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Mokane Bar and Grill

Mokane MO
206 Fulton Ave

Mokane Bar and Grill is located on the Katy Trail, in Mokane MO

Directions: On Route C, just before the Mokane Market
Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 1:30 am

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Mokane Bar and Grill
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Forum Discussions about Mokane Bar and Grill

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Kathy from Kirkwood on 09/03/2020 08:18 PM:
Stopped in for lunch today; I was the only customer. When I walked in a little gir called to the back, "someone is here!" Very cute. Friendly service, clean bathroom, good bar food. Five stars! :)

Karen C. from Harrisburg, MO on 09/04/2020 06:59 PM:
Ditto what Kathy from Kirkwood said! We stopped in a couple weekends ago and the little girl was having a birthday and wanted to see pictures of everyones dogs since she has new puppies. Cute as a button! And the food was great! For sure a place I would stop again!

Karen C. from Harrisburg, MO on 09/06/2020 09:33 AM:
It's me again! A friend and I are riding for Bike MS but like everything else, Covid has changed things up. A friend and I who ate here a couple weekends ago have made our bike MS route to stop in Mokane for lunch! Yay! Very excited! See you all on the 12th of September! :-)

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
UpWalk from Waynesville, MO on 09/30/2019 02:04 PM:
Just finished a two day cycling trip with my 11 year old son. I was a little nervous bringing him into the Mokane Bar as it looks a little "shady" from the outside. Rick provided some of the best customer service I've ever experienced and I noticed that he was being careful with his language around my son - a courtesy I've learned not to expect from people anymore, but one that I greatly appreciated. The mushroom swiss burger, the onion rings, and the breaded chicken sandwich were all excellent. My son and I left there and rode stuffed, rested, and happy all the way to the hostel in Tebbetts. Rick said that he can work with really large cycling groups whenever they call and arrange things ahead of time.

Hoaa on 09/30/2019 11:46 PM:
That's one of the best burgers along the trail in my opinion. Shady yes but great place to grab lunch.

Bill in Houston from Houston on 10/02/2019 12:30 PM:
Yep, a great place to have lunch. Don't judge a book by its cover. :)

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Bill in Houston from Houston on 04/23/2019 05:51 PM:
Best fried pickles in the world. Great burger and tots, too. Friendly staff - helped us plug in wifey's cell phone charger. There was a guy at the bar who wanted to talk and we sat close to the bar and he told us lots about the trail and the area. We had a great time. Would def visit again.

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Fran T. from Detroit on 04/16/2019 09:31 AM:
Stopped here 2 times on an out and back trip. Today I stopped here in the morning and they are now serving breakfast! Today was their first day serving breakfast, I really got lucky. Excellent service from friendly folks and the breakfast is delicious.

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Mr. Bump from Hannibal on 01/25/2018 11:42 AM:
Taco Tuesday with dark beer on a cold night, nice people and laughter filled both our bellies and spirits. May thanks for the rest--and the heaters!

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
MJ from Maryland Heights,MO on 06/11/2017 05:42 PM:
My husband and I had lunch here last week while we were on a ride on the Katy. Their food was delicious and really hit the spot, especially the fried pickles. Don't pass this place up!

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Blue Tapp from St. Charles, MO on 04/30/2017 03:27 PM:
We had lunch at the Mokane Bar & Grill during our Katy Trail trip in early April 2017 and it was great! Their burgers are the fattest, juiciest burgers I have ever seen and taste fantastic. We also had tots and brews. The owners appear to be a young couple and were very friendly. All in all a great experience and a nice stop on the trail that day.

Aaron from new bloomfield on 04/30/2017 11:08 PM:
I actually know the past owner. You should try their famous fish sandwich as well. The food at this restaurant was in a famous magazine. They sold their recipe for a large amount of money.

Mokane grocery market
Gretchen from KC on 06/25/2016 02:23 PM:
This place is great! They make good sandwiches and have nice tables and air conditioning. The proprietor is very nice. We stop here every time and will keep coming

Kim C from Austin on 06/28/2016 11:29 AM:
Well this is good news!

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Tom Dillingham from St. Petersburg, FL. 33702 on 06/19/2016 02:35 PM:
WOW! That has to be the biggest and best hamburger I ever ate! And I finished the salad,too! Who says small guys can't eat much! As they say at the MBG if you leave hungry it ain't our fault!
I'm older and forgetful so I can't remember the bartenders name but he is a riot! Be sure to request a vanilla latte with steamed nonfat goats milk! lol
Thanks for a great stop along the KATY! Hope to return after my journey from Orlando to Oregon!
Thanks, Tom

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
jimmy brown from florissant mo on 06/14/2016 11:41 AM:
bad luck can be good luck sometimes and this was one of those times after blowing a tire in mokane
I didn't think they made cheeseburgers like this anymore. got the energy then to fix the flat.

