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Mexico On Main

St. Charles / St Charles MO
311 N Main

Mexico On Main is located on the Katy Trail, in St. Charles MO

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Mexico On Main
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Forum Discussions about Mexico On Main

Mexico On Main (St Charles)
john doe from st. charles on 06/24/2008 08:26 PM:
since these comments have been added, this has turned into a hooka bar. top notch under the new ownership if you ask me, we used to go there every night after work

Mexico On Main (St Charles)
Carmen from St. Charles on 09/16/2005 10:06 PM:
Ate here for the first time this week. It will probably be the last. First, after we told them how many we had in our party, the host took menus in hand, said "Follow me." Then suddnely stopped, put the menus down on a large table and walked away without saying a word. We didn't know what he was doing. He came back with things to clean off the table we were about to sit at. Once we got our table it was at least 15 min. before someone took our order and brought some chips. While eating chips, I was disgusted to find a chip with a glob of hair stuck to it. We pushed the chips aside and waited for our food. 45 minutes later we finally asked about our food. Waitress went to check and said it would be up in a few minutes. When she brought food, she neglected silverware. We asked for some, we saw her get some that had just been washed, and she dried them with a dirty towel. Food was not particularly good. One dish in particular was not good at all. AFter waitress asked, we said the dish wasn't very good, and then she spoke to us as little as possible after that. Will not recommend.

Robert from Columbia on 09/29/2005 03:50 PM:
I had a good experience there. maybe you just had a bad waitress?

Bulwfye from Nevada on 10/03/2005 05:09 AM:
Me too maybe it was your personality, Most the time you get what you give. Maybe thats all it was

Ocicat from St. Charles on 03/30/2006 03:59 PM:
My husband and I ate there for a late lunch one Saturday and were the only people there, so I cannot complain about service. However, the food, while edible, was nothing to go back for; there is WAY better Mexican in the area. The chips were obviously straight out of a bag and stale to boot. The bench in the booth was lumpy, and my placemat was dirty; in fact, the whole place felt a bit dirty. It looked like a shabby bar caught in the glaring light of day. Overall, it was a slightly unpleasant experience, and we will not be going back.

jorgepuc from saint peters on 06/11/2007 06:13 PM:
I go there to eat all the time and I really enjoy the food and the margaritas there is nothing bad that I can say about mexico on main.

all i can say is that you have to go there and try the food is really autentic. and alot of my friends go there and everyboly loves it.