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Page / 364 Bridge

Parking, Repair Station, River Crossing
Mile marker 42.8
2884 S River Rd

Page / 364 Bridge is located approximately 0.2 mile from the Katy Trail, in St Charles MO

Directions: By bike: At mile 42.8, follow the paved path up the hill, from the base of the bridge.

By car: Take 270 to the Page/364 exit, heading west.  Go 6 miles to exit 14, Upper Bottom Road / Arena Parkway (immediately after crossing the river).  Go right (north) on Arena Pkwy, and take an immediate right on Hemsath.  Follow Hemsath for 0.3 mile, and take the right turn into the parking lot just after Hemsath curves left.
Page / 364 Bridge
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Page / 364 Bridge
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Page Bridge Missouri River Crossing- Location of newest Katy Trail extension on South side of I364
Ron from st charles 63303 on 04/18/2005 03:06 PM:
Where will the expanded Katy Trail be located on the south side of the Page Extension? I live there and am distressed to learn it may pass less than 20 feet from my bedroom window. Can this possibly be correct? John White (our St. Charles councilman) will not discuss with the residents exactly where it will be, other than just saying it's a "done deal" and "you can't do anything about it", when one of our Heritage Trails residents spoke to him the week of April 10, 2005.. Heritage Trails Residents are NOT amused, John.

Ray (webmaster) on 04/18/2005 04:04 PM:
Sorry, I do not have any information on where the extension will run. If your councilman has this information, I can't imagine why he would not share it with his constituents.

I'm surprised that you are distressed about having a bike path near your home. Any of your neighbors who are upset by the idea of having healthy recreational opportunities in the neighborhood may want to consider selling their homes. They will be pleasantly surprised to learn that having a State Park right next door will increase property resale values. Honestly, people will pay a premium to live that close to outdoor recreation resources like bike trails.

Matt from Creve Coeur on 04/28/2005 09:07 AM:
Our family would love to have a trail connection that close. I don't think people understand all the positive implications of having a network of bike trails in our area. They increase the quality of life for residents (by giving children and adults a safe place to ride), they promote a sense of community and civic pride, and they always lead to an increase in property values. Cyclers are generally friendly and respectful people and I wouldn’t mind them riding through my neighborhood. I'll take a nice quiet bike trail any day over all the annoying pass-thru traffic on our street. To be fair, yes, people passing by on their bikes may infringe on your privacy. Nevertheless, seeing other people around is just a part of living in a city. Move to the Alaskan wilderness if you don't like living around other people.

Charles from St. Charles on 06/23/2005 03:01 PM:
Ron, you are correct, the Katy Trail is coming on the south side of Page Avenue Extension along the Heritage Trails subdivision. Apparently, the land was donated by the developer before the new part of the subdivision was built. The engineering study is being done now and should be complete in September, 2005. I believe the trail itself will completed by summer, 2006. The access to the trail is going to be located at lot 41. In addition there will a "pocket park" located on the other side of the trail near the access point at lot 41. This information is accurate, I have verified this with two very good sources and both told me the same thing.

Nails on 09/14/2005 08:33 PM:
The only negative could be if you rent. As Matt said, property values always go up when they have good multi-use path access. So if you're renting, expect your rent to go up.

Chet from Columbia on 09/18/2005 09:40 PM:
Yes bike trails in the area increase a home's value. However, does the resident's quality of life increase if there is a public trail 20 feet from their BEDROOM? It would be really nice to have a trail a half mile or so away.

Nails on 10/05/2005 07:56 AM:
Obviously, nearby multi-use trails increase the quality of life. What else would account for the increase in property values? I'd have no trouble with such a trail 20 feet from my bedroom that'll only have runners, walkers, and bikers. Sure beats a road where there can be that plus cars and trucks.

gene beaty from raytown mo on 11/04/2005 12:48 PM:
i've heard the katy trail will be going on west of clinton some day. if so where is the proposed route. i.e. what towns etc. and when. i'd like to be 20 ft. from the trail (i think). i'd have one of my grandkids set up a lemonaid stand. any way i'd like to know the route of the trail if you know. thanks eab

savage24 from KC,MO on 11/04/2005 09:58 PM:
Gene, You can find a little information on connecting the Katy to K.C. at this website: www.marc.org/metrogreen/ Click on the Katy Trail button on the left side of the screen. There are maps of three different proposed routes, though they are not very detailed so it's hard to tell what towns they would pass through. One route would go from Windsor through Pleasant Hill and possibly Raytown.

