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Mile marker 143.2

Repair Station
Repair Station
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Visitor Info
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N. Jefferson
N. Jefferson
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Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce
213 Adams Street, N. Jefferson
Noren Access Campsite
North Jefferson Recreation Area, N. Jefferson

North Jefferson Trailhead
N. Jefferson

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Forum Discussions about N. Jefferson

N. Jefferson
ColNei from South Carolina on 08/14/2018 07:25 AM:
August 2018 - Just finished riding Katy from Machens to Boonville on a fully loaded tandem with extra wheel trailer without issue other than a mystery flat tire. Camped at the primitive Noren Access boat ramp sites. Be forewarned there is no potable water at the campsite area - get your water at the picnic pavilion on your way from the Katy. Pit toilets at the boat ramp were not clean and there are no doors - just a 90-degree turn from entrance doorway to toilet. Lots of foot traffic at the boat ramp and down the trail to the campsites. We stayed in the "red" site closest to the boat ramp and saw several young/mid-age men walking farther down the trail toward the "blue" and "white" sites. All that walked in also walked out before dark. Very noisy with bridge traffic, cicadas, and air traffic (helicopters). Campsite area was surprisingly clean, but we did have to remove a tick before he latched on. The campsite was what we needed when we needed it, but would not necessarily recommend for a lone cyclist.

North Jefferson Trailhead (N. Jefferson)
Heather from St Louis on 09/10/2010 06:32 PM:
I drove down 63 and then up 54. There were no signs for the N Jefferson Trailhead. This website has no directions either. How do I get to the parking lot for the N Jefferson trailhead?

Gary near Tebbetts from Tebbetts, MO on 09/11/2010 01:06 AM:
Heather if you look at the top of this page of the map of the trail where it says "clink any town for info" clink on "N Jefferson" and it will take you a lot of information regarding the North Jefferson trail head and surrounding area including a detail google map of how to get there.

Ray has created the best rails-to-trail web site I have ever seen with a wealth of information at your finger tips. Take some time to explore it and I think you will agree.

Chuck L from Jefferson City on 09/14/2010 05:03 AM:
Heather, I feel terrible that you came such a long way and couldn't find the N Jefferson station. Gary is right and you can see a small map by clicking as he says. The map shows "Katy Rd" going further north from the station. This road is blocked by a locked gate so one must approach from the south. That blocked road used to be Hwy 54 not so many years ago. Well within this grandpa's memory. The actual access to this station is a bit complicated and you must slide the map around a bit to see the whole route. I learned this trick just now from Gary's suggestion. Heather, do visit again.

Rachel from Jefferson City on 10/20/2010 03:10 PM:
Some of the maps can be confusing. The road you're looking for does not intersect with hwy 63, it goes under it. So if you're going down 63 south, you will need to take 54 south and then you will see the signs right after the 63/54 interchange. Hope that helps

Franklin on 10/13/2011 03:57 PM:
The point is. With today's GPS it would be nice to plug in an address into the GPS and then have it calculate where you need to go. How hard is it to have an address? You guys make it out like driving willy nilly down a road looking for signs posted to lead to open roads that aren't gated to enter a turn and lead you to another scavenger hunt of signs to follow is sooo simple. You know what is simple? Having an address to plug into a GPS machine and then driving to the trail head...

Gary Near from Tebbetts on 10/13/2011 10:10 PM:
Well if GPS is your thing, then check out the Towns and Services link above. At the bottom is a link to GPS coordinates for the trail heads. The trail heads generally do not have street addresses. If you don't know how to enter GPS coordinates in your GPS device, you can try using the city and search for nearby parks, recreation areas or someother similar nearby locations to see if it will list the Katy trailhead.

harvey Cedars from St. Martin, Mo. on 10/28/2017 07:19 PM:
Heather is absolutely right about the lack of signs or markers, but there are a few parking lots around. you would access any of them by taking the exit for the Jefferson City airport. i know that there are parking lots at the airport, the "Cedar City Room", down by the ballpark, presumably down by the river front, and according to the Google map a "Lot B" right near the start of the trail.

