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Peers Store

Grocery, Souvenirs/Gifts
Peers MO
19 Concord Hill Rd

Peers Store is located on the Katy Trail, in Peers MO

Directions: North at road crossing the trail, then right. Can't miss it!
Sat-Sunday: Noon-4pm

Open seasonally (April through the end of October)

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Peers Store
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Peers Store
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Forum Discussions about Peers Store

Peers Store in Peers
David Habanero from Birmingham, AL on 10/24/2023 12:45 PM:
Stopped by this historic store on 10/21/2023. Snacks, ice cream and drinks were available, along with souvenirs/t-shirts etc. I just missed the Saturday afternoon music show. Really cool place to visit.

Peers Store OPEN
info@katylandtrust.org on 06/04/2020 01:43 PM:
Peers Store is OPEN on weekends from 12 pm to 4 pm through April to October.

This historic store was built for the arrival of the KATY Railroad in 1896. The Peers Store is a prime example of what conservation and preservation along the Katy Trail can accomplish.

From the live local music on the porch and stunning local art on display, to our butterfly pollinator plot across the street and the Katy Trail itself, the Peers Store (now listed on the National Register of Historic Places) continues to hold a special place in the history of the Missouri River valley and is truly a gem in the heart of the Missouri countryside. Weary travelers can find beverages and delicious snacks — something for everyone.

Located at 16011 Concord Hill Rd, Marthasville, MO 63357, Peers Store underwent a full refurbishing made possible by Connie and Dan Burkhardt. We are open with new art, a new music lineup with local musicians, and brand-new merchandise. Learn about the historic Peers Store by visiting our site here: https://www.magnificentmissouri.org/peers-store/

Peers Store in Peers
Paul K from Florissant,MO on 03/22/2012 10:31 AM:
I just talked to the owner of the Peers Store and she said they closed their doors two Sundays ago from this date. She stated a grocery store opened in Marthasville and took away their business. :(

Kevin from Jeff City on 03/22/2012 01:43 PM:
That is sad. I stayed there when I rode to my folks house in O'Fallon a couple of years ago. It was a fun experience, and the breakfast sandwiches were great.

Anon on 03/23/2012 09:48 AM:
This is terrible..Peer's has been a popular trail stopping point for several years.

A new 12,000+sq-ft K&R grocery did go into full operation in Marthasville last year. A dollar store was already there. This grocery in not next to the trail. But it could easily draw local food business.

Darrell from Jeff City, MO. on 03/24/2012 09:59 AM:
That's too bad, I've always enjoyed stopping in there if for nothing else than another snack and soda or water like I already had in my handlebar bag. They will be missed, pleasant people are one of life's premiums. We need more of them not less.

To say "another one bites the dust" sounds callous, but... In the past couple of years along the trail several businesses have closed, taverns, B&B's among them, and now the Peers Store. WE, the Katy Trail people, are part of the mix of clientele that keeps these small locally owned businesses alive and hopefully growing. I won't go into my "buy local" buy "Made in the USA" rant, but for some of these businesses their existence is, at times, tenuous. To be mindful of the impact we can have on the businesses along the trail, could help them and in turn help us, by them being there.

Sometimes when your headed out to the trail, pass up the "MegaMart" and patronize those that depend on your business, they 'will' miss you.

In case you are wondering, I don't own a business anywhere, and really, there is only one business on the Katy Trail whose first personal name I know, and that is Dotty.

Clayton, Denise, Frank, Mickie from Archie on 04/04/2012 11:41 AM:
This is the 2nd such spot on the KATY that closed in less than a month. I agree we MUST support those on the trail if we expec to see them next time. Barb and crew will be sorely missed. This is a piece of living history that can not be replaced. What we see happening is a micorcosm of what is happening to our USA. So keep going to Chinamart to support slave labor and eco destruction, not to mention lack of safe labor practices. China continues to send poison to our shors with not so much as a peep from those who are supposed to protect us. Nuff said.