Eric from Mokane on 06/15/2016 09:24 PM:
Yep the GIANT burgers are back in Mokane! They are also likely the cheapest you will find from St. Charles to Sedalia...

Billy from Mokane on 06/16/2016 06:13 AM:
Thanks Eric,
appreciate your kind words about our bar and grill.

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Mike Gronau from Girard, KS on 04/08/2016 09:23 PM:
Awesome Cheeseburger!! Rode the trail last week(Clinton to Herman) and this was by far the best place I ate. Make it a point to stop here.

Hank on 04/09/2016 05:57 AM:
I have not been on the trail yet this season but Mokane Bar is one of the stops I am very much looking forward to.

I love the Katy Trail bars. Here is a bit of review of many of them:
1. Augusta Brewery. My number 1 because of the open air bar and excellent beer. Food average.
2. Defiance Roadhouse. Always busy, very friendly. Food very good.
3. Portland Bar. Classic. Can be dank and quiet but always open and friendly.
4. Mokane Bar. Great bar, great food. Can't go wrong.
5. Cooper's Landing. Always a must stop but often a bit weird.
6. Treloar Bar. Nice place, never had the food.
7. Rhineland Bar. Good bar and decent food but not a must stop for me.
8. Dutzow Deli. More food than bar but okay for both.
9. Defiance Terry and Kathy's. Bar OK, but not particularly cyclist-friendly. Go across the street to the Roadhouse.
10. Tebbets Bar. Only been there once (2015). Fit the bill, liked the gift shop.

Anonymous on 04/13/2016 04:31 PM:
Mokane is good place for the grub and due to the lack of stops. Coopers is a little weird like a lost Key West vibe. Augusta was good a few years ago but I think they have new owners so the service is different. The others are pretty much hit and miss but are definitely needed for hydration for any liquids.

Billy from Mokane on 04/15/2016 07:46 AM:
Thanks for positive plug for Mokane Bar. We have a great little town, bikers should stop for a cold one.

J.D. on 04/17/2016 05:56 AM:
Billy, I saw a post last fall about some riders legend near Mokane who ran into some problems from some mauler? Fact or fiction?

Billy from Mokane on 04/17/2016 04:20 PM:
Got to be fiction, nothing but good people here in Mokane, now if you are talking about some of our crazy dogs that roam the area, then that's another story.

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Libby & Roger from Berea, KY on 08/25/2015 07:38 PM:
Great lunch stop -- we shared a burger and it was plenty for two and delicious! Friendly folks, great service.

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Otter from St.Peters mo on 08/12/2015 08:59 AM:
Rode here from St.Peters mo on summer trip.
Stopped for lunch on week day.
We had the best cheese burgers EVER!
The thing was huge! The staff were really friendly, filled water bottles, and even informed us about trail conditions and lack of foliage coverage for next leg of our ride. We'll be stopping there on the way back home and on future rides!
Don't be fooled by exterior, foods top notch!!

Kat from NWA on 08/12/2015 03:38 PM:
Awesome! Thanks!

Cathy from Jefferson City on 08/12/2015 10:02 PM:
I had a hamburger there about 10 days ago. It was great! And to make the experience all the more fun, I sat at the bar, chatted a little bit with the very nice lady working there and watched an episode of Gunsmoke on their TV. That is the life!

Scott from SW MO on 08/13/2015 12:56 AM:
Stopped last year and had few drinks with some retired doctors I met on the trail.

Great place.

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Chris from Lee's Summit, MO on 06/22/2015 12:06 PM:
Had an amazing double cheeseburger here, 2 others in my group had the mokane special (burger with pulled pork on top and onion ring to top it off), fries were hand cut and delicious, owner and cook we're friendly

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Julie from Colorado on 05/20/2015 04:28 PM:
Stopped to get out of the rain. Cold beer, friendly staff, good catfish sandwich and chef salad. What more do you need.

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Suzanne from Houston TX on 10/15/2014 01:33 PM:
Great place friendly people BF.

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Lemurs from Springfield on 08/04/2014 04:04 PM:
Good, nice folks. We got there about 1/2 hour before they opened, but since we looked sweaty and famished they fired up the grill early and we had a nice chat with the bartender and drank sweet cold cold yellow beer and all was well.

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Anonymous from Des Moines, IA on 06/08/2014 05:08 AM:
You have to stop at the bar and grill in Mokane. Don’t let how it looks on the outside fool you. They had the best hamburger I’ve ever eaten. I got the double hamburger that must have had a pound of meat in this big, fresh bun. The fries were great too. I would drive out of my way just to stop and eat at this place again.

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
Dana from Tucson on 10/02/2013 12:51 PM:
Very Safe and fun place to drop in. Great food and very fun place to meet some of the locals. Well worth the stop.