Anonymous on 10/29/2017 09:49 AM:
Heather done been lost lil over 7 years now. Would a thought she figured out how use a map or gps before she just start out all willy nilly an then blame someone for not making a sign in the right spot to let her know where to go. And to wander for 7 years! Prolly not lost, just like to wander.

N. Jefferson
yellowhouse, Tebbetts from Tebbetts, MO on 07/11/2016 11:31 PM:
Don't forget Tebbetts for those riding east on the trail. The Turner Memorial Shelter is there. Hostel type setting, H/C water, microwave, bunks, A/C, and a sporadically open bar and grill next door. Tebbetts is 13mi. east of Jefferson city, just a small farmer town with more friendly people than you can shake a stick at. When staying in Tebbetts if you need anything just look for the "yellow house" two doors down from the church. BTW suggested price is 5$/person/night

Jim from St Thomas on 07/14/2016 01:01 PM:
Just to clarify a couple of things. First, you can stay at the Turner Shelter no matter which direction you are riding on the trail. :-) Second, the is gray but it has large sign identifying it.

Andrea McHargrave from Baton Rouge on 04/05/2017 09:23 AM:
We are traveling the trail in April and hoping to stay on April 16th (Easter Sunday) for the night. What is the best way to ensure that the hostel is not rented out to a group?


jim from St thomas on 04/05/2017 10:52 AM:
You can call the Conservation Federation's main office in Jefferson City.

The number is (573) 634-2322

North Jefferson Trailhead (N. Jefferson)
nuey7 from Kansas city on 05/14/2007 10:59 PM:
About how far is it from the N. Jefferson trailhead to Jefferson City and the amtrak station? Also, is it safe to leave your vehicle at the N. Jeff trailhead? I was thinking about leaving it in Jeff City if that is available. Thanks for any info.

trinjboro from Jonesboro, AR on 05/15/2007 03:13 PM:
It's not far, about 2-3 miles. You have to cross the MO River Bridge, and you will get varying opinions on how dangerous this is. You'll have to get opinions from locals as to how safe the trailhead is to leave your car. I've only left mine for 1 to 2 hours at a time while I biked and have never had any problems.

Jim from St. Thomas on 05/16/2007 08:12 AM:
I would not recommend leaving your vehicle overnight at the Jefferson City trailhead. Smash and grab breakins are fairly common. You would think the Capital city would have a little better security or at least some lighting.

nuey7 from Kansas city on 05/16/2007 12:21 PM:
Thanks...I was leaning on leaving it at the Jeff city trailhead, but not now. I guess something else will work out!

Jim from St. Thomas on 05/16/2007 01:20 PM:
How long do you plan to be gone and is is over a weekend?

nuey7 from Kansas city on 06/15/2007 12:08 AM:
just overnight and during the week...probably a Monday into Tuesday.


Jim from St. Thomas on 06/15/2007 12:19 PM:
You didn't hear this from me but......there are several state parking lots in the Capital complex just across the bridge from the JC trailhead. It's probably 2 - 3 mile ride from the main trailhead. They are usually pretty safe.

Julianna Schroeder from Jefferson City on 04/11/2011 12:12 PM:
Woo-hoo, everybody! MoDot and scads of statewide and local partners have completed a sweet new bicycle/pedestrian pathway across the Mo. River Bridge at Jeff City! It's still a little bike ride from the North Jefferson trailhead, but it's a safe one now, and with great views! Photos of the path and ribbon-cutting on this blog post: http://opulentopossum.blogspot.com/2011/04/pedestrian-bridge-is-open.html

Pookie DeCocq from Richards, MO on 10/20/2016 10:08 PM:
How is the parking at the North Jefferson City Trailhead these days. The comments advising not to park there overnight are from 2007. Has anything changes or still not advisable to park there overnight???

