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Hartsburg Inn

Lodging, Camping
Mile marker 153.6
25 South First Street

Hartsburg Inn is located on the Katy Trail, in Hartsburg MO

Directions: Just off the Katy Trail at the north/west end of Hartsburg - 2 story white clapboard house just east of the bridge
The Hartsburg Inn is for no longer in business
Hartsburg Inn
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Hartsburg Inn
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Forum Discussions about Hartsburg Inn

Hartsburg Inn in Hartsburg
Seaview from Missouri on 09/17/2015 03:31 PM:
If you want a clean place to sleep and a shower in Hartsburg, and that is ALL you care about. Pay the overpriced rate they charge. For breakfast, go to Dottie's Cafe when it is open(check the hours/days). I would stay there again if necessary, because there is no good alternative.

Hartsburg Inn in Hartsburg
bicycling nurse from Missouri on 09/17/2015 02:29 PM:
Room was clean, with private bath. My suggestion, eat the store packages muffins, oatmeal, and yoghurt for supper as there is no restaurant open in the evening in Hartsburg. Next morning have a fantastic breakfast at Dotty's Cafe. Room is overpriced for what you get.

Hartsburg Inn in Hartsburg
Thomas Barney from Falling waters, on 07/01/2015 08:30 AM:
The Hartsburg Inn was a nice place to get a shower and a night's rest after a hot day on the Katy trail.However the breakfast was yogurt and store bought English muffins.There was no restaurant open after 2p.m. except The Hitching Post beer tavern which served frozen pizzas. The saving grace was Dottie's restaurant, the next morning, which serves arguably the best breakfast on the whole trail at a very reasonable price.

LJP from Lawrence, KS on 07/05/2015 06:45 PM:
Rode the entire trail 6/2015 - I had the same experience, except I stayed in the Gazebo with a tent. No food after 2pm and the pizza from the bar was not very good. Dotty's was the best breakfast on the trail. I found several places along the trail were not open, and I was glad I brought extra food with me.

Anonoh on 07/08/2015 04:30 AM:
Next ride stop at Jeff City, Columbia or Rocheport for more choices.

Hartsburg Inn in Hartsburg
Eric Patton from Kansas City on 10/23/2014 01:29 PM:
Stayed at the Hartsburg Inn October 14, 2014. I had been riding in the rain all day and all my clothes were soaked. I met with the very friendly owner Cath, who showed me to my room which was very clean and accommodating. She usually would not do this, but she saw I my belongings and I were soaked so she washed and dried all my clothes. I evidently left a bike glove in my room and she mailed it back to me without me asking. Great place.

Hartsburg Inn
Gary from Kahoka, MO on 10/04/2014 08:52 AM:
Stayed at HI last week at the middle of our end to end 4 day ride. Nice, clean, comfortable accommodations right off the trail. Worried a little about bikes stored under the deck but had no problems. Breakfast of muffins, oatmeal and yogurt was a little light for me but worked for the start of our 50 mile ride to Pilot Grove.

Hartsburg Inn in Hartsburg
Lemurs from Springfield on 08/04/2014 04:10 PM:
Good, comfortable place to crash in a rusticish farmhouse. The downstairs is two rooms, one with a queen bed and bathroom, adjoining a large room with four twin bad, so very flexible-- pricing is by the bed. Somewhat disappointing breakfast setup (given that there are few places to eat in the town) but we happily overlooked this because Cath was super nice and offered us cold cans of beer when we arrived and collapsed on the porch. Cute little town, and the Inn is exceedingly convenient to the trail.

Hartsburg Inn in Hartsburg
Stan & Kim Binnie from Trinidad, CA on 10/29/2013 07:03 PM:
We stayed at the Hartsburg Inn the night of October 17, 2013. The Inn is just off the Katy Trail and was a welcome sight after our ride from Boonville. Cath was very friendly and suggested dinner at the Hartsburg Grand which was great. The room was very comfortable with a nice bathroom and very quiet. We would recommend this as an overnight stay for anyone riding the Katy Trail.