OCtandem from OC, CA on 06/19/2018 01:54 PM:
The Peers Store is now the Katy Land Trust. It's open seasonally noon to 4. There's an ice cold soda machine on the porch if the store is closed. Not a lot inside, but a good place to get a drink or ice cream bar. There's a little gift shop and some art. Supposedly there's music on weekends, but nothing going on when we were there at noon on a June Saturday. So it's no longer a real store, but it's a good place to take a break.

Peers Store in Peers
Clayton, Denise, Frank, Mickie from Archie on 01/03/2012 12:29 PM:
May 2011: Once again Barb proved out to be a positive part of the KATY Trail. We had a hard soggy ride from Washington which I do not reccomend for anyone to do. I will not do it again! The traffic is heavy and the bridge is super narrow.. Anyway Peers store is a must stop for anyone. Thank you again Barb for being there. You are truely a wonderful hostess.

Peers Store (Peers)
Curt and Kathy from Silex, MO on 08/22/2010 01:08 PM:
June 20, 2010- Peers Store was our first stop on our journey to ride the entire Katy Trail from St. Charles to Clinton. Barb was the sweetest hostess and treated you like family! Accommodations were above the historical store that has been in the family throughout a few generations. The rooms were clean and comfortable. Since we were traveling light, we needed to hand-wash our biking clothes each night; Barb had the perfect setup to line dry your clothes overnight and to my surprise they were dry the next morning. Barb told us to make ourselves at home; this was a great help as we were able to use her freezers to freeze our 9 water bottles for the next day’s ride. The next morning Barb made some fabulous breakfast sandwiches which we enjoyed while visiting with Barb and the regular customers. We highly recommend PEERS STORE and will most definitely spend the night again. THANKS BARB!

Peers Store (Peers)
Clayton, Denise, Frank, and Mickie from Archie, MO. on 10/26/2009 11:30 AM:
Oct. 4/09 Peers Store is a must stop for any who appreciate history, hospitality, and the out of the ordinary. Barb is one fantastic hostess. She and her store bring you back to a time when a handshake was better than a contract. Her culinary skills and last minute flexability saved us from a sure night of hunger for want of real food. The dinner plans were formulated via cell phone as we headed West. We had been pedaling all day against the wind and seeing the store to the North of the trail was a very welcome sight. Do not expect Hilton accomodations but the ambiance experienced is not found a Hilton either. You will enjoy the clean warm rooms and breakfast with the "regulars" is a plus also. Thank you Barb for a great stay. We will be back if you will have us.

Peers Store (Peers)
B.B. from Clinton on 08/10/2009 02:10 PM:
Barb is a life saver. After a very long day in the rain we enjoyed her hospitality. You couldn't ask for a better place to spend some time.

Peers Store (Peers)
Rich B. from Shiloh IL on 08/04/2009 06:28 PM:
I recently stayed 2 separate nights in the room above the store on a round trip...Barb and Amy were very gracious and the $45/night rate kept me within my budget...the breakfast sandwich was a great way to start each morning...I highly recommend it!!

Cvrz from St Peters on 08/04/2009 08:13 PM:
They have lunch specials too which are very good and very inexpensive. I highly recommend them!

Peers Store (Peers)
R. Smith from Harrisonville, MO on 07/23/2009 11:07 AM:
I spent the night at the store this past week with my son in one of their upstairs rooms. My main attraction was the affordable price that offered shelter, a soft bed, air-conditioned comfort, and a sandwich to start us out the next morning. I am thankful for the kindness that the whole business showed us, plus we were able to get a ride to the next town because we took on more than we could handle when my son and I started out on this wonderful bike trail. Thanks to Barb for her hospitality and service.

P.S. I offered money to the gentleman who drove us back up the trail on that rainy Tuesday.

Cvrz from St Peters on 07/23/2009 11:18 PM:
Yes I love that place! I recently stopped in again for lunch and got the special which was Green Beans and Sausage...and inexpensive and delicious! They were warm and friendly people, and the store is a neat time capsule to browse about in and get supplies. I'm planning to try an overnighter there soon.

Peers Store (Peers)
Anonymous on 07/04/2008 06:48 AM:
My ABSOLUTE favorite establishment on the entire KATY Trail! The ambiance, the service, the accomodations, the history....all represent a time when life was much simpler. If your ride takes you to or through this area, DO NOT pass up the opportunity to experience this true slice of Americana.

