 7, opened the front door and immediately left. We prefer to patronize businesses on the Trail but not at the expense of our health!

Doug from Bluffton on 08/09/2008 07:58 PM:
Was just there. Had a good beer and sat out talking to other riders. I couldn't smell tobacco and asked several other people during the day if they had; to a man the answer was "HUH? what smell?"

Anonymous on 08/11/2008 02:17 PM:
Cigarette smoke on the porch, ashtrays on the tables. Maybe your sense of smell is so dulled you can't smell it. If someone smokes, the odor is THERE.

Doug from Bluffton on 08/12/2008 09:17 PM:
I guess so. All the rest of the people have no sense of smell and don't have enough sense to sit outside if it did bother them. Only a finely tuned nose like yours can discern all the subtle offenses of the day.

GB from O''Fallon on 08/13/2008 08:04 PM:
My wife and I have eaten at the Dutzow Deli many times over the past several years and realy enjoy the food. My wife has asthma and is very sensitive to cigarette smoke. We've never had a problem here and will continue to frequent the deli.

KroolDeath from O'Fallon on 08/17/2008 06:07 PM:
I think anonymous had their nose stuck so far up in the air they smelled something the rest of us have not!

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
debi kay from just moved to marthasville on 08/07/2008 04:21 PM:
went the other night and not fancy but the food was great and the service perfect. everything was clean and cooked to order. all three grandchildren ate free and their food was as good as ours. nothings close to us except this place so i guess we lucked out. must go and try for your self. also prices are unbelievable. debi

Matt from St. Charles on 08/08/2008 06:09 PM:
I would like to know if someone could post the business hours for the deli because it seems like they are always closed when I go by it.

Matt from St. Charles on 08/08/2008 06:15 PM:
It says that they open everyday at 7am but I know that it is not true because I was there 3 weekday mornings in a row during July and it wasn't open any of those times.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
annie&jeff from Columbia MO on 05/18/2008 08:34 AM:
Right on the trail. Bright, clean, friendly. We sat on porch: wicker & flowers. Have lunch & interesting german beers - yum! The bathroom, which can be used only if you patronize (understandably), is nice & clean.

cunninghamair from O''''Fallon, MO on 06/20/2008 07:59 PM:
We stop here regularly. The only complaint is--get there early! It can get crowded!

Sometimes we round the corner and head up to the Blumenhof Winery.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
Anonymous from Springfield, MO on 01/28/2008 12:09 PM:
Camping area no longer available.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
Erin from St. Louis on 10/01/2007 04:52 PM:
Has anyone ever camped on the free primitive camp sites behind the restaurant? What was your experience if you did? Thanks!

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
Carol from Arkansas on 09/29/2007 09:23 PM:
Great food here, had a nice deli sub on 7 grain bread and also their sneaky snickers desert, yum. Probably one of the best places to eat on the trail. Beats the bar and grill which I ate at two because everything else was closed. Also nice that they are open everyday!

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
PJ from O'Fallon on 09/28/2007 12:38 PM:
Dutzow deli has the best chili around. Everything else is great too!

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
elsutton on 03/18/2007 07:43 PM:
Good food and service

DougK from Troy on 03/22/2007 10:21 AM:
Get the Katy sub, it's awesome. The service is prompt and the locals ar possibly the nicest people I've ate.

Lynn from Mansfield, Ohio on 03/22/2007 01:32 PM:
Lord have mercy!!!! They actually serve local people on plates???? Ha Ha!!! Just a little humor here. Lynnrbiker, OH.

Jason from Huntsville, AL on 03/22/2007 02:25 PM:
I've heard that the locals are more tender than out of towners. ;-)

DougK from Troy on 03/22/2007 08:15 PM:
Ya,ya,ya. I re-read my post and am still scratching my head. What I meant was: Order the Katy, it's awesome. The service is great and the people are quite possibly the nicest you'll ever meet. I know that I'll get abuse from you guys for a long time. Can't wait till someone else messes up, it takes the heat off me.

missouri resident on 03/22/2007 08:44 PM:
good one doug, happens to the best of us. next time it'll be some one else.

Jason from Huntsville, AL on 03/26/2007 02:14 PM:
Just playin' with ya Doug...gotta keep the forum humorous. :)

Lynn from Mansfield, Ohio on 03/26/2007 02:38 PM:
Doug, I think that laughing is a very good medicine and we all need to work on good health. It sounds like you were not offended and my intention was certainly just to draw a little attention to an opportunity to put a smile on more faces. Thanks!!! Keep up the good work. Who knows, I'll probably be next!!! Lynn

Anonymous from Springfield,Mo. on 03/28/2007 08:19 AM:
Dutzow Restaurant is a great place for breakfast. I camp over at Steamboat Junction and bike to Dutzow for breakfast.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
rfc from Shoreview MN on 10/07/2006 06:02 PM:
We stopped and purchased two take out meals there last week. The food was good and the people were friendly and helpful. Fair prices.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
Vera from Kent, OH on 06/24/2006 07:37 PM:
We had a good breakfast here and it was friendly enough.

Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Dutzow)
Sam Schmidt from St. Charles, MO on 06/13/2005 10:08 PM:


enjoy the Katy Trail/Good Food/Great Music!