Cathy from Jefferson City on 10/20/2016 10:43 PM:
Because it is so excluded, I would advise against it. I haven't seen anything specific about breakins over there, but just think you are taking a risk parking there overnight. Someone recently posted that they parked at a parking garage on Madison St. in Jefferson City for a few days while they biked the trail. I think they quoted the price of $2/day. You could call the city (they run that garage) and get information about that. That parking garage is about a mile from the pedestrian/bike path attached to the Missouri River Bridge. The total distance from the parking garage to the Katy Trail is probably less than 3 miles. You do have to go up a hill to get to the bridge, but you can do it! Coming back from the Trail to the parking garage would involve more uphill treks. But it's doable.

ArkyKenny on 10/21/2016 12:06 PM:
What Cathy said: Except I think that going over the Jeff City bridge is not only doable but pretty cool, and an experience you would not want to miss.

Tons of good places to park in Jeff City. We parked at the bike shop down the hill from the capitol (with the owners permission of course).

N. Jefferson
JRR on 10/17/2016 07:36 AM:
We stayed at the Cliff Manor Inn on Oct. 10, 2016. It is very conveniently located to the trail, the capital, the train station, and the Grand Cafe! We rode the trail north to Rocheport from here, so we took the ramps at the north end of the bridge down to the trail. Going up the ramps would be an exertion! We recommend the Thomas Hart Benton murals at the capital, and the frozen desserts at the Grand Cafe. We left our car for the week at a parking garage at 201 Madison for $2/day.

Cathy from Jefferson City on 10/17/2016 03:27 PM:
Sounds like you hit some Jefferson City highlights. I live here and didn't realize you could leave your car at the parking garage for $2/day. People on this forum often ask about parking in Jefferson City while they bike the Katy Trail, so that's good information. I will point out that the ramp on the north side of the MO River from the pedestrian/bike bridge is not that bad if you are going up it. I am almost eligible for Medicare (sorry, I can't bring myself to say my age, it's insane that I'm this old) and I bike up the ramp without much trouble. I hate biking up hills. I do it, I'm getting better at it. But the ramp seems much easier than some of the hills I've encountered in Jefferson City.

N. Jefferson access during bridge work
Ray (webmaster) on 05/10/2016 07:14 AM:
MO Dept of Transportation provided this update on how to get to the N Jefferson trailhead while the Missouri River Bridge at Jeff city is being worked on:

The westbound Missouri River Bridge is closed for painting and repairs through the end of August. The eastbound Missouri River Bridge is carrying two lanes of eastbound and two lanes of westbound traffic.

Here’s how to access the North Jefferson Trailhead on the Katy Trail:

· Drivers traveling west on Route 54 will still be able to access the trailhead via Route W.

· Leaving the trailhead, motorists can still use Route W to access Route 54 east.

· Drivers traveling east on Route 54/63 are still able to use the Route W exit to access the Katy Trail.

· However, the westbound Route W ramp is closed, so travelers leaving the North Jefferson Trailhead and wanting to go west on Route 54/63 will need to cross over the Route W overpass to eastbound 54 and take the Route 63 north exit and then head back west on 54.

In addition, the bicycle/pedestrian bridge on the eastbound structure remains open, as does the Carl G. Noren River Access.

More information, including a map showing the closures, can be found at http://www.modot.org/central/MORiverBridgeJC.htm.

