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Mile marker 162.5
Public Restroom
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Cooper's Landing
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Forum Discussions about Easley

Anthony from Maine on 11/29/2019 03:49 PM:
Very nice stopover on my hike from Rocheport to Hartsburg. The Thai food(chicken with green peppers, onions and white rice) was excellent and reinvigorated me for the remaining miles that day. The live music was a nice treat. It was mild enough to sit outside at the picnic tables in spite of a breeze blowing off the river.

Flaneur from Michigan on 04/22/2019 07:49 PM:
My son and I just completed the Clinton to St. Charles run. Trail conditions were generally quite good but beware of the detour south of Easley. Gravel road for about 3.5 miles quite a challenge for some bikes (we had a road bike and an urban bike). We ended up walking most of it as the large gravel pieces were too much for us. This area is also fully exposed to the sun so it can be a long, hot march.

Mark from Strafford on 04/23/2019 10:47 AM:
What size tires on the urban bike? I guess the road bike had the small, thin smooth tires?

Dean from Columbia on 04/23/2019 12:36 PM:
I took the detour about 10 days ago. I was on 1 1/4 inch, it was rough but rideable.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 04/23/2019 05:27 PM:
I agree. The gravel on the ridearound was miserable yesterday. We both have 2+ inch tires, and rode it all, but it was really tough.

Anonymous on 05/08/2019 03:58 PM:
The Easley construction is done now and the trail is back open!

Easley - Coopers Landing
Denise and Mike from Lees Summit MO on 11/02/2017 12:50 PM:
We have stopped at Coopers Landing several times on Katy trips and always enjoy this interesting stop. This time it was cold and windy and we didn't want to spend extra time sitting outdoors. We were headed for Hartsburg and knew we wouldn't be able to buy beer when we arrived. We were self-supported so we were not carrying anything extra. We stopped at Coppers Landing and bought a few beers to carry the rest of the way to Hartsburg. It was perfect. Thanks for being there!

Marc MkKoy from Collinsville on 08/13/2017 01:30 PM:
Stayed at Cooper's Landing 8/11/17 (my third time here). Took train to Jefferson City and a nice 20 mile ride to Easley and Cooper's Landing.

They have plenty of spots. If tent or hammock camping, best to stay on the east side. Trees are good distance for hammock and ground flat and fairly smooth for tent. On the weekend, the music might keep you up but it's always been good entertainment.

Showers are good. They have a toilet inside the office area near the showers which closes about 10pm or so. Then there are 2 outside potties, one big and one small, which are kept pretty clean. There are soft drinks and bottled beer/cider. The Thai food is served out of a small trailer adjacent to the office on the west side. It is very good and reasonably priced. Coopers also has food for dinner and breakfast at about 7am.

I always make this my first stop when starting at Jeff City. The people are friendly and the food is good. They have soap and towels for the shower.

Floyd Dowell from Manhattan, KS on 06/06/2016 01:30 PM:
Camped at Coopers Landing last Friday night. They had a great band and great ribs. Nice hot shower too! It pretty much quieted down by 11.

Cooper's Landing
Tonya from Gibson City, IL on 08/13/2015 01:00 PM:
I stopped here on the first and third days of my most recent trip. The Thai food was amazing and when I stopped on Sunday there was a gentleman playing bluegrass. It was a wonderful place to refuel and relax before the next stretch of your ride.

Cooper's Landing (Easley)
Tyler Young from Kansas City on 07/15/2009 11:05 AM:
When some friends and I stopped here on July 13th (and again on our

way back on the 14th) we were decidedly underwhelmed. I'm not sure

how we missed the Thai kitchen and the other cooking that everyone is

referencing here--perhaps these are upstairs? We only went into the

main store entrance on the Missouri River side. To be sure, though,

no one mentioned Thai food or the availability of breakfast (we

stopped around 5 pm and 9 am). The only food that we found was frozen

pizzas, corn dogs, and the like, which could be microwaved using their

appliances. Of course, there was also ice cream, candy bars, beer,

and bottled juice. In my opinion, though, none of this deserved the

"grocery store" marking on the planning map--we had expected to be

able to buy bread at the "grocery store," though again, it's possible

that we missed it. The first time we stopped, we got the impression

from the person working that we were on our own--he rang up our total,

but nothing more. The second time, a different man was working who

was much better to do business with--he was engaging and helpful. The

store is not bad for what it is (a little provisions shop). Just be

sure not to expect too much, as we did. If you need groceries or

other provisions, bring them from home so that you won't be

crestfallen when Cooper's doesn't have them.

