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Farrington Park

Camping, Water, Restroom, Playground
Windsor MO
116 S County Line Rd

Farrington Park is located 9/10 mile from the Katy Trail, in Windsor MO

Directions: From the KT trailhead, go southeast on Florence for 8/10 mile. When Florence ends at Jackson St, go left on Jackson 1/10 mile. This puts you at the southwest corner of the park.

From Rock Island, easy ride from the connector east.
Park includes lake, campground, shelter house and shower house.
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Farrington Park
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Forum Discussions about Farrington Park

Farrington Park in Windsor
Anonymous on 05/29/2021 10:00 PM:
Park now has own page

Farrington Park in Windsor
KW from Lenexa,Kansas on 09/27/2020 12:36 PM:
Hot showers and a picnic shelter for for $10 a tent. A short walk to a Sonic restaurant. I always stay at this campground. Pay at the house across the small lake.

Farrington Park in Windsor
Aaron on 03/25/2017 08:03 PM:
Planning to camp at Windsor in June or July. Website link above is not working. Can anyone provide information that has recently camped at Farrington Park. Thank you.

Ray (webmaster) on 03/26/2017 03:59 AM:
I have not recently camped there, but I can tell you that the phone number listed for Farrington Park (660-647-3130) should still be valid - that's the number given for the park on the town's website.

I replaced the bad link with a new one from the Windsor Chamber of Commerce, The town website no longer has a separate page for the park; just the phone number.

Aaron from new bloomfield on 03/26/2017 10:11 PM:
Thank you Ray.

Rena from kansas city on 05/30/2017 04:13 PM:
I was just at Farrington Park. It is a very nice campground. The owner, Gloria, is very nice. the bathrooms and grounds are kept very clean. there is plenty of room to camp and there is a pavilion to hang out in if there is rain.

Keith from Columbia on 04/30/2018 08:42 PM:
When you get to the main intersection of the park from the Rock Island trail (NE 1301 Rd), with the lake to your right, you need to go down that road and make a left immediately after the lake to get to their office. (there aren't any signs indicating this, since it's probably assumed anyone staying will call for directions)

Also if you look at the area on Google maps, the camping sites are actually on Gasoline Alley, across the road from Farrington Park. Tent camping is $10 a night. The bathrooms are well-maintained and have a passcode on the door handle.

Farrington Park in Windsor
c from new york on 03/10/2015 04:33 PM:
Tent camped 1st week in March 2015. Nice CG (picnic tables,water, ect.); but bathrooms and showers were still closed for the winter. Had to go over to main park to use restroom. Highly recomended for trail users

Anonymous on 03/12/2015 09:24 PM:
Well done! Was the trail surface soft?

Farrington Park in Windsor
KW from Lenexa, Kansas on 10/07/2011 11:12 AM:
Sept 27,2011. Great place to camp.$7.00 one person,in tent. Pay at caretaker's house on site. Keypad lock on shower/restroom door. Amish horse carts pass by here often. Sonic just down the road by camp. Also a short cut back to the trail on County Line road.

Farrington Park in Windsor
Jodi from Buckner on 06/13/2011 05:25 PM:
My family stayed at Farrington Park campground over the weekend. RV sites are now available in addition to the tent sites. Only $15 for elec/sewer/water site, shaded and near the shower house, which was well maintained and secure. Water hookup quite a distance so bring a lengthy hose. Just a few blocks from the Katy. Park keeper very friendly and helpful. Look forward to staying there again.

Jodi from Buckner on 08/06/2011 05:36 PM:
Stayed there again about 4 weeks later. New management? Not as available despite phone calls, messages, notes. Could never get someone to contact us with code to Ladies bathroom/shower. Our girls had to use Mens because luckily they hadn't changed that code since last time. Still a nice place, but management unavailable/unreachable this time. Be ready to be on your own and possibly unable to utilize shower house if you can't obtain codes.

Farrington Park (Windsor)
savage24 from KC,MO on 06/24/2007 10:06 AM:
I rode from Clinton to Windsor the evening of 6/13. I arrived in town about 8:20 and wanted to get my tent set up at Farrington Park before it got dark and get some dinner before the Subway shop closed. Several people were fishing on the near side of the lake and I did not see the designated camping area (never did find it for sure), so I pitched my tent on the far side of the lake near a shelter house and bathrooms, beyond a gate with a sign stating that the gate was closed after 10pm. While not exactly secluded, this looked like a very quiet spot with the added benefit of no vehicle traffic (I would not be locked in - I could easily ride around the locked gate if i needed to leave).

While back in town getting a sandwich, I spoke with a sheriff's officer and told him where I was camped and asked who I should pay for camping. He replied that he did not think there was a charge for tent camping, but that I may need to move my tent from behind the gate that would be locked. He added that he had no problem with where I was camped, but he could not speak for the night officer. I decided to stay where I was, but be ready to cheerfully agree to move if told to do so. Shortly before ten a man in a pickup arrived to lock the gate and bathrooms. He was a councilman and park board member, worked for W-K Chevrolet, and I think he said his name was John. He said there was no charge for tent camping and that I was fine where I was, if anybody asked to tell them he said it was okay. He also left the mens bathroom unlocked for me. He said they were happy to have Katy Trail users visit Windsor and camp in the park and he invited me to come back and watch the cardboard boat races across the lake on July 4th. My only complaint about Windsor was the backyard dogs barking during the night. Farrington Park is beautiful and everyone I spoke with was freindly. I plan to make a small donation to park board and would camp there again.

JME from Lake St. Louis on 06/26/2007 11:47 PM:
Thank you for your comment on the camping. We will be going in that direction over the weekend and were planning on camping there.