I have not heard anyone predict when this will happen, but if you have grandkids that are interested in the lemonade business now, they will probably be dating and thinking about college before it is completed!

Pleasant Hill recently announced plans to build a trail to the city lake north of town (3 miles, I think) and they hope that it will become part of the trail that connects KC and the Katy Trail eventually.

Nails on 11/07/2005 12:07 PM:
Before the question of "Where?" is relavant, we must first get answers to "Will?" and "When?". Please contact MO DNR director Doyle Childers encouraging him to make the extension of the KATY trail to Kansas City. For additional details, visit the Missouri Bike Federation's website:

Anonymous from Harvester, MO on 01/30/2006 06:19 PM:
I know for a fact that Councilman John White will discuss anything you could possibly ask him. He has helped us with problems and directed us to the right people to address our situation. He is a honest councilman, and is there to help the common people. He did speak to your association about the trail, and told you that there are no firm plans right now of where the trail will go. It is a shame that a few people want to ruin a trail that would benefit all and be enjoyed by people from so many counties.

ET from Columbia on 02/02/2006 09:34 AM:
My family lives on the Columbia MKT spur, on one of its busiest segments. We get literally hundreds of people going past our house on nice days. We have never had any problems. Our house is more than 20 feet from the trail, but some of our neighbors are quite close. One indication of how people feel about this is that not a single person has built a privacy fence along the trail, although some have plantings to screen the trail in the summer; another is that many of the houses have their own little connectors to the trail. And I can tell you that people who come to our house uniformly say how lucky we are in our location. As a matter of fact, I am now trying to keep my eyes open for a house in our neighborhood for the 4th family of friends who wants to move here!

Big Rick from St. Charles, Mo. on 02/02/2006 11:52 AM:
Heh, dont speak for all Heritage residents. Myself and a neighbor both love the idea.

Nick Tuttle from Chesterfield on 07/12/2006 10:34 AM:
I think both St. Louis County and St.Charles County should have more interconnected trail systems. Any one who has traveled the Katy Trail knows the thrill of being able to go from one historic town to another safely, is an experience all people and future generations should be able to enjoy. Each community benefits from any expansion both in economics and in culture.

Brent on 12/21/2006 02:25 PM:
"Yes bike trails in the area increase a home's value. However, does the resident's quality of life increase if there is a public trail 20 feet from their BEDROOM?"

Most houses have streets (and, in civilized areas of the world, sidewalks) running 20 or 40 feet away from them. And what do you know, people are going up and down those streets all day and all night.

Trails are sort of like that, only even more enjoyable and even less annoying.

Chuck Taylor from Washington on 01/06/2007 06:42 PM:
What a fool! I would love to live on trail accessable property.

Best advice is: Don't let anyone know who you are and where you live. Otherwise your yard may become a waste recepticle and urinal. But that all goes with living in crime infested STL County anyway, right?

Brian from Wichita, KS on 01/08/2007 02:23 PM:
Chuck, I think your comments were tongue-in-cheek, but in case Ron is still reading this thread you may wish to clarify that you really weren't suggesting that trail-users will vandalize his property because of his disdain of the trail. He sounds like someone who would overreact & over-generalize those comments, reinforcing his negative impressions of cyclists, runners, and walkers. We know that we're all pleasant, eco-friendly neighbors, but he probably doesn't.

Anonymous from St. Charles Heritage Trails Resident on 03/02/2008 05:19 PM:
Can you tell me when this will go in? I live near Lot 41 and have been waiting anxiously for this trail to go in.

Bake from St Charles on 12/03/2009 07:58 PM:
I concur with Ron, my house will also be within about40'-60' of this new trail. We bought this house knowing that the Page extension would be in our back yard, but we were seperated by dense woods and the access to my back yard would be limited. The trail will make it easy to access the back of my house for the first time. So while it will be great for all the "healthly recreational people" in the daytime, when you go home it will leave us to deal with the other side of society.

