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Portland Trailhead


Portland Trailhead is located on the Katy Trail, in Portland MO

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Portland Trailhead
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Portland Trail Head
Steve from St. Charles on 03/24/2021 02:08 PM:
Does anyone know much about the Portland trailhead area? Is it safe to leave a car there or unattended during an overnight ride? Thanks!

Soft trail just east of Portland
T Milligan on 10/06/2020 07:43 AM:
I rode from North Jefferson to McKittrick yesterday - Oct 5. There was some trail construction going on just east of Portland.

Most of it was inactive and of no consequence except for one short section featuring a road grader and a compactor. That section was exceptionally soft requiring me to walk my bike for about 100 yards.

Portland Trailhead in Portland
Kathy from Kirkwood on 09/03/2020 08:19 PM:
Bathroom has been closed for "cleaning" for at least two weeks :/

Portland Trailhead (Portland)
Bob Krzewinski from Ypsilanti, MI on 05/04/2006 10:44 PM:
One thing missing from this trailhead is where you can find water. The trailsigns you see approaching Portland have the "water" symbol, but when you reach the trailhead itself, there is none to be found. It would be great if even a small sign could be posted on the trailhead shelter signs on where water can be found.