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Kickstand Katy Trail - Augusta

Restaurant, Bike Shop, Bike Rental
Bike Rental
Augusta MO
5533 Water St
636-228-4722 / 636-987-2650

Kickstand Katy Trail - Augusta is located on the Katy Trail, in Augusta MO

Open seasonally

Offering bike rental/service and snacks
Kickstand Katy Trail - Augusta
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Kickstand Katy Trail - Augusta
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Forum Discussions about Kickstand Katy Trail - Augusta

Kickstand Katy Trail - Augusta in Augusta
Scotty Mac from Oklahoma City on 12/13/2022 12:00 PM:
My boys and I rode the KT this past October. LOVED it!
Taking my wife on the trail in Oct. '23.
When we rode through the burg of Augusta and past the Kickstand shop we noticed what appeared to be a newly built or renovated Hostel or BnB. I'm trying to find out the name of it for my next trip on the KT.
Anyone have any info on the new place?

Avatar from St. Louis on 12/16/2022 07:27 AM:
I ride to Augusta often. This is an old hotel that the outside has been refurbished. The inside hasn't been completed.

Michael A. Rodemeyer from Mobile on 12/17/2022 05:41 PM:
According to the local papers some billionaire has bought most of Augusta so he can turn it into his playground; like Napa Valley etc.
He bought 4 winerys and about everything else. We won't go there anymore. Good luck.

Anonymous on 12/19/2022 10:24 AM:
The investments in Augusta should create a variety of jobs for the locals. I would think many small towns would welcome a boost to their economy. There is no logical reason for me avoid Augusta.

Todd White from Augusta on 01/08/2023 06:31 PM:
The old Hotel is under construction still. It is owned by Hoffmann Properties. It will eventually be available for booking on their website: https://visitaugustamo.com

There are many other lodging options in Augusta and this new website shows you what is either available currently or available soon.

Kickstand Katy Trail - Augusta in Augusta
BK from Columbia,MO on 04/02/2022 06:09 PM:
Is Kickstand open in late April, which days? Snacks?? what food is available