Mokane Bar and Grill in Mokane
MN from Ames, Iowa on 06/14/2011 03:53 PM:
We ate here for lunch June 10, 2011. This is definitely a BAR and grill. Despite the random unsavory word floating to our table from the bar patrons, we had no problems eating with our young kids here. The staff was friendly.
The food was yummy and not greasy like bar food often is. The Philly sandwich was delicious. They refilled our many water bottles and even rinsed off the dust from the trail, which was very appreciated. Definitely stop at the Mokane Bar and Grill if you have a chance!

Bill from IC IA on 06/14/2011 08:02 PM:
We had a great meal. While enjoying a few beers with the locals we ask about camping in the shelters down by the ball diamonds. They said no problem but we made shoot some fireworks at you, do not be scared, it is just what we do for fun around here, not much else around there to do. We laughed at them but got no fireworks.

gene from Indiana on 06/16/2011 12:22 AM:
While riding the trail for a few days in Oct 2009, I stopped for lunch at Mokane. Would recommend it to other riders to stop for a sandwich.

Mokane Bar and Grill (Mokane)
Dave and Family from Lake Ozark on 07/22/2009 07:41 PM:
Stopped by today July 22, 2009. Great food great service. I was with my family and felt at ease having a great lunch there.

Mokane Bar and Grill (Mokane)
Donna H from Alhambra, Il on 06/03/2009 04:26 PM:
My friends and I stopped at the Mokane Bar and Grill for lunch on 5/30/09 on our way from Jeff City to Hermann. The food was great--the double cheeseburgers some of my group ordered were enormous. The beer was very cold and the service was great. They couldn't have been nicer or more accomodating. I would definately stop here again.

Ed from Grafton on 06/04/2009 09:00 PM:
I've eaten here several times also. Great food and very nice people.

Mokane Bar and Grill (Mokane)
PJA from St. Louis MO. on 06/23/2007 09:17 PM:
We had breakfast at the Mokane Bar and Grill June 22, 2007. Very friendly owner and the omlets are the best ever.

Paul Marlin from Quincy, IL on 11/01/2008 05:20 PM:
I also had breakfast here a couple of times. Must be the only bar and grill on the whole trail that serves breakfast, other than possibly the Twin Gables in Marthasville.

Paul Marlin from Quincy, IL on 11/01/2008 05:24 PM:
Oops. Forgot about Trailside Bar & Grill in Rhineland.

Mokane Bar and Grill (Mokane)
K Reed from Ballwin, MO on 09/12/2008 09:13 PM:
By the time we got here we were very hungry and lunch of a cheese steak sandwich tasted like the best meal we had in a while.

Mokane Bar and Grill (Mokane)
river rat from Mokane on 03/28/2008 10:47 AM:
This is the best hometown bar ever! They are all very friendly, everyone is like family and the burgers are the best ever!! They beat any burger you could get anywhere else, they are not stingy on the meat. Weekends are full of entertainment. You have to try it out at least once, and I would put money on you would come back.

Mokane Bar and Grill (Mokane)
Jeff from Ottumwa, Iowa on 04/29/2007 09:32 PM:
This place was closed when we came through at lunch time and the folks in Portland said it sort of opens and closes at the whim of the owner. Don't count on it for a meal.

C.B. from Mokane on 02/10/2008 07:00 PM:
It's closed on Sundays, Christmas, and New years day. There was one day they were closed this year due to a family emergency. I know of no other times they were closed. They were even open during the big ice storm in December.My wife works there part time as a cook.

The grill is open 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday through Saturday.

Mokane Bar and Grill (Mokane) June 12th 2007
Matt10e from Villa Ridge, Mo on 06/11/2007 10:41 PM:
We left heading East from Jefferson City and made it to the Mokane Bar and Grill at 11:30 for

lunch. My wife and I each ordered a Cheeseburger and fries. The burger was very tasty with

all the fresh condomints to go along with it. The fries were plentiful. We should have only

ordered one order of fries. The two ladies that were working in there we very pleasant. We

were the only two in there until around noon when a local came into eat. We drank around a

gallon of tea between the two of us. Was a very relaxing break in the middle of our 37 mile


Mokane Bar and Grill (Mokane) same place we were?
Peddlin along from Washington MO on 05/03/2007 05:35 PM:
We ride the trail at least once a month. Although portland bar has very good food and great people you cant compare it to Mokane b&g.They have the biggest and best burger along the trail. The new owners are always open by 9:00 am except on sundays they are closed. They are probably the friendliest on the trail Cindy and her husband (I think) are very helpful and try to run a good place give them a try you wont be dissapointed. Cold beverages great food Friendly folks

Mokane Bar & Grill in Mokane
John K. from Webster Groves, MO on 07/03/2005 12:19 PM:
The Mokane Bar & Grill has incredible hamburgers. Best lunch on the trail.

frank umbdenstock from festus, mo on 07/14/2005 09:00 PM:
mokane bar and grill. just seen on the bike the katy trail web site that you opened a business on the katy tril. i will certainly stop by if i ever get the chance to ride past your business. best of luck. frank umbdenstock