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Dutzow Trailhead

Parking, Water, Restroom

Dutzow Trailhead is located on the Katy Trail, in Dutzow

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Dutzow Trailhead
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Dutzow Trailhead in Dutzow
Geared Up from Portland on 07/22/2023 03:50 PM:
No water. Fountain has been torn apart. New Kickstand bike shop has some beverages and snacks.

Grooming of the Katy trail?
Steve from Festus on 03/08/2022 04:51 PM:
I rode my bike for 80-ish miles on the KATY over this past weekend, and found the overall condition to be as bad as I've ever ridden on. Disclaimer - this is probably the earliest in the year that I've been on the trail for any considerable miles. Particularly in the area west of Dutzow, the trail was almost "silted" over with mud, as opposed to the normal crushed stone.

With considerable ruts, tractor tire imprints, and a combination of human and hoof prints deeply impressed into the trail surface, it got my mind thinking about what the normally expected trail grooming practices are.

Does the State of MO use heavy rollers, or graders, or some other technology to smooth out the surface? Do they add more rock and then smooth it down?

Any information about how and when the trail is groomed would be appreciated.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 03/15/2022 07:59 AM:
We rode in April of 2019, which seems to be well before the season really kicks off. At that time of year the state seemed to still be trying to finish major maintenance items, and had not done any grooming. We encountered what you have described. 98% of the trail was perfect. Even most of the rain-soaked sections were ok. But a little bit of it was like pudding. :) We also ran across stretches of tractor and atv-tire-induced washboard. Worst, to me, was some sections that had been repaired with larger sharper rock, which I was concerned would cut a tire.

Your post and others got me to wondering what the best practice would be. Apparently the freeze and thaw every year causes the softness you found. Maybe light grading and then a roller? Or a vibrating roller, even? Followed by filling low spots?

Sorry for rambling. To answer your question, I do not know. ;)

Dutzow Trailhead in Dutzow
GoodAches from Ocala on 12/02/2021 11:05 PM:
It appears that Casey’s recommendation of the new bridge is legit. The GooglMaps satellite pic shows the bridge under construction. In spring 2022 we will plan to use his recommended scenic road and the new bridge to get to Amtrak Washington station for the train ride back to Leesburg.

Hank on 12/04/2021 10:41 AM:
The bike lane on the Washington bridge is open and has been for some time. The best route from the Dutzow trailhead is to continue east on the Katy to approximate MM 70.5, then turn south on Augusta Bottom Road which takes you to Highway 47 just north of the bridge. I have done this route a few times recently and the gravel portion of Augusta Bottom Road can be quite bumpy, but it is still much better than taking Hwy 47 south from the Dutzow trailhead. I would still urge caution on Augusta Bottom Road as it does get a fair amount of traffic and people in my experience aren't necessarily respectful of bicyclists.

Matt Macc from Makanda, IL on 12/04/2021 02:38 PM:
After riding the beautiful Katy Trail - Augusta Bottom Road is a stark contrast. It can be downwind of nearby farm-field spraying, the gravel is large and difficult to ride on with a bicycle, cars and trucks pass too close, drive too fast and kick up lots of dust. As a cyclist, you get to breath whatever the farmer is spraying and breath the dust kicked up by traffic. Augusta Bottom Road might be more dangerous than the highway. A shuttle or Uber may be the best option.

Hank on 12/04/2021 11:00 PM:
Neither Augusta Bottom Road nor Hwy 47 is a good route. It's kind of a matter of which you dislike the least. I think it also depends a bit on your tire size; 32's or better would be recommended for A Bottom Rd. I live in the local area and have been pestering (politely) my govt representatives to find a better route for a few years now. It is sorely needed IMO. Unfortunately so far the money isn't there.

Access to Trail from Washington
Mark from Bentonville on 10/12/2021 09:17 AM:
I'm staying in Washington next Sunday night at the Old Dutch Hotel and need to head north to the Katy Trail Head early Monday morning - Any advice on the route? Thanks

Anonymous on 10/12/2021 10:17 AM:
Click "Washington" in the map above and route information is display.

Doug from Bluffton on 10/12/2021 10:19 AM:
Go over the river on Hwy 47 and when you come off the bridge turn right on first road Augusta Bottom to the Katy trail.

Mark from Bentonville on 10/12/2021 10:30 AM:
If I were to opt for a shuttle is there any local suggestions? Uber perhaps? (if they could also carry my bike)

Dutzow Trailhead in Dutzow
Casey Wix from Columbia MO on 11/28/2020 08:26 PM:
An update for out-of state folks wanting to cross the river at Washington (which I highly recommend for biking between the KATY trail and the Amtrak Station in Washington.) New bridge across the Missouri river was completed in 2019 and it has a bike lane separated from traffic so it is very safe. However, going between Dutzow trailhead on the Katy trail and this river bridge at Washington MO requires biking 3 miles on a narrow shoulder of a very busy Highway 47. INstead, I recommend using the Augusta Bottoms Road that connects highway 47 at the north end of the new bridge to the KATY trail at approx mile 70.5, about 3.5 miles east of Dutzow. This road is paved with no shoulder and winds through farmland but has hardly any traffic. If you are westbound on the trail from the St. Louis area, it is a great shortcut to Washington. If you are eastbound on the trail from Sedalia/Jefferson City/Boonville, taking the Augusta Bottom road will lengthen your trip by about 3 miles, but probably save your life.

