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Midway Budget Inn

Rocheport / Rocheport MO
Mile marker 178.3
I-70 @ hwy 40 (exit 121)

Midway Budget Inn is located approximately 4.7 miles from the Katy Trail, in Rocheport MO

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Midway Budget Inn
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Midway Budget Inn (Rocheport)
Unknown Bike Rider from Kansas City on 08/05/2008 08:56 PM:
I got the address and maped it with google maps it is 8-10 miles from the trail.

6401 West Highway 40, Columbia, MO 65202

Site --- http://www.travelpost.com/hotels/Midway_Budget_Inn/h74283

Midway Budget Inn (Rocheport)
Unknown Bike Rider from Kansas City on 08/04/2008 06:27 PM:
I called this number listed above and the address is way off on the Katy site. The person at the Budget Inn said the trail is about a 20 min DRIVE from the room. Looks like a tent in the heat for us on this trip. Anyone stayed at this place?????

Now it could be the person on the phone did not know what she was talking about.

Anonymous on 08/05/2008 04:21 PM:
I live in Columbia and the Midway Budget Inn is indeed a long ways from Rochport. It simply would not be practical to stay there while biking. However, I am sure there are some good B&Bs in Rochport.

Midway Budget Inn (Rocheport)
Kay Peterson from Lindsborg KS on 04/07/2007 11:19 AM:
Has anyone stayed at the Midway Budget Inn? Was it nice? We have a family of 5 and are having trouble finding accomodations for June 2 that will take kids, ages 13, 11, 9. Thank you!

GC from Columbia, Mo. on 04/07/2007 05:29 PM:

The Midway Budget Inn is quite a distance off the trail down U.S. 40 OR I-70 from Rocheport. I have never stayed there, so I can't speak for the motel itself.

However, access might be a problem. If you have road transport to and from the motel, that might not be too bad, but if you are planning on biking it, that could be dicey.

I would suggest staying in Boonville, where the Hotel Frederick will be open by then or at Isle of Capri hotel. Both are located right on the trail. Columbia might be a good option, too, since you can take the 8.9-mile MKT trail into downtown Columbia.

Camping at Katfish Katy's might also be a better option.

elonalum from Kansas City on 04/08/2007 02:48 PM:
We just returned from a cold trip to Rocheport and stayed at the Katy Trail Bed and Bikefest in the Carriage House which is a room over the garage. It was very spacious - it sleeps 8 with 2 queens and 2 futons. It also have a small fridge plus table and chairs. We had our children w/us - ages 8, 6, and 18 months.