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Riverview Traders General Store

Wilton MO
18300 River Rd.

Riverview Traders General Store is located on the Katy Trail, in Wilton MO

roughly 8AM - 7PM, but can vary

Riverview Traders General Store
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Riverview Traders General Store
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Forum Discussions about Riverview Traders General Store

Riverview Traders General Store in Wilton
Bruce from Aurora, Colorado on 09/03/2017 06:39 PM:
Great couple. They were very helpful. My wife and I were riding on a near 100 degree day on a Tuesday in July. The two towns prior had no businesses open and no water available and we had run out. We gladly purchased water and sports drinks, but in addition,the proprietors bent over backwards to give my wife aid and surely prevented her from having serious issues with heat stroke. They made her comfortable and made sure she was doing well before we set out.

Riverview Traders General Store in Wilton
Loren Shelton from St. Louis now, originally San Antonio, TX on 04/10/2016 06:44 PM:
On our way to Rocheport from Hartsburg, we stopped in to visit and catch a cold drink. We were blessed with a very friendly visit with the owners. Had to be nearly an hour passed before we knew it! Warm and real people, I hope to visit with them again, soon. The store was fun, too!

Fran M. from Tucson, Arizona on 05/24/2016 02:16 PM:
At first we thought they only had chips and soda but tucked between the necklaces and crafts we found tuna and in the freezer are burritos etc. We had a very nice visit with the owners and ate what we bought, supplemented by what we had with us on the benches outside the little store. A memorable stop.

Riverview Traders General Store in Wilton
Jwitt from St. Louis, Mo on 05/03/2014 07:19 PM:
These guys were not friendly. They made jokes at me when I walked in and refused to fill my water bottle. The lady working there said I had to buy bottled water.

El Toro on 05/04/2014 12:19 PM:
Thanks for the heads up. They won't be seeing any of my hard-earned cash.

Anonymous on 05/04/2014 01:55 PM:
Witt, the businesses along the trail are typically friendly but some newbie riders have to be aware it's not a big open public park along the trail. These are private property owners who can choose who to serve and not to serve. Most of the business I've stopped at are very friendly. T word is tact.

Jim from St Thomas on 05/04/2014 04:28 PM:
Its always great when businesses provide things like free water but the key here is that they are a business. Wilton is small so I don't think it is unreasonable for them to sell water as opposed to giving it away. As to the "made jokes at me" thing, I have a pretty thick skin.

dc from Jeff City on 05/05/2014 02:29 PM:
They have been nice to me every time I have been there. I either buy a drink or an ice cream bar when I stop

Liam from St. Louis on 07/22/2014 06:34 PM:
These people were great, only place open on the trail during the week. Saved my brother and I from certain death by heatstroke.

sharonbikes from Kansas City on 07/31/2014 05:38 PM:
I have always had a fantastic experience at this store in Wilton. They are super nice people who run a great little place. I am happy to support them whenever I pass through - in fact, I make a point to stop and buy a little something from them.


chester from columbia on 12/19/2014 10:28 AM:
These are some of the nicest folks you could ever want to meet......perhaps you misunderstood their humor for "made jokes". Regarding having to "buy" water. This is a business, just like where you work and earn your paycheck. If you want free water from a fountain, ride 4 miles south to Hartsburg or 12.5 miles north to McBaine.

M.W from Florissant on 01/05/2015 08:20 AM:
Wilton a great stop had the coldest beer there

Riverview Traders General Store in Wilton
Tammi Gardner from Kansas City, MO on 09/13/2013 08:44 PM:
I hiked up to this place on a hot, hot day -- the owner was very friendly and her store was filled with fun jewelry, crafts, snacks and cold drinks.

Riverview Traders General Store in Wilton
Lonnie from Kansas City on 04/19/2012 06:45 PM:
Have to see it to believe it. Definitely interesting and worth a stop for a drink. Relax. It's an experience.

