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The Station House at Katfish Katy's

Mile marker 171.7
8825 W. Sarr St
573-447-3939 / 573-447-4109

The Station House at Katfish Katy's is located on the Katy Trail, in Huntsdale MO

Fri 5-9
Sat/Sun 11-8

Seasonal: April - October, early and late season weather permitting
No camping or overnight parking
Pets allowed on the lawn - not in the dining area.
The Station House at Katfish Katy's
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The Station House at Katfish Katys
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Forum Discussions about The Station House at Katfish Katy's

The Station House at Katfish Katy's - CLOSED
Bill in Houston from Houston on 03/02/2021 10:22 AM:
Katfish Katy's closes, space open for new business

The owners are of course looking for new tenants to run a business there, and I'd expect it to be similar.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 03/19/2021 09:47 AM:
New operators have been found. More to come.

The Station House at Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale
MJBG from Fort Collins, CO on 09/12/2018 08:37 PM:
My husband and I wanted to camp here, based on what we read about beautiful camping spots with shade near the river, from this property. Well, Katfish Katy's has a fence around it, you need a keycode to get into the fenced area; and from the outside it looks closed. I later found that their website "The Station House at Katfish Katy's" indicates hours are:Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun. weather permitting. Website doesn't indicate any camping. A biking local familiar with the change said that someone was found cooking crystal meth in the parking lot; ???? hence all of the changes with the fencing, etc. If that's true, then so sad that the public misses out on the beauty of the place, since access to and from the Katy Trail is also restricted from Katfish Katy's. I'll update this if I find that this info is incorrect.

The Station House at Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale
BikerBoy from Maryville, IL on 08/23/2018 09:02 AM:
I have not had the chance to stop there yet, but will do so in a couple of weeks. A timely article on Station House:

The Station House at Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale
Nicole & Dave from Dardenne Prairie on 08/22/2018 05:28 PM:
We stopped in for a few hours at Katfish Katy's during our full Katy Trail Trip (Aug. 17-22, 2018). This place is fantastic. Great porch area, cold beers, immaculate bathrooms and plenty of cycling folks. The Jalapeno hush puppies are a must have if you need a snack. Cannot wait to go back.

Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale
Don Brown from Littleton Colorado on 05/18/2017 09:01 PM:
Is katfish Katy's open now? Last year we road though there and it was closed. It looked major renovations were going on. Is there a re park or campground there?

Jodygofast from Columbia MO on 05/20/2017 06:57 PM:
Yes Katfish Katy's is open. It's a bar and grill with live music. Right now open Fri 5-9 and Sat/Sun 11-8. It's a great place to stop and grab a bite and brew on the trail. There is no longer any camping, but there is an area for boat access. Check out their website. as it will have the upcoming music etc..

Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale
Anonymous on 12/31/2016 12:28 PM:
New website is Check for open hours.

Former campground here is closed.

MidSouth from Rogersville on 01/01/2017 08:42 PM:
Don't think they will last long with those menu prices in that neighborhood. $12 for catfish basket?

Anonoh on 01/02/2017 08:20 AM:
Columbia bike traffic, sure they will.

Anonymous on 01/02/2017 09:11 AM:
Looks like a great stop for all Katy riders. Glad to see the new look. Several choices on the menu with all items but one below $12.

Katfish Katy's has been a great stop for years and looks to be even better in 2017!

Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale
Bill Chappuie from Olathe,Ks on 11/13/2016 09:43 PM:
Had lunch at the new Station this afternoon (11/13/2016). Great food. Looks like this will become a destination spot next year, with outdoor stage and all.

Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale
Amy from Kansas City on 10/18/2016 02:41 PM:
Visited the new Station at Katfish Katy's on Oct 1, 2016. They had been open 3 weeks. Had a cold water as it wasn't time for lunch yet, but wanted to check the place out. Looked like you could get a decent meal on the trail here. Nice covered and open patios. Set up for live music. Nice place.

Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale
cliff from charlotte nc on 04/25/2016 01:54 PM:
Their website says they will be closed for 2016

Anonymous on 04/25/2016 02:05 PM:
That's a bit misleading cliff, and is how rumors get started. It says they will be closed for camping. There is also a store and a boat ramp.

KM on 04/26/2016 04:01 AM:
I just rode past last weekend and they were closed. It looks like they are remodeling the store.

Robert from Texas on 05/13/2016 08:58 AM:
I called to make reservations. The previous owner called me back and said she cold the place. I called the new owner and they said no camping "at least for 2016".

Anonymous on 05/15/2016 07:24 PM:
It's not really misleading if there is no one there and there is nothing offered for sale. It's closed.

Anonymous on 05/16/2016 06:50 AM:
When you go to their website and it says: "Katfish Katys will be closed for camping throughout 2016. For boat ramp information, please see the link below" it is then misleading to post here that they will be closed making it sound like the whole business is closed when they say closed for camping. Since cliff's misleading post, they may have also closed the store, but their website does not indicate so.

Katfish Katy's
deboweth from Centralia,IL on 10/24/2013 11:14 AM:
We rode the trail 1st week of October and stayed 1 night at Katfish Katy's.
We stoped at the trailside cafe in Rocheport for a snack before Katfish Katy's And was I glad we did. The camp store had beverages and cat litter. No sandwiches at all.
We were charged $10 dollars to camp and was assured although there were a few campers with families it was quiet.
We got our tent set up showered and about dark here come the locals with their coolers.
Bet they did not have to pay $10 to drink.
So if you are looking for a quiet place to stay and a sandwich, keep on going!!~!~!!!

Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale
Lonnie from Kansas City on 04/19/2012 06:47 PM:
had a good night of camping. Good view of river. Hot showers. Store had limited resources but it was enough.

Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale
KW from Lenexa, Kansas on 10/07/2011 11:25 AM:
9-28-2011. Have stayed here once before. Safe campground for lone traveler. $15.00. With a shower, small store which they will open if it is closed.

Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale
zbiker on 09/27/2011 04:56 PM:
Stopped by on Sunday 9/25 to enjoy the Naked Hippies BBQ and blues music jam. Very nice break about halfway through my 40 mile bike ride. Very laid back, stage is on the river, good music.

Katfish Katy's (Huntsdale)
Kraig T. from St. Louis, MO on 10/03/2010 08:36 PM:
My wife and I camped at Katfish Katy's last night and it was a nightmare of a camping experience. It is a fair (at best) campground with trash and broken glass in the campsite. The noise and commotion was appalling. There was a large group of campers blaring their music and yelling which lasted until 2:00AM. Then the music started again at 7:30AM. I could not break camp fast enough to get away from there. Beware!

Lawrence from Columbia MO on 05/24/2011 06:25 PM:
Must have been a bad bunch that night. The Campground hosts usually take care of that kind of problem pronto!

Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale
Lawrence from Columbia MO on 05/24/2011 06:23 PM:
I have stayed at Katfish Katy's several times. It is a nice campground, and the people are nice. Often there is live music on their stage, and breakfst cookign at the store. Has a little store with some essentials, like cold ice cream on a hot day. If the river has risen, call ahead to make sure things are open. They have tent sites, group sites, and a cabin.

Katfish Katy's (Huntsdale)
JimB from O''''Fallon on 08/22/2009 11:41 AM:
We camped at Katfish Katy's Tuesday August 2, 2009. Great place to camp with great showers/restrooms. Lots of sites to chose from - all a nice walk to the showers. A thankful and much needed cup of coffee in the morning to start our day back on the trail. Easy to locate as you ride into Huntsdale...

Katfish Katy's (Huntsdale)
Bruce from O'Fallon, IL on 09/06/2007 08:42 PM:
Try their breakfast sandwich. Very good. Friendly people.