Ray (webmaster) on 11/29/2020 07:36 AM:
Thank you Casey, that is good advice. In fact, I will update the Washington page to include this.

Here is a map to illustrate. The Katy Trail is purple. Augusta Bottom is the white line that crosses the Katy Trail between mile markers 70 and 71, running over to Hwy 47 just north of the bridge.

Augusta Bottom Road

Dutzow Trailhead (Dutzow)
A Pauley from The Villages Fl on 03/22/2010 06:25 AM:
Is the bridge to washington mo very unsafe for bikers? We wish to start at Dutzow, park our car and bike to Jefferson city then return to washington by amtrak.

Trek on 03/22/2010 08:05 AM:
No. It is very, very narrow with no shoulder. Call a cab or make arrangements with your lodging provider to give you a shuttle across.

cunninghamair from O'Fallon, MO on 03/29/2010 08:01 PM:
My husband made the mistake of going across once for the car. Don't do it. Very


alaska marcia from anchorage on 07/26/2011 11:54 PM:
I just read that there is a new bridge and it has a bike lane. Gotta love progress when it includes cycling.

SteveK from saint louis, MO on 07/27/2011 07:13 AM:
Alaska, the original question was on crossing the Washington, MO Missouri River bridge and there is nothing on that bridge that resembles a bike lane and it is about 80 years old. Other bike lanes/crossings that are more recently built were for Hermann, MO and Jefferson City, MO.

marcia from anchorage on 07/27/2011 02:13 PM:
Steve, thanks for the clarification. I must have been reading about one of the other bridges. Guess I'll just have to take the lane.

Cunninghamair from St louis on 07/28/2011 10:20 AM:
We are seasoned road riders, and I advise again not to cross this bridge. Taking the lane here will only get you run over. It's a very narrow, highly travelled bridge with FAST traffic. I just crossed in my car a few weeks ago and my sister squealed all the way across. Call a cab. It's not worth it.

marcia from anchorage on 07/28/2011 11:22 AM:
Ok, thanks. Not worth the risk.

Elwood from Chicago on 09/12/2011 01:30 AM:
I live in downtown Chicago. I often cross the Roosevelt Road bridge six lanes of traffic with the bike lanes between 1 and 2 then 5 and 6. I have steered around crack needles behind aggressive cabs with buses on my butt. Family logistics were such Washington Amtrak was my best departure point from the Katy Trail. I planned to bike across the Washington bridge with my single wheel trailer.
I had a ticket for the 12:31 pm Amtrak, September 10th, 2011. I got up early at Klondike camp and left the rainy soft muddy Katy trail in Augusta. I traveled Augusta Bottom Road from Augusta to RT 47. It was raining hard when I got to the Rt 47 intersection about quarter mile from the bridge. The numerous fast moving cars and trucks were kicking up a mist over the road. My cell phone was wet and acting flaky. I had been so confident about crossing I did not have any cab numbers anyway. A pickup pulled up beside me and signaled left. I stuck up my thumb and motioned to the back bed. A local father taking his son to youth football game loaded my bike and gave me a ride across the bridge. I left a couple soggy bills on the seat.
If they ever build a new bridge it will not have a bike lane named in my honor.

kelly from nj on 09/12/2011 08:43 AM:
I was going to suggest hitching across. I've had lots of good luck with friendly pick-up truck drivers willing to help me get me and my bike through tight spots. A local in Washington, MO, suggested that if you do bike across this bridge that you use the whole lane and make cars wait behind you. Of course, the cars behind you might not like this strategy.

Dutzow Trailhead (Dutzow)
Anonymous on 09/19/2006 12:59 PM:
Is there overnight parking at this location? Please respond to jkinney@metrotilekc.com.


Trek Biker from St. Joseph, MO on 09/19/2006 01:54 PM:
Can you tell me if there is overnight parking available in Dutow? We are trying to plan a trip to McKittrick and don't want to get our vehicle towed.

- posted 9/18/2006 7:08:44 PM by john kinney , leawood, kansas


There is ample parking at the trailhead in Dutzow.

- posted 9/18/2006 9:41:37 PM by Trek Biker , St. Joseph, MO


We are doing the reverse of you :) How do you getacross the bridge into Herman? That road is way to fast.

- posted 9/18/2006 11:41:04 PM by tammy , wright city


Many of the B&B's will shuttle you from Hermann to McKittrick...check with who you are staying with as they may already have you covered.

Many warn not to ride the bridge in Jefferson City and Hermann. We have ridden both and found them not to be as bad as the thermal runaway crowd might want you to think. If you are a novice....the Hermann bridge may not be for you. If you are accustomed to riding in or near traffic.....time your entry onto the bridge with little or no traffic behind you. The Hermann locals seem to be accomodating.

- posted 9/19/2006 8:43:55 AM by Trek Biker , St. Joseph, MO

Ray (webmaster) on 09/20/2006 09:52 AM:
I just spoke with the Department of Natural Resources, and they said that overnight parking is allowed at all trailheads. They suggested that if you will be gone for several days, you may want to let local law enforcement know about your car as a courtesy. That way they won't suspect that it is stolen or abandoned. As long as you're on the state's trailhead parking lots, and not on any private business's lot, you should be fine.