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Hometown Convenience Store

Convience Store and Deli
100 E Walnut St

Hometown Convenience Store is located approximately 0.3 mile from the Rock Island Trail, in Chilhowee MO

Directions: From trail take Pennsylvania north to Walnut, go west 1 block
Open daily except Sunday

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Hometown Convenience Store
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Forum Discussions about Hometown Convenience Store

connectivity at Chilhowee?
Acoustic Al from Fort Collins on 06/09/2024 12:22 PM:
Would anyone know if T-Mobile 5G is solid in Chilhowee or WiFi at the Corner Café? Happy trails everyone!

Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins from Windsor on 06/10/2024 04:46 PM:
Not sure what you're referring to as Corner Cafe. Only thing in Chilhowee is Hometown Convenience Store. Probably just call them and ask about Verizon

Acoustic Al from Fort Collins on 06/10/2024 09:32 PM:
Kim, Hi again, and thank you! WiFi at Home Town Convenience, and so much more. Today, Dusty made us be at home with handmade fresh sandwiches and sides, and a wide choice of ice.cold.beverages - shop local!

The interwebs have also useful sites such as
coverage was good in Chilhowee, cheers, Acoustic Al

Kim Henderson - Kim's Cabins from Windsor on 06/11/2024 10:36 AM:
Great to have you all stay! Good for all to know on Chilhowee thanks

Chilhowee Corner Store in Chilhowee
April from Chilhowee on 05/07/2017 01:53 PM:
Just wanted to update anyone riding the Rock Island. We are open Monday thru Saturday 7:30 am to 7:30 pm. We have sandwiches, snacks, drinks, our kitchen will open soon for daily special. We have an eating room you can sit and rest in, our bathroom is open to the public. I also offer free ice and water bottle refills from the tap. Come in and see us! We are the first top east from Pleasant Hill that has services so it is a great place to take a break after riding over 20 miles. Best Wishes, April

April from Chilhowee on 05/07/2017 01:54 PM:

KBLS from Lee's Summit on 05/08/2017 10:25 AM:
I stopped in on Saturday and bought some snacks. Can't wait for the kitchen to open.

Kathleen from Austin on 06/11/2017 08:26 PM:
I was there in early May. Mostly convenience store type food, but they do have a microwave. They do have a nice room to sit while you eat. Was hoping for a meal, but got something to drink and a substantial snack.

KBLS from Lee's Summit on 06/23/2017 02:17 PM:
Planning on being there Monday June 26th will you be open and serving lunch? If so do you know what you are serving?? There will be 5 of us stopping.

Anonymous on 06/23/2017 03:45 PM:
Wouldn't it make more sense to call the store and ask? Alexander really was on to something there.

Anonymous from Lee's Summit on 07/31/2017 06:23 PM:
Yes, 10x better idea to call.

Chilhowee Corner Store in Chilhowee
KBLS from Lee's Summit on 02/21/2017 10:25 AM:
I am very glad to find the store open yesterday on our ride. Chilhowee is the perfect spot for a Corner Store to get a refreshment or snack riding on the trail. Hope many riders will support the store.

MB from Lees Summit on 02/22/2017 05:44 PM:
Good info. Thanks for posting it. Nice to know there is a store in Chilhowee.

April from Chilhowee on 05/07/2017 01:49 PM:
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND WORDS! I look forward to serving cyclist the best I can.

Chilhowee Corner Store in Chilhowee
Blue Tapp from St. Charles, MO on 04/30/2017 02:16 PM:
This place was a life saver when we biked through here on our Katy Trail trip in early April 2017. There's not really anything else in Chilhowee but this place has a sufficient selection of snacks and drinks and even a little area with tables and chairs to eat.

The woman working there (maybe the owner?) was very nice and said that they are planning to start stocking some basic bicycling supplies. Sounds like they are really going to try to cater to the cyclists.

April from Chilhowee on 05/07/2017 01:47 PM:
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND WORDS. Yes I am the owner and I very much look forward to catering to the cyclists in anyway I can!