KR from ST LOUIS on 07/04/2008 10:35 PM:
I agree! It's like going back 50 years in time!

mike p on 07/05/2008 11:45 AM:
I agree on your comments about Peers store. I found the place while looking for lunch and a place out of the rain in May this year. Soup and a sandwich and what appeared to be most of the neighbors in the area. I would recommend this stop to anyone riding the trail.(pass on the coffee).

Marvin Winston from Maumelle on 07/06/2008 07:25 AM:
Sounds like a place to visit on my trip this month. Where is Peers? I don't see it on the map.

Ray (webmaster) on 07/06/2008 07:30 AM:
It's between Treloar and Marthasville. Here's a web page with Peers info. If you visit the store, be sure to ask about the flood of '93 - some interesting stories.

Biker from Farmington, MO on 07/09/2008 11:28 AM:
Very nice people, offered pork-burger platters during the DRN trail ride. It's definitely worth the stop.

JasonA from Omaha, NE on 10/15/2008 05:54 PM:
The folks at Peers were very helpful to me for my recent overnight stay. I felt welcomed, trusted, and appreciated. A word of caution: the accommodations are spartan. The old-timey bed and squeaky ceiling fan were bothersome, but I put my sleeping bag on the floor in front of a box fan and slept like a baby. I didn't turn on the TV in the room, not even to watch the one movie in their video collection. The bathroom was the most unimpressive - a tub with a hand sprayer, not much water pressure and not much hot water. You aren't allowed to flush your toilet paper because it will clog up the pipes. But with all that said, if all you need is a place to sleep and a breakfast sandwich, do you really need to spend $60 more for a B&B?

DICK GABRIEL from Marietta, GA on 10/17/2008 10:42 AM:
We did not spent the nigth at Peers store on our Katy ride last month, but we did eat lunch there (very good), and took a look at the room. We plan to stay on our next trip. Look, this place is decades older than ANYONE riding the trail, so they may have issues with the piping and/or septic system. If you've been on a mission trip to a third world country, not flushing your potty paper is no big deal. If you want a mint and USA Today, stay at the fancy hotels in St. Louis. If you want to experience a bit of history stay at Peers Store!

patty from new york from waterville, ny on 10/18/2008 05:12 PM:
Ditto Peers store as a must stop on the trail. I pulled up there on a 90-plus degree day in late July this summer and was welcomed like an old friend. Well worth the stop and stay overnight if possible.

JasonA from Omaha, NE on 10/22/2008 12:29 PM:
I wasn't going on a mission trip to a third-world country, I was in Missouri, where I'd like to flush a big wad of toilet paper. It wasn't a problem for me, I didn't have to go. But I didn't see any comments here about what to expect, and I figure I'm doing other trail users a favor by telling them how it is. Looks like there's some pretty fancy hotels in Marietta, too.

Peers Store (Peers)
Lee from Festus, MO. on 10/18/2008 02:21 PM:
Peers Store was awesome. It's a railroad era building with a ton of history. Barb, the owner, operates a small grocery store. In addition, she has a room above the store which she rents for an extremely reasonable rate. A friend and I stayed overnight on 10-16-2008. Brittany, the young lady behind the counter, has a fantastic personality. Barb could not have been more accommodating. She and Brittany are, without a doubt, the friendliest people on the trail.

Peers Store (Peers)
Pat from Fort Worth on 06/04/2008 03:30 PM:
We ate lunch at the Peers Store. The young woman made us a sandwich that was almost too big to eat. The picnic table outside was covered with a camouflage net that made for a pleasant place to eat. They're good people and it's a good place to stock up on snacks.

Peers Store (Peers)
Tim and Scott from Collinsville, IL on 02/17/2008 10:38 PM:
We stopped here for lunch on our way to Tebbetts from St. Charles. The young girl that was working was very helpful and gave us everything we wanted. The room upstairs has 2 beds and can be reserved for $45 and the room next to it for another $5. We plan to stay there on our next trip. Definately worth the stop.

