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Hartsburg Trailhead

Parking, Restroom, Repair Station
Water is available from restroom sinks year-round

Hartsburg Trailhead is located on the Katy Trail, in Hartsburg MO

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Hartsburg Trailhead
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Forum Discussions about Hartsburg Trailhead

Globe Hotel Bed and Breakfast
Leaia Clervi from Hartsburg, MO on 04/07/2023 12:09 PM:
Opening May 23, 2023 by reservation only.
For information send email: globehotelbedandbreakfast@gmail.com
OR text: (573)355-3806

Found electric battery
Tim travers from Hartsburg on 02/24/2023 12:06 PM:
Hello. I recently found a Himaway electric battery on the trail around Wilton Missouri. If it’s yours please contact me at 5738184309.

Hartsburg Trailhead in Hartsburg
Michael A. Rodemeyer from Hartsburg Mo on 08/15/2022 07:37 PM:
It must have been a bad night, which all little towns have occasionally, especially with us having no on site law. Most of the time we are quiet and peaceful. We don't want a bad rep like this.
Cathy Bordner, did you leave us because of this review? We miss you and Dave.

Cathy from Pittsburgh on 08/15/2022 10:53 PM:
Hi Mike (and Nancy), We moved to Pittsburgh in Nov. 2017 to help our daughter and her husband with childcare. They now have 2 kids. Our son and his family now live in Texas, and have 2 kids. You may remember their oldest daughter, Amara. I used to bring her to MRBA meetings when she was 3 years old. She's now 11. I bike on the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) trail now, and other trails in Western PA. But I really miss the Katy Trail and places like Hartsburg and all the great little towns we went to. And I miss you and Nancy. My new email is cathy.bordner@gmail.com. I would love to re-connect with you guys.

I'm not sure about the review you are referencing. But I know from experience what a wonderful town Hartsburg is, and the friendly welcoming people there. It is a very special place.

Hartsburg Trailhead in Hartsburg
John from A more quiet place on 09/12/2021 03:12 AM:
Do not camp here! Young people party at the trailhead parking lot all night. No police enforcement. Bathrooms are the worst on the trail. Cars drive through continuously. Ride through Hartsburg and keep on going.