Hartsburg Inn in Hartsburg
FISH13 from St. Louis, MO on 10/09/2013 04:08 PM:
Stayed one night on 10/6/2013 and nice and clean. They were very helpful and concerned about my health. 5 stars.

Hartsburg Inn in Hartsburg
Bill and Sandy Jackson from Kansas City, Mo on 10/25/2011 02:25 PM:
We love Hartsburg Inn and it is our favorite place to stay for our annual Katy Trail ride. It's really cute and comfortable and the town of Hartsburg is quiet,peaceful and right on the trail.

Hartsburg Inn in Hartsburg
Vicki from Americus, Ks on 10/09/2011 10:11 AM:
The Hartsburg Inn is a great little B&B to stop and relax. From the gardens outside to the clean crisp sheets on the beds, it was a splendid stay. Breakfast was light, but filling and provided the fuel we needed for biking. I would definately stay here again as I can't find a thing to complain about! Thanks Cath for providing a great place to lay my head.

Hartsburg Inn in Hartsburg
Brenda L Pedersen from Gardner on 09/26/2011 06:29 PM:
Cath, I wanted to write to thank you for a wonderful stay in the Hartsburg Inn. The accommodations were very comfortable, clean and quaint. Vic, Bev and I slept like babies. We all agreed we will definitely be back to the Hartsburg Inn and would recommend it to all! You were a perfect hostess and made us feel very welcomed and invited. Thanks again!

Hartsburg Inn in Hartsburg
ed rumbaugh from Lincoln, NE on 07/23/2011 05:16 PM:
We always plan our trips on the Katy trail so we can spend 1 or 2 nights at Hartsburg Inn. Always wonderful! Cath is open to requests for what we would like to have in the frig and always helpful and friendly. Will stay again and again. Last time was Apr. 2011.

Hartsburg Inn in Hartsburg
Laurie from Omaha on 07/18/2011 06:49 PM:
The Hartsburg Inn has been our stop-over spot twice during our Katy Trail rides. Cath keeps the rooms so, so clean. The decor is tasteful and comfortable, and the towels are thick and thirsty. I love this charming little place. The website is 100% accurate. The Inn breakfast fit the needs of a cyclist very well. Enjoy!!

Hartsburg Inn (Hartsburg)
Paul & Fiona from Leavenworth, KS on 04/16/2010 08:03 AM:
We stayed here during the week with Cath and had a great time. The Hartsburg Inn is well set up for kids, as we put them in one room with twins and we took the other. Breakfast is a little light-on (but only because of our experience at The Doll House I expect), but adequate. Both The Hitching Post and The Big Muddy were open for business.

michael rodemeyer from Hartsburg on 04/16/2010 05:36 PM:
We're glad you stayed in our little town. Catherine does a great job as hostess as well as Jeanette at the Globe B & B. Glad the Hitching Post and Big Muddy were open. Their hours are later in the day but they may open sooner in the day if there is enough need. Please let them know.

Hartsburg Inn (Hartsburg)
Cathy from Pittsburgh, PA on 07/14/2009 05:11 AM:
We stayed at the Hartsburg Inn last week. The room was clean and cozy and you could not ask more of our hostess Cath. We arrived in town when Dotty's was closing and the Hitching Post has closed (as of a couple of weeks ago). We were starving and Cath most graciously offered her car to go to town and get something to eat. She was very accommodating. Would definitely stay there again.

Hartsburg Inn (Hartsburg)
Anonymous on 06/20/2009 06:46 PM:
We stayed here after a very cold, rainy ride from Boonville and Cath greeted us and offered to let us use her dryer after saying she didn't want us (we had reservations), but otherwise there's not a lot on offer here. Concrete floors, no place to eat (other than the local bar's frozen pizza, and some locals brought in their leftovers from a fish fry, winning our gratitude.) Breakfast was a packet of oatmeal, a small walmart yogurt, one English muffin to toast and a tin of juice. The owners upstairs were quite noisy til quite late and the beds were hard as a rock. We could hear every word they said and they were banging chairs around like they were having a bar fight. No TV, nothing to read, but plenty of hot water. Pretty pricey for what it was. it's a long stretch with very few options, but unless Dotty's is open, forget Hartsburg and ride on.

