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Ray's Marathon Trophy Shelf

None of these times qualified me for Boston (not even close), but my goal was just to finish, and I did succeed at that!

1. Walt Disney World Marathon, Florida

January 1995 - Time: 4:42

Raised $2,800 for the Leukemia Society through its Team in Training program.

2. Vermont City Marathon, Burlington, Vermont

May 1996 - Time: 4:17

Beautiful course, with the last few miles along the scenic shores of Lake Champlain (when you're too exhausted to appreciate the view).

3. Montreal Marathon, Montreal, Canada

September 22, 1996 - Time: 3:59

This is Canada, so the course is measured in meters.  It's hard to do time calculations when you're thinking in miles.

4. Nantucket Marathon, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

March 1, 1997 - Time: 3:56:00

Award: Second place in age group (trophy!).

One big loop around one small island.

5. Hartford Marathon, Hartford, Connecticut

October 1997 - Time: 3:43:01

Will probably stand forever as my PR.  Connecticut is beautiful in the fall.

6. Bay State Marathon, Lowell, Massachusetts

October 18, 1998 - Time: 4:14:30

I was poorly trained, and it was a hot day.  This is a double-loop course, and it was sure hard to keep running after passing the finish line the first time at 13.1.  I had to walk quite a bit toward the end.  My son Trevor was born 12 days later -- I had to carry a pager during the race (cell phones were too big back then), just in case he tried to make an early appearance. I would have welcomed the excuse to quit!