Anonymous on 10/01/2009 11:39 AM:
Timing is everything. We have breakfast from 8 am to 10 am on Saturdays and Sundays. The Thai Kitchen is closed most Mondays so we try to have some sort of BarBeQue every evening around 6 pm. I can't be here all the time so sometimes the people keeping the store open are not very knowledgeable. So try to patient and appreciate the fact they are keeping the store open for you and the restroom, shower, and laundry are available. You can get more detailed information so you can have reasonable expectations on our website: http://www.cooperslanding.net/

Best Wishes, Mike Cooper

Jim from St. Thomas on 10/01/2009 04:30 PM:
Tyler.....I hope you get a chance to stop when they are serving food. It's not 5-Star cusine but they don't pretend that it is......just good food in a great setting. We are riding 20 miles and braving the crowd tomorrow evening to eat at the Thai Kitchen. Always a good time.

jd from gkc on 10/01/2009 06:58 PM:
I've eaten a freshly made hot sandwich at the store once. It was okay with no frills. The big TV there kept me occupied.. :) ;) The Thai Cafe is in a separte fairly large park-model mobile home just NE of the main store. Its food is supposed to be great, and lots of it. I plan to eat there sometime. :)

Chuck & Kaleb from Raytown, MO on 10/10/2009 10:36 PM:
We made it to Cooper's Landing on Sunday, Oct 4 about 5:30pm. The thai

food from the trailer beside the store was delicious and hearty, the

view was great watching the sun setting over the river, and the

entertainment was enjoyable as well. From here, we pedaled on to Jeff

City (mostly in the dark) and were glad to have filled up at Cooper's

Landing as it was one of the most enjoyable meals of our trip.

jason from Eureka Springs on 12/13/2009 06:38 PM:
Coopers was a great place, run by nice guys on thier own agenda. Cooper kept the office open for me a little late so I could get a shower, and the local scene was very interesting. I am planning on stopping again next year, cause its just a little slice of Stienbeckian style laidbackness.

Bob from Iowa on 09/06/2011 11:41 AM:
We just got back from camping here for Labor Day weekend. Phenominal! The people were helpful, the music and food were great and the location was perfect. If you are looking for a party, good food, cold beer and a great place to have fun with friends and family. This is the place. We will definitely make the 5 hour drive to camp there again! THANKS.

howardhughesblues on 10/03/2011 06:42 PM:
what's the live music? It is a jam session or open mike?

Karen largent from Sullivan, MO on 10/13/2011 09:05 PM:
Cooper's Landing was a Godsend for us! We traveled the trail in early August. A severe thunderstorm caught us off-guard....very scary. We were just taking some pictures at Boathenge and quickly tried to get ot Easley. We only made it as far as Cooper's landing. They were closed, but they let us in to dry off and be safe. There were terrible straight-line winds. They even dried my friend's jacket in their dryer! They were so kind to us....and we dried and went on our way. We are forever grateful to them for their hospitality!!

Anonymous on 04/10/2014 08:43 AM:
If you are looking for a breaktime and a mcdonald's you may be disappointed, if you want a place with personality and unique atmosphere, you will get that in spades, I'll take the latter.

Mike on 09/02/2014 03:36 PM:
I'm not sure who I ran into, but the guy at Coopers seemed really rude. I wouldn't spend my money there. Both people I ran into were not at all friendly. Maybe if you're a local they are nice. I regret giving them any of my money.

sharonbikes from Kansas City on 09/02/2014 08:48 PM:
I am not a local, but I have always found Cooper's Landing to be a great place to stop and take a break. The Thai food is wonderful. I am grateful it is there as Mike has always been friendly and gone above and beyond to help folks out on the Trail - even during a bit of a snowstorm, but, that is a story for another day! : )


AF Biker from O'Fallon IL on 06/28/2015 09:30 PM:
Stopped by yesterday, and couldn't be happier. I was on a 128-mile ride and Cooper's Landing was the perfect lunch stop. Thai food was (surprisingly) just what I needed, and the store had all the necessities and let me fill my bottles. Thanks guys!