Darrell from Jeff City, MO on 06/20/2009 09:34 PM:
I can't agree with this statement, "it's a long stretch with very few options, but unless Dotty's is open, forget Hartsburg and ride on."

While biking the trail back in April, I had a very enjoyable stay at the Globe Hotel, wonderful host with interesting conversation. Yes, Dotty's is great and so is the Globe Hotel.

Doug from Bluffton on 06/21/2009 06:26 AM:
I would like some more details on her saying "she didn't want us". Seems like something is being left out. Definitely not enough information to justify the attack.

Anonymous on 06/21/2009 08:03 PM:
As a reply to Doug, she made this comment after looking at our drenched, exhausted faces and rainsuits, then acted like she was just joking and opened the door after verifying that we had reservations. She offered to let us use her dryer, but that was the last we saw of her. (We HEARD them til midnight since they live above the guest room, apparently.) Then we also couldn't get the heater to work and couldn't find any extra blankets. I guess she figured we'd find the bar for food since it's a small town, but didn't offer any directions or helpful info at all, and I actually would have gone the wrong way. It was so rainy I can't imagine not helping my guests find the only food venue in town if I were running a B&B and charging those prices.

We met up with some other folks that night and the next who stayed at the Globe and they weren't impressed with their accomodation either. To each his own, I guess. Glad you were happy with your experience, but we weren't with ours, and that's what this forum is about, isn't it?

DougK from Troy on 06/21/2009 08:06 PM:
I also question scenario. Cath was awesome when I showed up without a reservation. The oatmeal and yogurt breakfast was exactly what I needed for hiking.

cunninghamair from O''Fallon, MO on 06/21/2009 08:43 PM:
No TV at a B&B is not unusual. A continental breakfast is common along the Katy--I've

learned to read carefully, because I can't have gluten. Sorry you had a bad experience.

Doug from Bluffton on 06/21/2009 10:13 PM:
For the person with no name, No the comment forum is NOT about whining that you were unhappy with your experience. It is to offer INFORMATION that will help others decide how to plan their trip, not anonymously slamming businesses along the trail by offering partial quotes of an event. You should have stated the whole truth and nothing but the truth from the beginning. Your day might not have been going well and you missed her joke but someone else might have caught the humor of the situation more quickly. I do not dispute your right to state your case but do it fairly, openly, and completely. By remaining anonymous you effectively remove your targets opportunity to rebut. You are certainly not the only customers that have showed up in the rain this year so how could the owners know how to respond? As to her not offering any information about the town, it's possible she didn't even consider it as Hartsburg is very small, or she had something else on her mind, or you might even want to consider your part in that. Examine your behavior and see if there was anything that would have distanced her from you. Often when someone has had a bad day they display their displeasure in such a manner that other people try to avoid contact with them. Just a possibility.

michael rodemeyer from Hartsburg on 06/22/2009 09:54 AM:
Maybe the riders complaining about Hartsburg shouldn't ride on the Katy Trail if they want steak and wine at every stop. As to telling them where to go in Hartsburg we only have 3 streets in town and it would be hard to get lost. Actually Cath and Jeanette go out of their way to help riders along the trail. I'm sorry we don't have 5 star accomodations for you but we're a town of 108 people and its hard to make a living off the occasional biker in a rain storm. I'm sure Cath was surprised you were out in the bad weather. Don't write us off. Hartsburg citizens are actually nice people for the most part.

Trek on 06/22/2009 12:03 PM:
"I were running a B&B and charging those prices." Looking at their website the cost is around $30 a night per person.....that's too high??