Katfish Katy's (Huntsdale) is HIGH & DRY! OPEN FOR BIZ!
Brett Dufur from Rocheport on 05/12/2007 06:04 PM:
Hi all -- Katfish Katy's at Huntsdale is 110% open for business. The trail in both directions is dry. There must have been 25 cyclists at their store this afternoon. I repeat: Katfish Katy's in Huntsdale is OPEN FOR BUSINESS AS USUAL. I heard Cooper's Landing in Easley had about 6 inches of water on their floor (and plenty of beer). I got to tour the river and wetlands today. All of the Katy Trail portions between Rocheport to below Huntsdale all appeared to be fine from the river. here's a link to Cooper's Landing newsletter with lots of great links of upcoming activities and "flood that didn't happen" links:

P.S. The kayaking was otherworldly. Very incredible day!

See you on the trail! Brett

Huntsdale - Katfish Katy's
Gorn from Overland Park, KS on 04/23/2007 09:49 AM:
We camped at Katfish Katy's last Friday and it couldn't have been much better. The river slides by like a constantly changing impressionist painting just feet from your campfire. The Katfish store has whatever you forgot. Clean bathrooms and a place to shower, too. A clear night under a billion stars and you're good to go.

Katfish Katy's (Huntsdale)
Tim and Laurell Brown from Santa Maria, CA on 02/28/2007 12:31 PM:
We camped here July 11, 2006. Nice campsite next to the river with port-a-potty nearby. Quiet for us since there was only one other tenter besides us. For a nice place to tent camp, I would recommend it. Not a busy congested amusement park like a KOA, just a great place to camp next to the Missouri River. Showers were up the road at the store.

MAH from Blue Springs, MO on 03/01/2007 09:59 AM:
I stopped at Katfish Katy's on a ride last year and the lady(owner?) in the store said they will even rent a tent and a blow up air mattress. Good to know if you want to do an overnighter there and don't want to haul a lot of gear

Anonymous from Olathe, KS on 04/10/2007 03:55 PM:
Did anyone have a problem with mosquitos since the camp sites are along the river? We're planning on staying @ Katfish Katy's in May this year. Thanks!

Jason from Huntsville, AL on 04/11/2007 04:47 PM:
We stayed there in October and the bugs were pretty bad...not just mosquitos. There were LOTS of spiders, gnats, name it. It didn't make it miserable, but a good supply of bug spray would be recommended!

Katfish Katy's (Huntsdale)
Gary and Paula Farrant from Ozawkie on 10/22/2006 09:21 PM:
Campground was great. Close to scenic river and trails. Good RV accomodations and the would be comfortable using tent as well. We found Linda Lou to be very accomodating to our needs. Even found us steak on short notice. She was also very knowledgable of the town and surrounding towns. Enjoyed the campground and hope to be brining the entire clan next Spring. This would be about 40+ people including kids.

Katfish Katy's (Huntsdale)
Jason from Huntsville, AL on 10/16/2006 04:22 PM:
We ended up camping here when we learned that Dianes Bend was a no-go. This was a decent place. The people in the store were friendly and it did have a decent shower. The camping facilities are actually pretty nice, right alongside the river. We were the only ones camping there, so we were slightly uneasy, but nothing bad at all happened. Nowhere to eat, so make sure you don't plan to eat there. The store does have snack food though.

snapping turtles...
Drew & Karen from Blue Springs, MO on 05/30/2006 11:52 AM:
The run between Rocheport and Easley was a nature watch...we saw 2 snakes, 9 deer, groundhog, raccoon, rabbit...but no snapping turtles. We hear tell though from some Columbia regulars on the Katy that in 2-3 weeks, the snapping turles come out of the MO River to lay eggs...they said that the turtles are all over the place...sounds like a sight to behold!

Adam dennis lassa from Fenton MO. on 06/18/2006 09:34 PM:
I love snakes a-lot and I would like to know what kind of snakes you saw. If you don't know, tell me what color they where and I could tell you what kind thay were if you would like. Thank you!

Drew & Karen from Blue Springs, MO on 06/18/2006 10:29 PM:
Adam...not sure what kind of snakes they were...very long...about 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter. We made sure we didn't roll over we didn't get to before it exited the trail (stage left). I think they were black snakes.

sbikes from Kansas City on 06/18/2006 10:58 PM:
Copperheads, garter snakes and black snakes are the most common snakes I have seen on

the trail. I heard a rattlesnake once, but never seen one.