Help planning a trip around the J.C. area
Russco from Springfield, IL on 10/09/2015 06:19 PM:
My wife and I decided to try a trip on short notice for this coming Mon,Tues. I thought the J.C area looked like a good area. We were thinking of doing maybe a 40 or so mile trip with a few stops along the way, then staying at a hotel or B&B then riding back to our car the following day. Does anyone have any suggestions on a route? Good starting point (safe to leave car), and good place to stay Hotels probably rather than a B&B Thanks Mike

Cathy from Jefferson City on 10/09/2015 07:47 PM:
You could park at Rocheport, mile marker 178.3, ride 35 miles to the N. Jefferson City Trail head, mile marker 143.2, and then it is 3 or more miles to Jefferson City. In JC you can stay at: Cliff Manor B & B (since it is such short notice they will probably be booked, they are popular with bicyclists, but check anyway; you may be able to see on line if they have vacancies). If you are there on Mon., the closest restaurant, Paddy Malone's is probably closed on Monday (I'm not positive, again see if you can check online). They have good bar food. But you could still bike to downtown, and there are plenty of places to eat on High St., it's about 3 to 4 blocks from the Cliff Manor (it is unfortunately uphill). Other motels within biking distance: Capital Plaza, at corner of Missouri Blvd. and W. McCarty. They may have a restaurant in the hotel. The BayMont is an option, it faces the Whitton Expressway. There is a nice restaurant very close, Arris' Bistro (don't confuse with Arris' Pizza, owned by same family on W. High across from Capitol building). Also, the DoubleTree. It is definitely pricier, but worth the price. It has a restaurant at the top with wonderful view of the city. If you don't mind the price, that's where I would stay. They are on Monroe I believe.

If you need help with any directions, just post your question on here and I'll try to give you good directions on streets that are not as busy.

If you have a little time to spend in JC you could: get a tour of the Capitol, see the Thomas Hart Benton mural, it's amazing; check out our downtown, lots of places to eat there and bars, places with outside seating, there's a frozen yogurt place, Yo Yum's; go the Central Dairy, but they close at 5 or 6 so it's not open in the evening. The icecream is amazing and so are the serving sizes. You can also check with the CVB to see if there are any tours of the Missouri State Penitentiary (MSP), a very cool place - to visit if you get my drift. Bike

N. Jefferson
JT From KC from Raytown, MO on 05/27/2015 12:13 PM:
How far is the trail from the Amtrak station? My wife and I are taking the train into JC and biking to McKittrick/Herman.

Cathy from Jefferson City on 05/27/2015 07:04 PM:
This was answered recently, but I can't find the comment. So here goes: it is not far. I just checked on my phone's gps. From the Jefferson City Amtrak station to where you get on the pedestrian/bike bridge over the Missouri River (address of house right by that entry is 114 Clay St. if you want to put it in your gps) is 1 mile, 6 minutes by bike. Then from that point to the Katy Trail State Park N. Jefferson Trailhead is 2.4 miles, 12 minutes by bike.

You will enjoy biking over the Missouri River on our wonderful pedestrian/bike (completely safe) bridge.

Have a great trip.

Donna from Shawnee, KS on 05/28/2015 08:23 AM:
2.4 miles in 12 minutes by bike? I WISH I could ride that fast!

Anonymous on 05/28/2015 09:15 AM:
12 mph....surely you can.

Donna from Shawnee, KS on 05/28/2015 12:02 PM:
You're right -- I'm obviously not a mathematician!

Cathy from Jefferson City on 05/28/2015 08:38 PM:
When I posted that I did not do the math. Which is good because I don't want people to know how slow I bike. So just use the # of miles to figure out what you will need to bike to get from the Amtrak Station to the Trailhead.

Another plus is that you will be biking around the Missouri State Capitol. If you have some time, instead of turning right on East Capitol and heading in the direction of the Capitol, you could turn left on East Capitol and bike for about a mile down one of the most historic streets in Jefferson City. You will end up by the Missouri State Penitentiary (MSP) which was decommissioned as a prison in 2004. Our convention and visitors bureau (CVB) holds tours of the site. Go to their website for details. Once you past the prison, you can turn around and head back towards the Capitol, and then the pedestrian/bike path.

N. Jefferson
Anonymous on 06/30/2011 10:29 PM:
Can anyone let us know which places offer shuttle service to their bed and breakfasts or hotels? Which would you recommend?