Tom from Columbia on 06/22/2009 05:18 PM:
Trek, where did you find $30 a night? Their website says rooms start at $70 a night.

Trek on 06/22/2009 08:02 PM:
The poster said "We stayed" and if that was 2 at $70 a night it cost each of them around $30 a night. Well okay....$35 plus tax. Thats a small price to pay to use a dryer and to get out of the rain to me. Not something to complain about anyway.

Tom from Columbia on 06/22/2009 09:22 PM:
I read your post too fast trek and missed the "per person" part. Oops.

Brian L. from Wichita on 06/22/2009 11:15 PM:
I am reluctant to dive into this wasp's nest :-) but I would like to say I think a few of you are being a little too harsh. The original poster *did* offer specific criticisms, despite Doug's argument otherwise. He may have been whiney, but it didn't seem like an "attack" to me. And as far as "By remaining anonymous you effectively remove your targets opportunity to rebut", Mr. Anonymous is really not that much more anonymous than someone going by "Trek" or "Arkie". I would hope we can keep our forum a little more civil by giving people the benefit of the doubt and politely asking for clarification and/or simply relating our own experiences as rebuttal instead of berating them.

For instance, my stay at the Globe a few weeks ago was AWESOME (as I posted shortly thereafter) & Jeanette couldn't have been friendlier or more accommodating.

Doug from Bluffton on 06/23/2009 07:14 AM:
Mu first response WAS only asking for clarification, after learning more I DID berate the poster for not fully disclosing the events from the start, and no name or pseudonym the opportunity to defend oneself is severely hampered. AS I said, I do support the right to comment about an experience but do it fairly. I feel that I am being civil to the RECIPIENT of the criticism when I comment. Glad to hear something positive! People along the trail are struggling with limited budgets and sporadic clientele to provide services to the best of their ability. I do not agree with Mike that people shouldn't be on the trail if they don't have what they want at every stop. However, enjoying the trail for what it is not what you want it to be wouldn't hurt. An old cycling adage is "If you're not having fun, lower your standards" Enjoy life!

Anon posting as Trek : ) on 06/23/2009 07:48 AM:
Well said! I could not agree more Doug! It is what it is. And what it is, is a rail bed that has been converted to a trail that passes through rural Missouri.

When you embark on your Katy journey....know that you are passing through rural American and that for that time you are living in their it is in many rural Missouri communities.

"Enjoy the trail for what it is not what you want it to be." - Doug

Cath on 06/23/2009 01:01 PM:
Thought I would reply to the first negative posting I've had in 5 years. I did say, "I don't want you!" as a joke. They were soaking wet and muddy. Bad timing on my part and I apologize. I did offer to dry their clothes. I did point out the Hitching Post as the only place in town to eat and also left two complimentary drink coupons in the room. The floors are concrete because it floods here. There are area rugs. There were 3 of us in the kitchen upstairs. It was Memorial Day and it was over by 9 p.m. There are two extra blankets in the wardrobe. True, no TV after the digital switch. But there is a bike book by Jerry Dusterhoff, the Katy Trail Guide Book, promotional material about the area and a history book on the area all located in the room. The beds are firm and the water is hot. Breakfast includes coffee, tea, juice, hot chocolate, yogurt, English muffins with butter and jam and oatmeal.

Brian L. from Wichita on 06/23/2009 09:58 PM:
"Enjoy the trail for what it is not what you want it to be." - Doug, as quoted by Trek.

I approached my trail "trek" last month from Sedalia to Hermann a little differently and it gave me a whole new perspective and appreciation for what a gem we all share in the Katy Trail. I camped! This was my first big camping trip and, while it was definitely rougher than hotels, I felt a real sense of accomplishment and felt closer to nature after it was all over. Corny, but true. So, you're right -- get to know the trail & what it has to offer, not what you expect based on your experiences from other vacations.

PS - I did spend one night in a B&B (the aforementioned Globe), and -- even though tent camping is fun -- the nice bed, washer/dryer, and indoor breakfast were a welcome respite in the middle of the week!!!