Frog Lady from Cameron MO on 05/04/2009 01:52 PM:
My daughter and I stayed at the Farrington Park in Windsor last Sept. when we biked the trail. There was a house to the right of the lake as you rode up from the trail (you had to go up a hill and then down) who took money for camping, so I assumed it cost to camp. It wasn't much, $10 maybe, but there were no bathrooms where she directed us except for a porta-potty. It was a nice grassy area, but would have been nice to have known about the above place and that it really didn't cost. We found out the next morning that we could just continue on down the street (gravel) we were on, hit the Sonic, and then a short distance to the trail. The way we came the night before was longer. That happened a lot - especially at Booneville - go there to read our saga on that.

Farrington Park (Windsor)
Jason from Huntsville, AL on 10/11/2006 03:58 PM:
We camped here last week. It is pretty much right in the middle of town and the campsites are next to a fairly busy residential street. There are about 5 campsites, a porta potty, water, and fire rings. The manager of the park was very nice. We didn't have any problems camping that night and will probably camp there again. It's not much, but it's not bad either.

Farrington Park (Windsor)
GC from Columbia on 09/19/2005 03:52 PM:
Where is Farrington Park in Windsor located? I am thinking about camping there and am wondering how far off the trail it is. Anyone have an idea?

Ray (webmaster) on 09/19/2005 04:09 PM:
Here are directions, which I also added to the Farrington Park page on this website. It's a little less than a mile from the trail.

For additional information or for camping reservations, contact Windsor's Park Board President, Ruth Taylor, at 660-647-5804

From the trailhead, go southeast on Florence St for 8/10 mile. When Florence ends at Jackson St, go left (east) on Jackson 1/10 mile. This puts you at the southwest corner of the park.

MJP from Kansas City on 10/17/2005 11:46 PM:
Any reviews of this campground?

D & K from Blue Springs, MO on 07/03/2006 08:06 PM:
The camping is good at Farrington Park in Windsor. No showers, but portable John and regular facilities for bathroom near the lake. It is a pretty scene. We saw a striped bass jump out of the water. Three herons flying about. Bats at night. There are large trees near the camping area. It was our first experience camping together.

John from Tulsa on 07/08/2006 01:35 PM:
Does Farrington Park have a municple swimming pool? Thanks!

ET from Columbia on 07/10/2006 12:21 PM:
I'm pretty sure the answer is "no," and the lake isn't really a swimming lake, either.

dwight the troubled teen on 07/14/2006 12:51 PM:
Uhm... No disrespect to Farrington Park. The park groundskeeper is a wonderful man. Windsor is a lovely town.

But this is "get what you pay for" camping. Your $7 gets you a grassy spot directly under a streetlight with only a pump handle for services. It's a big, pretty park, but the authorized camping section is a tiny little corner. No complaints. It served me well.

Kids ride suggestions needed
Oa in USA from O Fallon IL on 03/23/2005 03:52 PM:
Hi, I would like to take our children on a short ride along the Katy Trail for our first ride to try out the experience. I was thinking staying overnight and then riding back the same route the next day. I thought Weldon Springs to Augusta; would anyone have some better suggestions? The children bike to school regularly and the youngest travels in my bike trailer. Thanks.

Anonymous on 05/12/2005 10:36 PM:
For a first time out I would stick to a shorter day trip rather than an overnighter with kids the first time. Be sure to take lots of water, gatorade or something similar as there is none on the trail. Snacks, sandwiches would be good, too. Remember kids tire out sooner than adults, usually. I've seen more than one group get on the trail, not figuring out how much energy they may not have for their return trip to the car. Know your limits and the kids. I don't know the kids' ages, but I do think starting off on an overnighter is way too much.

Anonymous on 05/12/2005 10:40 PM:
I would stick to a day trip rather than an overnighter the first time. I don't know the ages of your children, but I"ve seen plenty of groups get onto the trail and not figure out how much energy they needed for the return trip. There is no way to know if this trip would be too much-as in soreness-with needing to ride again the next day. I'd take plenty of liquids, snacks, sandwiches, etc. Then pace your trip so that everyone is not too exhausted to bike back to the car. AFter biking a few times to check everyone's endurance, perhaps then see if the kids are up for the overnight stay.

ET from Columbia, MO on 05/21/2005 08:35 PM:
We have been doing 2-3 night trips with our kids since they were 4 1/2 and 6, and they have been fantastic. The first two years they were on trail-a-bikes, then there was a year that they shared one trail-a-bike and one bike, and last year (ages 7 1/2 and 9), they were on their own bikes. Our longest day was about 30 miles, and that is too long to do very often. A couple of suggestions: the kids really like the train, if you can work that in, for example we have ridden to Jeff City, then taken the train to Sedalia, and then ridden home. It is a challenge getting across the bridge at Jeff City, though. We used the taxi service there, and they do have bike racks. Some of the more kid-friendly places we have stayed include Rendelman House (he let the kids stay in a funny little attic cubby, which they loved!)' The Globe in Hartsburg; The Little House in Marthasville(?), because you have it to yourself; and Cruce's Cabooses, which is off the trail a bit, but a great adventure for the kids; and the Doll's House in Rhineland.

D & K from Blue Springs, MO on 06/11/2005 07:08 AM:
We only have experience with the trail from Clinton to Sedalia and that is probably the farthest from you, but we did Windsor to Clinton and back one day and Windsor to Sedalia and back another. The camping is good at Farrington Park in Windsor. No showers, but portable John and regular facilities for bathroom near the lake. It is a pretty scene. We saw a striped bass jump out of the water. Three herons flying about. Bats at night. There are large trees near the camping area. It was our first experience camping together. I think you could do a one day from either Clinton or Sedalia to Windsor, camp there, head back the next day. We are late 40s and we did the Katy 78 miles in two days.