Rut between Wilton and Easley
Ray (webmaster) on 05/08/2014 05:08 AM:
Beware of a rut across the trail between Easley and Wilton, 17.3 miles west of Jeff City, where an adjoining driveway has washed out across the trail.

dc from Jeff City on 05/27/2014 07:57 AM:
This has been fixed now

spottedwolf from Floridana Beach,Florida on 07/27/2011 03:34 PM:
I was therre afew years ago,and I seen a campground with Native American Teepee's on it.I thought it was neet overlooking the Mighty Mo.I just cant remember the name of the campground(atleast I'm almost certain,it was a campground).

MidSouth from Rogersville, MO on 07/28/2011 11:30 AM:
That would be the Riverview General Trading Store in Wilton, between Easley & Hartsburg. I've never actually seen anyone camped there.

cathy from columbia on 07/20/2011 10:13 PM:
I want to warn everyone about the stretch of trail just north of Easley.I realize the River Rd. is under water and there are signs that say share the trail with motar vehicles but my daughter and I were forced off the trail by two aggressive drivers who apparently did not want to share. We saw them drive into that little campground at the end of the road, the one with the junky trailers.

Jodi from Buckner, mo on 06/19/2011 08:05 PM:
Are there any RV sites? Thanks!

earthmaids4050 from Rolla on 01/21/2010 02:35 PM:
This was a great place to stop for lunch. Was not expecting to eat the best Thai food ever for lunch that day!

M from Little Rock on 02/23/2010 09:26 AM:
Where is the Thai restaurant from the trail?

Anonymous on 02/23/2010 10:23 AM:
The trail is right along the side of Coopers Landing with parking on one side and camping, river, restuarant on the other. You can't miss it.

Jim from St. Thomas on 02/23/2010 02:19 PM:
Just a couple of comments here......while I agree Chim's has great food calling it a restaurant is a bit of a stretch. The Thai Kitchen is in a little trailer - the kind they sell funnel cakes out of at the county fair. You go up to the window and order your food, grab a cold beer at the store and sit at a table overlooking the river until they call your name. Also, if you plan to eat there check Coopers website to make sure they are open. I think they are closed for the winter now and during the warm months they are not open every day. Great food though and well worth the trip.

frog lady from Cameron, MO on 08/23/2010 04:37 AM:
My daughter and I have eaten here each time we have biked the Katy. We are going again this Sept. and our mouth is already watering just thinking of Chim's food. The store is great too, and you can't beat the view of the river. The last time we ordered and split one as there is so much on your plate that if you eat it all you will be uncomfortable biking for the next hour or so! We learned that the hard way the first year.

Woody from Pratt Ks. on 04/09/2011 08:30 PM:
Easley Mo.Trying to find out about Clem Easley,name after him, and wife Elsi...maiden nams...Milton
The tavern was run by the brothers about the 1700 or 1800
Any info you can send me would be nice

Thomas from Cleveland on 04/12/2011 03:43 PM:
Is this Thai food a curry?
Curries are my favorites.

Cooper''s Landing (Easley)
Anonymous from St.Louis on 05/02/2010 01:11 AM:
This place is right on river! I havent camped, but I would! Coopers has the greatest meat sticks like gator, elk,and others! First time I have seen them and cant wait to get back for more!

Anonymous from Jeff City on 05/02/2010 08:12 AM:
Oh man the Ostrich is great, good cold beer too!

Anonymous on 05/03/2010 07:36 AM:
And the skink is to die for! What a great use of our natural trail resources too.

Cooper's Landing (Easley)
Frog Lady from Cameron MO on 05/06/2009 11:13 AM:
This place is awesome!!!!!! We were starving to death - ok - really hungry for real food - not energy bars - when we pulled in. There was no one around. We went in the store and there was a guy in there. He had about anything you might need in the store. We got some pop and ask him about the Thai food. He didn't think it was open on Mondays. Well, we went outside and Chim (I think that's her name) was there getting ready to do some cooking for that night. We know that because we ask. She agreed to cook us something, even though she really wasn't open. We chose a dish and she was able to make it for us. It was sooooooo good. We ate it all - bad idea as there was a lot and we still had a ways to go. We sure enjoyed it, though. We sat on the picnic benches eating that wonderful food and watching the river. The breeze was cooling, and it was a Zen moment.

