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Mother-in-Law House

Homestyle cafe
St. Charles / St Charles MO
500 S Main

Mother-in-Law House is located on the Katy Trail, in St. Charles MO

Lunch M-Sat 11-2:30; Dinner Tue-Sat 5:30-8:30

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Mother-in-Law House
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Forum Discussions about Mother-in-Law House

Mother-in-Law House in St Charles
Libby & Roger from Berea, KY on 08/23/2015 09:09 PM:
Excellent dinner! The homemade salads and blueberry muffin were especially delicious, and the coconut cream pie was a cyclist's dream. Loved the interior and Donna's hospitality.

Mother-in-Law House (St Charles)
Justin Lightfoot from Saint Louis on 08/04/2008 04:39 PM:

Ken from St. Charles on 08/04/2008 08:59 PM:
That's what my wife said to the cockroach she saw crawling across the salad bar a few years ago. We haven't been back since.

Les from Lawrence on 08/08/2008 05:45 PM:
A FEW YEARS AGO!? C'mon, post a timely comment for cryin' out loud.

Dale from oFallon, MO on 08/22/2008 02:16 AM:
My mother has gone as a special dinner at least twice a year for the last 8 years. She loves it. I've gone wiht her 3 times now and always had a very enjoyable experience. The place is quaint, obvioulsy it is a barely remodeled house. The salad bar is fairly small but has an eclictic variety of things I do not normally find at the buffet bars. The owner has come to our table to say hi each evening and always brought some sort of food or dessert nibble family style to be scoop out of a large serving dish. Moms brought at least a dozen various friends there now and all have seemed to enjoy themselves. Be sure to make reservations ahead of time for any special days.

Mother-in-Law House (St Charles)
Ray (webmaster) on 01/28/2008 09:55 AM:
Although we do allow negative comments, please don't try to "game the system" by masquerading as several different people leaving different comments.

The negative comments posted over the past week by "John" and "Rodney" were posted from the same IP address and had matching browser cookies - in other words, both comments were posted from the same computer. Unless "Rodney" stole or bought a computer from "John" over the past week, they appear to be one in the same person.

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Mother-in-Law House (St Charles)
kt from missouri on 12/14/2007 08:14 AM:
We had a wonderful time last night at the mother-in-law house

We had a great dinner it was all home made. and the show was wonderful it was a great time we laught all night I would recommend this place to everyone it was well worth the money and we plan to go back again

Mother-in-Law House (St Charles)
A. Y. from Dalton, GA on 12/03/2006 07:58 PM:
Your food is WONDERFUL !!!!!

Do you have a cookbook for sale?

Please let me know.

Thank you.