Cathy from Jefferson City on 06/30/2011 10:39 PM:
I have heard good reports about The Cliff House B & B and the Briar Rose B & B. I think they both will provide a shuttle. With the opening of the biking/pedestrian bridge over the Missouri River you could easily bike from the N. Jefferson Trail Head to the Cliff House, which is one block from the south end of the new biking/pedestrian bridge ends.

By the way, while we are talking about the new biking/pedestrian bike path over the Missouri River at Jefferson City, it will be closed during the fireworks on 7/4.

Todd from Kansas City on 07/01/2011 08:17 AM:
We have stayed at the Cliff Manor the last 2 years and the owner (Thom) is very helpful. In 2010 he picked us up at the N Jefferson trailhead and shuttled us to his B&B. This year we road across on the new bike lane (which is completed separated from vehicle lanes) and had no problems getting to the B&B.

tina nathe from maplewood, mo. on 07/02/2011 08:14 AM:
We have stayed at the Cliff Manor also and they do have a shuttle. We also just stayed at Critter Cottage in Marthasville and Monettes Cabin in Marthasville both shuttle.

LQ from Bridgeton, MO on 08/07/2011 07:43 AM:
How far is it from the trail to this B & B. Costs?

Cathy from Jefferson City on 08/07/2011 08:19 AM:
LQ, I just went to the websites for Cliff Manor (www.cliffmanor.com, phone 573-635-4208) and Briar Rose B & B (www.briarroseinnbnb.com, phone 573-338-0284). The Cliff Manor site has a map showing how close they are. I would guess that once you get off the pedestrian/bike bridge on the Jefferson City side of the river (south side of river) the Cliff Manor is 1/4 mile or less. That would put them about 2 miles or less from the N. Jefferson trail head. The Briar Rose web site says they are 3.5 miles from the N. Jefferson Trail Head.

Ray Price from Overland Park on 08/10/2011 03:01 PM:
We stayed at the Briar Rose last summer and they came out and picked us up. I was really impressed with how he transports the bikes. he has a full sheet of plywood with quick release mounts in the back of his covered pickup truck. Just set the front fork in one of the mounts (he can carry 4 bikes I believe), lock it down and slide the sheet back into the truck. Very slick. The folks at the Briar Rose are super nice and the B&B was very nice as well.

Karen L from Sullivan MO on 08/18/2011 08:14 PM:
We were just at the Cliff Manor B&B the beginning of August. The ride from North Jefferson was easy...it is literally right across the bridge. They were very accommodating to us! Our bikes were muddy...they cleaned them and filled and froze our water bottles. The breakfast was outstanding. The best scones I have ever had....and I'm half Scottish! I would highly recommend this B&B.

John and Jenny from Shawnee, KS on 08/22/2011 07:58 PM:
We just spent 3 days with JeanetteBriar Rose B & B (www.briarroseinnbnb.com, phone 573 -338-0284. The service was outstanding, the food delicious and a very quiet location for a bed and breakfast. They will pick up at many of the different trailheads.

Scott C. from Troy MO on 09/15/2011 11:22 PM:
We just stayed at the Briar Rose B&B. We had five adult men, plenty of room, very nice place. Randy and Jeanette picked us up and shuttled us to the B&B. We had secured storage for our bikes, plenty of showers, laundry facilties, and fresh made brownies upon arrival. They also allowed us to tag along to their dinner at Bandanas. We encountered some bike issues on the trail and they shuttled us to the bike shop and waiting for our repairs to be completed prior to delivering us to the trailhead. I would highly recommend this B&B. Randy and Jeanette are great.
Thanks Randy and Jeanette!

Anonymous from Castle Rock CO on 10/03/2011 07:19 PM:
Briar Rose very nice, wonderful owners. Helped with a bike problem. Would stay there again if in Jeff City. Take the B-Rose shuttle rather than ride in. It's a fairly long ride in a busy urban setting with hills. Unless you're strong urban riders, the shuttle is a bargain and the way to go.


Red Wheel Bike Shop, Jefferson City MO

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