I do not remember ever hearing about a plan or vote on this?

Steve K from saint louis, MO on 12/03/2009 11:33 PM:
Bake, the plans and status of the various phases are availiable on MoDot's website. I was looking at them this morning. In addition, MoDot is required to have public meetings on these type of projects at various stages of the design process. There is also contact info there for the MoDot Project Manager. If you really want to make a big deal about it, he would probably agree to meet with you at their office to go over the current plan, status, and issues that are specific to your property, and could probably discuss over the telephone if you give him your info and list of concerns ahead of time. Yeah, I know, it would be nice if someone would do this for you and report back, but I doubt you will get any volunteers posting on this forum.

As far as the "other side of society", Grant's Trail literally runs right by my front door in St. Louis County. Traffic can be very heavy during the day, but there are no issues with the "other side of society" at night. Now, I also understand that St. Charles County has some issues with Big Foot, who likes to rome around at night. However, this Big Foot issue is still there with or without the bike trail or Page Project.

Top Shelf on 04/16/2010 09:56 AM:
There should less concern with a bike trail behind your property than with an abandoned railroad behind your property. At least with a trail, it is monitored, it is attactive, and the people who use it are for the most part respectful and responsible people. With an abandoned railroad, the only people back there are people who are trespassing and either screwing around or up to no good. I know I'm much happier after a local abandoned railroad eyesore was converted to a nice bike trail.

Neighbor from St. Charles on 04/18/2011 12:51 PM:
Well Ron's worries have been proven true. The crime in our subdivision has jumped dramatically. Several homes near the "unofficial" entrance to the trail from our subdivision have been broken into and/or vandalized. One family is so fed up with the sudden onset of crime, they are putting their house on the market this summer. I love my long walks on the trail, along with the rest of my neighbors, but I have to wonder if the increase in crime is making it worth it.

Anonymous on 04/18/2011 07:38 PM:
I too am located near this area. I have not heard about any of this crime wave. Where can I read this information? Is that you Ron?

I just love this trail link, wish my property touched it.

JC on 10/24/2013 11:55 PM:
I found myself out farther than planned, later than planned, and with cloud cover and rain last night, so I walked the 2ish miles from Jung Station to Page along this stretch in complete darkness (except for the faint glow cast on the trail from some conveniently located bedroom lights). Am happy to report that I witnessed no shenanigans either on or off the trail. Was very happy to get back to my car though.

Page Ave / 364 Bridge parking lot (St Charles)
Maggie Peanick from St. Louis on 07/02/2007 02:21 PM:
I noticed it indicated no restrooms or water. Are there any near by or at the beginning of any of the trails?

K McCoy from St. Charles on 07/03/2007 08:37 AM:
There are bathrooms/water at St. Charles riverfront which is about 3.5 miles north of 364. There are plenty of gas stations and other services along Highway 94 as well, which is just west of the Page/364 bridge.

WJ from St. Charles on 08/12/2011 01:14 PM:
There is a new gas station at the South West corner of Page and Upper Bottom/River Road. Restrooms available and drinks/snacks available for purchase. About 1/2 mile away from lot to the west.

Matt from Florissant on 02/08/2012 01:26 PM:
This is not a good stop to plan to stop at for restrooms or water. There are other stops near by.

Page Ave / 364 Bridge parking lot (St Charles)
Georgia Shelden from Cincinnati, OH on 06/23/2008 06:08 PM:
Does anyone know whether you can park over night at this parking area?

I can't believe someone would be upset about this!!! I am from St. Louis and found out about

the trail by accident. My husband and I are going to do an overnight and looking forward to a

great trip.

Robert from columbia on 06/23/2008 06:12 PM:
why not just park here?


Dale from oFallon, MO on 08/22/2008 02:21 AM:
I beleive you are talking about the park and ride lot there. Scout troops meet at those and leave vehicles there for the weekend as well as for the entire week of summer camp. I've seen dozens of cars left at the ones on hwy 70 for days sometimes weeks on end without appearing to move, as long as the plates are current and the tires full of air. St Charles Yellow Cab picks people up at those and takes them to the airport, then returns them to there cars as much as a week later, and I've never seen a ticket on them, nor has the car been missing.