Peers Store (Peers)
cleeland from St. Louis on 06/18/2007 12:41 PM:
My 11 year old daughter and I just completed a Jeff City to St. Louis trip last week in two legs

and overnighted at Peers. It's a great place, and I highly recommend it! If you are looking for

plush pampering such as one might expect in the $100+/night B&Bs, this is not the place for

you. But, if you're looking for a clean, spacious room, filling breakfast, and wonderful

hospitality at a reasonable price, do not hesitate to book with Barb.

Jsample on 06/24/2007 11:25 PM:
While riding the trail we accidentally left a cell phone outside the Peers store. Barb found it, went the "extra mile" to track us down and even drove to the next town to deliver the phone. She is very kind and would accept nothing in return. Please patronize this store! Thanks again.

Peers Store (Peers)
Crunchie from Naperville, IL on 05/29/2007 09:02 PM:
Had lunch at The Peers Store last week. The "price fixee" was five bucks, and included seating at a shaded picnic table and a water bottle fillup. What more could I ask for? If you stop in, be sure to check out the flood pictures on the dining room wall.

Peers Store (Peers)
JD from Joplin on 09/24/2006 08:09 PM:
Very Impressed! Called Barb late on Friday night and she accommodated room for two within the hour! Best deal on the trail. Room was fantastic, breakfast good, and access to store at all hour terrific. Make this a stop for your overnight lodging needs.

Kathy Ware from Nashville, TN on 10/17/2006 08:44 PM:
Barb and Amy are the best - easily the favorite of me and the children for overnight accomodations. Friendly and genuine!

Katy Trail Lodging
Jerry and Janet Schmackers from Maria Stein, Ohio on 10/23/2005 09:28 PM:
Just finished 5 days, 200 miles, from Sedalia to St. Charles. Oct. 15 thru 19th, 2005. All went fine, only 1 flat, on Raleigh Touring bikes with 700x38 tires. We are 64 years old, and averaged about 45 miles per day. All plans were arranged from the BikeKatyTrail site.

PEERS STORE, owned by Barb, is outstanding in all ways. Nice room, exceptional food, helpful, and priced right. Locals are fun to converse with also. Only bath needs some updating and Barb is working towards that.

RENDLEMAN'S B&B has very good food, (dinner and breakfast ). Doug is also an avid biker, cook and easy to converse with.

HARTSBURG INN owned by "Cath", very clean, with in room TV, Microwave. Locate right at trails edge.

Have photo's of lodging and will gladly converse on helping with anyone planning a trip.

rfc from Shoreview MN on 10/07/2006 06:17 PM:
This B&B was at just the right spot after biking 80 miles on that day. Supper was pot roast with carrots, potatoes and acorn squash and a salad. It was tasty and we were starving. Breakfast was French toast with fresh peaches. The sleeping rooms were upstairs and the bathrooms were downstairs. Our room was small, clean, spartan and air conditioned. Doug is a very interesting host.

Peers Store (Peers)
Missouri Joe from O'Fallon, MO on 05/28/2006 09:29 PM:
Had a lowly P&J at the Peers Store and it tasted like a 5 course meal after a long, hot ride. If I'm on that section of the trail again I will surely stop there.

Peers Store (Peers)
mary hamann from washington on 10/10/2005 07:03 PM:
Do you have a vendor in your store that sells home grown pecans? If so are they available? Thanks for your time. Mary. Have a great day!!!

Jane from Peers on 10/10/2005 07:58 PM:
No we do not have any home grown pecans sold anywhere Pecans are priceless in this area

Barb from Peers, MO on 10/22/2005 06:17 PM:
Yes Peers Store will have a limited supply of pecans available soon.

Peers Store (Peers)
Heather and Jim from St. Louis on 10/10/2005 08:06 PM:
My husband and I stayed here over the summer and I was very impressed. The room was very cozy(homelike). The Breakfast was the best yet but better than all was the place. The store has pretty much anything you could need from Deli sandwichs, ice cream,lunch specials, soda and pizza. Theres something for everyone and after a long trail ride it's so nice to come into the store and get something cold to drink and some food and not have to go to a bar. Her (Barb's) prices are very reasonable food and room and she is a very knowledgable women. She can carry on a conversation very well. She told my husband and I how the store has been around since 1800's and has been through many many floods and i think that is a reason it is so special. If your ever in the area and need a place to stay i reccommend Peers Store for the caring people, reasonablr prices and you won't leave without learning something new.