Trek on 06/24/2009 08:57 AM:
It’s great that you had that experience Brian. And to me anyway…, it’s not corny. I know that there are a lot of MO’s for riding the Katy, but whatever it is the underlying element is that the trail is a rural path through many very small communities. It is what it is…..nothing more, nothing less. Some towns have two choices to eat and others have too many to choose from. Sleeping accommodations range from a $5 hostel to $200 plus B&B’s.

Every trail we ride including the Katy, we slog along taking pictures (we still need more for some reason) and stop periodically to visit with others (locals and riders). We take what we can from these experiences and are grateful. We camp, stay in historic hotels, and also enjoy the B&B scene. We eat GU and tuna at trailheads because that’s all we have and we eat at the more expensive locations too, like the burger joints and the linen tablecloth places.

I followed a couple’s journey on a year or two ago as they traveled from the west coast heading east. They were on a TransAm trip to get out of the rat race. I kept a close watch as they approached Missouri because of their intent to cut through on the Katy. I wanted their perspective on this gem! A few days after they were off the Katy in Illinois, they ended their trip and returned home. In their ride journal they mentioned how they discovered that by being out on the road they never had left the rat race. The real escape was on the Katy. Having discovered that it was time to be grateful and head home!

Happy Rider from small town Illinois on 06/24/2009 07:00 PM:

Comment forum means comment forum, and comments can be positive or negative. If I put all the facts in, this would turn into a small book, but thought comments were to share a BRIEF comment about your impressions/experience at that particular locale. `The ride was rainy for the whole trail but we didn't complain about any other experiences and overall, rated our ride as excellent and will do it again.

To the folks who were so nice by sharing their fish fry at the Hitching Post, and the bartender who did her best with what she had, thanks very much, we REALLY appreciated it!

Never saw any drink coupons or were told about them, were only told to leave our check on the dresser. And yes, I already acknowledged that Cath offered to let us use her dryer (in the very first sentence of my original comment.) We are small towners with midwestern roots, so do not feel we had unrealistic expectations at all, just felt the experience at this particular location was less than hospitable or considerate of their guests, other than the one offer, which we didn't utilize. I have actually worked at a B&B myself and we always went out of our way to make our guests feel welcome, comfortable and that we appreciated their business (and would tell their friends to come!)

To attack us for sharing a negative experience is what I feel is missing the point of this forum. Overall, we were very impressed with the hospitality we received along the trail and wrote several positive comments on the appropriate listings. This was the only negative one we wrote and I hardly feel it was as negative as Doug wants to interpret!!! Perhaps Cath will (has) learn(ed) something and will impress her next guests with a more positive experience.

Hartsburg Inn (Hartsburg)
Joan and Al from St. Charles on 09/13/2008 10:23 AM:
The room was clean and cozy. Yes, we could only get frozen pizza at the Bar and Grill, but it was better than the Honey and Oat bars in my bag.

We had breakfast at the cafe on Wed morning, which was very good,plus we had some turkey wraps made up for traveling with us for lunch. Thank goodness we did that, as there was not much between Hartsburg and Hermann.

Joan and Al

Hartsburg Inn (Hartsburg)
K Reed from Ballwin, MO on 09/12/2008 07:50 PM:
The room at the Inn was a great price for a roomy clean place to sleep. We knew the bar didn't open until 4 pm, but when we got there, the oven was broken and all we could get in town was frozen pizza. We had warm cookies soon after we arrived and popcorn for an eveing snack, but not much of a breakfast, which did't help much since dinner the night before didn't provide much needed protein.

Hartsburg Inn (Hartsburg)
kittywhiz from Oregon on 06/06/2008 10:34 PM:
Our stay at the Hartsburg Inn was a great bargain. It is spacious, quiet, and home baked cookies are awaiting your arrival. The accommodations are basic, the breakfast is minimal but adequate, and the town is quiet and picturesque. It is one of my favorite towns on the trail. We knew Dottie's Cafe would be closed, so we ate at the Thai trailer at Cooper's Landing (really good and reasonably priced) before arriving Hartsburg. The bar was an experience- they were roasting a whole pig on the barbecue.

