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MO Research Park

Weldon Spring / Weldon Spring MO
Mile marker 52.1
Missouri Research Park Court

MO Research Park is located approximately 0.6 mile from the Katy Trail, in Weldon Spring MO

Directions: From I-64/40 eastbound, go south on hwy 94. Immediately south of I-64, take the first left into MO Reseach Park (past the commuter parking lot). Follow main road all the way through the office park until you see Busch Greenway sign.

From westbound 64/40, take MO Research Park exit. Cross over the highway, turn left in the office park, following the Busch Greenway sign.

Follow this sign to the top of the trail, which is next to the water treatment plant.
MO Research Park
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MO Research Park
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Forum Discussions about MO Research Park

MO Research Park in Weldon Spring
MR from St louis on 09/25/2018 03:52 PM:
Where are there bathrooms between weldon springs all the way to Augusta. And where are there places to park close to bathrooms. If any.

Dave from Kirkwood on 09/25/2018 08:14 PM:
Based on this website and personal memory, there are no bathrooms at the Research Park parking area. Heading west, there is one at the Weldon Spring trailhead (with parking). Next, Defiance has restrooms at the bike shop and restaurants (parking as well). The Matson trailhead has both restrooms and parking. The boat ramp area before you reach Klondike also has both. One final option (before Augusta) is to bike/walk up the hill (using paved path) to Klondike Park, which has restrooms next to the camping area.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous from Texas on 10/05/2018 06:31 PM:
I highly recommend picking up a copy of the Katy trail map. It will list all available accomodations ( water, restrooms, camping, etc ) at each trailhead.

MO Research Park in Weldon Spring
Marilyn on 04/03/2018 08:59 PM:
Is the bridge open yet?

Jerry Whittle from Belleville IL on 04/04/2018 07:33 AM:
If you are talking about the bridge which was broken by an ambulance on the spur to the Research Park, yes it is!

MO Research Park in Weldon Spring
Darlene from Eureka on 04/11/2017 01:59 PM:
Is the Bridge by the Water Treament Plant that connects to the Katy Trail open yet??? Would like to ride there Wednesday April 12, 2017

Dave from Kirkwood on 04/11/2017 08:59 PM:
Yes, it is. It took many months, but they have now patched the small part that broke through.