Charlotte from Columbia on 07/13/2009 08:34 PM:
We have made the trip to Easley twice recently just to eat at Chim's Thai place(both times on a Saturday) and Chim's Thai Kitchen was closed. It was earlier than stated closed time (around 7:45pm or so) and she seemed upset and wouldn't give us a reason. She just said the kitchen is closed. Others were upset also because they rode there just to eat.

Dave Kiernan from Indianapolis on 05/13/2009 03:59 PM:
Any 2009 comments about Coopers Landing? I have about six couples biking and want to camp in that area as it seems to be the only camp area on the trail and river. I want to make sure it has decent restrooms and showers for the woman. Some comments made it sound rather noisey at night. Any comments would be appreciated.

frog lady from Cameron on 05/13/2009 05:27 PM:
Cooper's Landing is a unique place. It is right on the river and the view and breeze is wonderful. The Tai food os great, so have some, but if you are looking for showers - not there. There is a port-a-potty, but that's about it. I think if you are there on the weekend it may be noisier. We stopped on our way through last Sept. and even though the Tai place wasn't officially open, she made us a great meal. The store was open and they have a nice selection of food and other things you might need. Everyone was very friendly, but it was kind of "dead" when we were there - which was a Monday afternoon. If you go to the Interactive Katy Trail you will be able to see wehre there are campgrounds wdith real restrooms.

Christopher Jinks from Chicago on 06/09/2009 09:22 PM:
Interesting. The website for Coopers landing says "A Restroom with shower and laundry are available inside the store during store hours. For your further convenience, there are 3 outdoor port-a-potties and water hydrants available 24 hours a day."

Is it possible Frog lady missed the shoewers in the store?

Christopher Jinks from Chicago on 06/09/2009 09:24 PM:
Interesting. The website for Coopers landing says "A Restroom with shower and laundry are available inside the store during store hours. For your further convenience, there are 3 outdoor port-a-potties and water hydrants available 24 hours a day."

Is it possible Frog lady missed the showers in the store?

brad w from st louis on 06/10/2009 02:03 PM:
Unless it has changed in the last couple years, there is a shower. It is in the indoor bathroom in the store area.

I've camped there several times and used the shower. Noise was allowed until 10 (or 10:30?) and then it was quiet.

Good food and great views.

Cooper's Landing (Easley)
Derek from Oklahoma on 10/21/2008 11:33 AM:
When we first did the Katy trail in 2005, I was terrified to stop here. It looked like a scene from "Deliverance."

BUT- - - after visiting it just a week ago, I can confirm it has done a complete 180 under new management!!! It was a fabulous place!!

Jim from St. Thomas on 10/21/2008 03:10 PM:
Terrified?? Granted the majority of folks found at Cooper's are not wearing spandex and bike helments but I hardly find them terrifying. As far as I can tell Cooper's is the same great place to stop it's always been.

Pat from Home of Harry Truman on 10/24/2008 10:41 AM:
I remember my first experience with Mcbaine. My brother and I rounded the bend and smelled BBQ. Then I heard a guitar playing(deliverance!) and someone singing a John Prine song. "Sam Stone" I think it was. What a place! Perfect timing too. We had Perrier and gatorade at the one of the many picnic tables. Chatted it up with a couple from Columbia, had a snack and got back to it. It was real nice to sit by the river, take a break, and listen to the lone guitarist play some tunes. I pedalled off with the perfect mindset to get to Hartsburg.

Thanks, Mcbaine.

Pat from Home of Harry Truman on 10/24/2008 10:43 AM:
To correct my last post-I was referring to Coopers Landing. Sorry!

Tom from Cleveland on 11/29/2010 04:16 PM:
Real classy, Jim St. Thomas

Anon on 11/30/2010 11:57 AM:
See its website for more information... http://cooperslanding.net/

Chris from Festus on 12/01/2010 12:17 AM:
Wow, it took you two years to come up with that scathing remark?