Jerry and Janet from Maria Stein, Ohio on 10/12/2005 06:42 PM:
Very glad to see your comment. We are to stay over on Oct. 18th. My phone conversation for the reservation, was very comfortable which led me to believe that even though age may be on the facilities, that yet it would be comfortable.

Peers Store (Peers)
Ray (webmaster) on 10/08/2005 10:22 PM:
I had a nice visit today with Barb, the lady who runs Peers Store (at mile 80, between Treloar and Marthasville). She has lots of interesting stories about the store (which has been in her family for decades), the building (which was built in the late 1800s), the little building next door (which has been a school, a bar, a home, a feed store, and more...) and the town of Peers (which was underwater during the flood of '93, even though the river is over a mile away). Save some time to enjoy chatting with Barb at the Peers Store.

Peers Store (Peers)
Vickie from Kansas City Mo on 09/27/2005 09:50 AM:
This is a great store with a little of everything. We arrived 2 minutes before closing and they stayed open long enought for us to buy some canned fruit, cheese & crackers. The nice lady even put the cheese in a ziplock for me. Saved us from eating at the bar in Marthasville.

Photo opportunities
bikerLaura from Round Lake, IL on 08/10/2005 08:58 PM:
I will be biking the trail from Sedalia to St. Charles in late September. I'd like to know what would be some good things of interest to take pictures of, preferably close to the trail; e.g., old barns, railroad stuff, old farm tools, old stores, etc.

Ray (webmaster) on 08/11/2005 12:57 AM:
Here are a few web pages to give you some ideas. The MKT Railroad History along the Trail webpage lists a lot of interesting photo subjects: old train cars, rehabbed depots, and more. Also check out the Points of Interest along the trail page - this is a hodgepodge of interesting places and sites, many of which are camera-worthy. And of course, you'll find no shortage of scenic landscapes, especially along the river.

Trek Biker from St. Joseph, MO on 08/11/2005 01:42 PM:

The Katy Trail Guidebook has some pics of things along the trail that may be of interest such as the tile silo between New Franklin and Rocheport. Just west of Rocheport a mile or so on the north side of the trail is an old barn that sits back in a pasture that is surrounded by woods......it takes a pretty good pic.

I find the bluffs east of Rocheport along I-70 interesting. There are persimmon trees, bittersweet, indian paintbrush, etc. The bluffs are intereting also...I've a few pics of geese perched next to the petroglyphs.

There are plenty of photo ops.....just keep your eyes open. Enjoy!

frank from festus, mo on 08/13/2005 07:58 PM:
check out the old turn table across from the katy roundhouse in franklin. it's on the site of an old train garage. it has chain link around it, but very much worth the time to look at it. have fun ridin the katy. frank

Lisa from Peers, Missouri on 09/13/2005 10:41 AM:
I would suggest stopping in Peers to check out the old general store. I believe it is the longest continuously operating store in Missouri. It is a small general store that has stayed in the family for over 100 years. The store has survived many floods and the old wood floors show it. In 1994 the flood waters were over 6 feet hight in the building - the store has pictures of all the recent floods. The local farmers are in there every morning for their coffee and to discuss their crops, weather, etc. Just a really quaint little place. Peers is so small that it isn't on all the trail maps - it is between Treloar and Marthasville.

Bill from Jefferson City on 09/21/2005 05:19 AM:
At Rocheport,the KATY railroad tunnel,bluffs, and pictographs discussed in William Least-Heat Moon's book "River Horse" and the river view from the bluff-top winery property "A" frame can each give photo opportunities. Also like the "pierced rock" near McBaine, Carnahan Point where the river and trail make a big bend near Claysville, and the spur to the Noren Conservation Access for good shots of a river view of the Mo. State Capitol.

Peers Store (Peers)
Bill and Kim from St. Charles on 09/12/2005 10:13 PM:
My Husband and I stayed at here and it was just perfect. The owner was so nice as was the small town hospitality. Can't beat it for the price and the breakfast sandwiches are the best. Thanks Barb!