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Maryland Yards

Mile marker 39.8
1200 S Main St

Maryland Yards is located 0.1 from the Katy Trail, in St Charles MO

Directions: Go west on the street that crosses the trail just south of the trailhead. Take the first left and go one block. Or, from the trail, just look for the building with the deck out back with "St Charles Waterworks" written on it.
Bar: 11AM-1AM, Sunday til midnight
Food: 11AM-10PM, Sunday til 11PM

Maryland Yards
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Forum Discussions about Maryland Yards

Maryland Yards (St Charles)
Luigi Jefferson from St. Charles on 05/26/2006 07:53 AM:
Maryland Yards is no longer there. A new restaurant called Pasta Luigi's on Main is at the Waterworks location now. The restaurant is actually in a 19th Century city waterworks building converted into a 3-story restaurant with a nice deck out back for warm-weather dining. The seafood ravioli is the best I have ever had. They also have toasted canneloni which is awesome. You can park your car out back, go for a ride and then have a pasta lunch (or a sandwhich) on the two-story deck overlooking the trail when you get back.

Anonymous on 01/01/2007 11:06 AM:
pasta luigi's is closed

Maryland Yards (St Charles)
Bentcruiser from Oklahoma on 10/06/2005 07:35 AM:
The food and service was the worst along the trail. They had run out of nearly everything

when we got there. We had reservations for one month ahead and still most of the entrees

had gone. And this was at 12:00pm!!!

speedracer from oklahoma on 10/07/2005 10:41 AM:
sour grapes... I was part of that group. The only thing that they were out of was fish sandwiches. I thought the service was wonderful. You must have been sitting on your bike to long. We also arrived at 1:00 not 12:00.....

Bentcruiser from Oklahoma on 10/14/2005 03:40 PM:
They were out of four items that our table tried to order.

Thanks anyway

bentcruiser from oklahoma on 10/20/2005 09:34 AM:
I should qualify something: what I had was fairly good. In the business' defense, they did

have a large crowd on their hands.

speedracer from oklahoma on 10/22/2005 05:03 PM:
Did you ever think that it was crowded because the food was really good and the service great? Everyone I talked to loved it....

Bentcruiser from Oklahoma on 03/10/2006 01:18 PM:
Speedracer: I have asked my group from OKC and no one has your particular handle. Were

you with the OKC group that went in July?

Trek Biker from St. Joseph, MO on 03/10/2006 04:05 PM:
Does a reservation mean that they are to hold one (or two to be on the safe side) each of every item on the menu for each person there is a reservation for? Or does it mean that there is a seat reserved for you?

I got to McDonalds too late for breakfast last Saturday morning on my way to the office. I was in the drive thru lane to order and everything.....they even still had breakfast items shown on the outside menu. Sure didn't ruin my day or send me out broadcasting how bad McDonalds is. Man.....lighten up! What difference does it make that they ran out the freakin okra and creamed corn?

newbie from st. charles on 10/09/2006 03:05 PM:
fyi...Maryland Yards in St. Charles is no longer open. Try Rumples or Tony's on Main St - much better food AND service.

Maryland Yards (St Charles)
Jacklyn Gant from Savannah on 12/26/2005 08:55 AM:
I used to live in St. Charles, but moved to Savannah a year ago. I called 2 weeks before Christmas to ask tons of questions about the St. Charles Maryland Yards. The answers were Yes there is a DJ or band on weekends, Yes there are pool tables and darts, and Yes there is a dance floor. I coordinated 24 people to meet at the Maryland Yards in St. Charles on December 17th, 2005 and I was VERY disappointed! We were told that the tables we were sitting at was the dance floor!!!! We were also told that the DJ would be there at 10PM and he apparently never showed. There were 2 pool tables and 1 dart board and a sign that said "this section closed"!!!! The waitress billed all of us wrong AND added in her tip---per person!!!! I was shocked! I am a good tipper and she didn't get a dime over what she added. All I can say about the place is that the food was decent.......but how can you mess up nachos and toasted raviolis? Also, I ordered a frozen took the bartender 10 minutes to figure out how to use the ice machine! Don't know if he was new or what. Overall I was embarrassed and disappointed that I suggested this place to my friends and family. I drove 900 miles and had that one night to go out and Maryland Yards was NOT a good choice in my opinion.

jamie from st charles on 01/02/2006 03:16 PM:
I do live in st. charles. Maryland Yards is by far one of the best resaturants in st. charles. The staff there are extremely nice. I can tell you "no" they don't have bands on the week ends and never did. Separate checks for 24 people....If the server added a gratuity, that means you must have been a pain. The game room down stairs was probably closed for a private party, which they have alot of during christmas. go figure.... If you wanted a nightclub to dance in...go to a nightclub, not a restaurant. By they way, if you wanted GREAT food maybe you should have tried having dinner there also. It's always been wonderful and inexpense.

Anonymous on 03/08/2006 04:05 PM:
I have had a horrible experience with Maryland Yards in St. Charles. I reserved the basement for a private party back in January for a party in April. I decided before I send out the invites that I would just confirm everything was set. Well I was informed by Mary at Maryland Yards that the entire month of April they would be closed for a remoldel. Come to find out they had double booked that night and just told me that. THEY ARE NOT CLOSED THE ENTIRE MONTH OF APRIL. I have taken my party elsewhere. They have lost out on a lot of business because of this.

steph from st charles on 05/15/2006 06:48 AM:
I happen to know that maryland yards last night was apr 1... if you booked a private party as i did before they closed they required a deposit. Did you give them a deposit? If so, did you get it back? My party was great and we had a wonderful time. The food was served when they said it would be, and was also very good. It's a good thing you waited til the last minute to send out invitations, or it would have been real embarresing for you. I think before you call anyone a liar you should get your facts straight. It's hard to dbl book a party when they're closed. I bet they don't miss your kind of business at all.

Maryland Yards (St Charles)
jennifer from COLUMBIA on 04/09/2005 11:27 PM:
I would just like to let everyone now what a great experince I had at such a wonderful restaurant. They have an outside deck that overlooks the katy trail. The service was verrry friendly. I felt right at home. They're also kid friendly, I know since I had several with me. The food was some of the best I've ever had and inexpensive too. The next time I'm in St. Charles I'm going to pedal there. Do yourself a favor and try it.... you'll be happy you did.

erin from chesterfield on 05/05/2005 01:03 AM:
I have to say you are sooo right. This had to be one of the best places I've ever stopped at on the Katy Trail. The staff were the nicest I've ever had, not to mention the great food. It really hit the spot after a long ride. Did you know they have their own bottled water? I will be back....

Jim from St. Charles on 05/12/2005 09:36 PM:
I agree with both of you. Is that a neat building or what???? The food was great, the folks working there were super, the deck is awsome!!!! A great place to take a break after a long ride!!!