Katfish Katy's (Huntsdale)
Drew & Karen from Blue Springs, MO on 05/30/2006 11:45 AM:
Good place to grab a cool drink. The camping was busy this Memorial Day. We may try to camp next time. Had a place to stay in nearby Columbia this time...thanks to our daughter and her husband. Take advantage of the photo ops sitting at the table on a "horse" not THAT kind of stool...! Also the swing benches made of horseshoes are cool. Sit near the trail in the shade and sip a gatorade.

Katfish Katy's (Huntsdale)
Lisa D. from Shawnee, KS on 03/15/2006 09:18 AM:
Katfish Katy's is a charming neo-Victorian store right on the trail in Huntsdale with the friendliest proprietors you could ever hope for. We had the privilege of being their first campers of 2006! The proprietors opened the campground and store earlier in the season than scheduled and even restocked with things we wanted to eat! They also had goodies for kids and ours were particularly crazy about the glow sticks. We had a spacious site to park our 25-foot camper and conversion van, with a view of the river just over a small levy. There are electric and water hookups, and picnic tables for each RV site, and spotless showers and restrooms. We purchased wood at the store and they delivered it right to our site! Linda drove down Sunday afternoon as we were leaving to warn us of bad weather coming so we were able to leave a bit early to miss the worst of the storms. We really appreciated her concern! Katfish Katy’s is a great location to start from when you have kids. Ours are 7 & 8. The first afternoon we rode to McBaine and back as a test ride, and the next day we started early and rode to Rocheport and back. Lots to see! We will definitely be camping at Katfish Katy’s again! We look forward to being able to enjoy their spring-fed pool in the hot summer months!

wyoming from green river on 04/19/2006 01:42 PM:
You are right! This is a fine place to camp. The people are friendy and helpful, the campground is tidy and scenic. I always stay here.

Katfish Katy's Campground
Amanda from Columbia, MO on 10/17/2005 06:21 PM:
Hi. I'm a journalism student, and I'm writing a piece about Katfish Katy's Campground in

Huntsdale. I wonder if anyone who has stopped there (for an hour or a week, it doesn't

matter) would share your impressions for my story? It would help if I had some campers,

bicyclists or passers-by to talk to. Please e-mail me at Thanks,


Ann from Wichita, KS on 10/17/2005 09:00 PM:
We were at Katfish Katy's this weekend. It was a nice little convenience store and it looked like there was some camping available closer to the river. I thought that there would be catfish, but no food served.

karen from Lenexa,Ks on 10/20/2005 02:05 PM:

I was camped there on Oct 18th. I arrived just before sunset, the only other people there were two women on bikes. We had a lovely camping area along the river, nice flat areas for tents, picnic tables, and shade trees for summer.The view of the river was great. The bathrooms were clean, and the showers hot. And the company was good, we exchanged many stories. I learned some new things.

Katfish Katy's (Huntsdale) WHAT A PLACE!!
Jeff K from South Howard County on 09/12/2005 12:07 PM:
Just got back from a weekend float down the mighty MO., and wanted to say thank you for the hospitality at your campsite.

The takeout ramp was more than expected and the c store and HOT showers were a real treat. Our whole gang were very happy with the shaded CLEAN campgrounds, and runnging water at the site was a real plus.

Thanks again,


P.S. Go Texas A&M!!!!

Katfish Katy's (Huntsdale)
Brent P. from Kansas City on 07/26/2005 03:13 PM:
I spent the hottest weekend in July of 2005 on the trail between Rocheport and Huntsdale with my wife and two kids. Seeing Katfish Katy's was a welcome sight unlike any in my life. My son was totally drained and had taken a spill early on our ride. Coming around the corner and seeing the establishment was like an answered prayer. We got a candy bar and a water and called my parents to come pick us up. What a Godsend Katfish Katy's was. Thank you for being there.