Hartsburg Inn (Hartsburg)
Angela from Columbia on 04/14/2008 11:41 AM:
Best deal in Hartsburg! We stayed Friday and Saturday. The rates are very reasonable. Accomadations are great and the proprietor is very friendly. She even had homemade cookies waiting for us in the room! We brought our dogs and had a great time walking the trail. Dotty's Cafe has great food and the Hitching post was a good time.

Hartsburg Inn (Hartsburg)
SP from Jackson, MS on 06/06/2007 04:32 PM:
Best deal on the trail. Great place to stay!

PJA from St. Louis MO. on 06/23/2007 09:13 PM:
Outstanding place to stay. The price is very good and the rooms are very clean and well furnished. Cath, the owner couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend the Hartsburh Inn.

Katy Trail Lodging
Jerry and Janet Schmackers from Maria Stein, Ohio on 10/23/2005 09:28 PM:
Just finished 5 days, 200 miles, from Sedalia to St. Charles. Oct. 15 thru 19th, 2005. All went fine, only 1 flat, on Raleigh Touring bikes with 700x38 tires. We are 64 years old, and averaged about 45 miles per day. All plans were arranged from the BikeKatyTrail site.

PEERS STORE, owned by Barb, is outstanding in all ways. Nice room, exceptional food, helpful, and priced right. Locals are fun to converse with also. Only bath needs some updating and Barb is working towards that.

RENDLEMAN'S B&B has very good food, (dinner and breakfast ). Doug is also an avid biker, cook and easy to converse with.

HARTSBURG INN owned by "Cath", very clean, with in room TV, Microwave. Locate right at trails edge.

Have photo's of lodging and will gladly converse on helping with anyone planning a trip.

rfc from Shoreview MN on 10/07/2006 06:17 PM:
This B&B was at just the right spot after biking 80 miles on that day. Supper was pot roast with carrots, potatoes and acorn squash and a salad. It was tasty and we were starving. Breakfast was French toast with fresh peaches. The sleeping rooms were upstairs and the bathrooms were downstairs. Our room was small, clean, spartan and air conditioned. Doug is a very interesting host.

Hartsburg Inn (Hartsburg)
JD from Joplin on 09/24/2006 07:55 PM:
Very accommodating. Called one hour before arriving. Room had tv, microfridge w/juice & yogurt, patio to cover bikes & plenty of space.

Hartsburg Inn (Hartsburg)
TimG from Ozark, MO on 05/30/2006 10:51 AM:
What a nice place to stay. Cookies waiting for us and yogart, juice and water in the fridge. The town was so friendly.

Hartsburg Inn (Hartsburg)
Georgeann and Charlie from Kirkwood MO on 11/08/2005 10:14 AM:
Just made the ride from Sedalia back to Kirkwood and had a great trip. Stayed the first night at the Hartsburg Inn and it was just what we needed. The refrigerator in the room was stocked with juice,water and yogurt. We were able to start another day of riding with a nice breakfast and coffee right there in the room. Our hoste was most gracious and accomodating. We'd recommend this place to all.

Hartsburg Inn (Hartsburg)
tildymae from denver, colorado on 06/21/2005 08:40 PM:
This is a really nice old home in a beautiful old village. I enjoyed my stay there. Comfortable bed, private bath, spacious - with access to porch. Combined with the beauty of the KatyTrail, which was just outside the door, this was a great weekend for me. Thanks!

Hartsburg Inn
Kari from Des Moines on 06/18/2005 05:46 PM:
My husband and I stayed at the Hartsburg Inn in mid-june. The owner is very hospitable, she even had newly baked chocolate chip cookies waiting for us and fresh flowers in the room. It's air conditioned, has a fridge and a microwave. Nice place to stay and reasonably priced.