Riverview Traders General Store (Wilton)
Drew & Karen from Blue Springs, MO on 05/30/2006 12:22 PM:
Is this place for real? All we saw were the sticks that we supposed they supported the tipis with. No one was in sight.

sbikes from Kansas City on 05/30/2006 05:47 PM:
It's a great place! The store is on the little road behind the field with the teepee sticks in it. I

encourage you to stop by next time. There is a path from the trail up to the road.

Mark of the Dalton Boys from Austin, TX/Columbia, MO. on 05/31/2006 07:46 AM:
My brothers and I stayed there on our KATY ride.....totally enjoyed ourselves and the hosts. It is its own uniqueness, not to be confused with others. We didn't use the teepees but looked inside. The owners used to make teepee kits for sale hence the four or so that are available for a small fee. Yup - wonderful place!! Regards.....Mark of the Dalton Boys

geea on 06/02/2006 09:56 PM:
This place is for real and you missed out on meeting 2 great people. The tipi's are no longer there due to mildew and rot. The store has drinks along with hand made items. I gree with the Dalton boys, is is unique, you should have gone in. Robert and Maggie are native americans with a heart of gold.

Mom who rides with her daughters from Lee's Summit on 06/04/2006 12:29 PM:
I am assuming that they had someone else watching the store the day we where there. My daughter, 10 at the time needed to use a restroom badly/not the type of issue where you can squat and go. We road up to the store and came in. We had decided to by some cold drinks/but the restroom was issue #1. We obeyed the sign by the campsite that stated to ask at the store before using. Well, the lady told us that the ones at the camp where locked/and no there was not one at the store she could use. She was extremly rude about it also. Needless to say, we left without buying anything/and on consecutive trips didn't even bother to stop there.

I'm glad others had better stops/but I couldn't believe the rudness, as it was the only rudness we ever where subjected to on our entire 2 day trip.

cathy from jeff city on 06/18/2006 11:06 PM:
It is funny that everyone assumes that everyone in business along the trail or elsewere should provide toilets. Especially to those who do not buy a thing. You wouldn't expect your favorite strip mall store to have a toilet for public use. Why should it be any different for those on the trail, especially when the business is their home. As for as the port a poty, if your not paying to camp then why should they open it up for you to use. It is also funny that the trail heads have toilets, some flushing, some not, and yet I have seen with my own eyes people pass them by and enter a business and ask to use there toilets. It's an expence for the shops, water, soap, towels and just buying a soda will not cover it.

Would you like it if I just stop my car infront of your home, rang the bell and asked to use your toilet because my daughter had to go badly....

sbikes from Kansas City on 06/18/2006 11:57 PM:
I don't get it either. I have seen people along the trail get downright angry with businesses

along the trail when they say they have no public toilet available. DNR does a decent job of

keeping the trailhead toilets clean and stocked with supplies. Businesses along the trail are

providing a public service by just staying open...I don't see anybody getting rich from

business from the Trail. I don't think it is too much to ask that people use the trailhead


Phil Porter from merriam ks on 06/18/2007 11:07 AM:
Robert and Maggie are authentic people-not the kind that have a fake smile for everyone who comes along. They don't believe in entertaining everyone who comes along and they don't tolerate rudeness or disrespect.

Their place is one at which you get the kind of treatment you deserve-the customer isn't always right and they won't and shouldn't put up with any bs for the money they earn.

I've been treated well there when I deserved it and been treated like a nuisance when I deserved it.

These are people you can learn alot from if they like you. You would do your children a favor by giving them another visit. Robert and Maggie are wise people-truly rare.

Kman from Overland Park on 03/22/2011 08:55 AM:
Has anyone staid here in 2010/2011? Planning a trip for Boy Scouts and would like to confirm they are still in business and current conditions.

Michael Rodemeyer from Hartsburg, Missouri on 03/23/2011 04:59 PM:
I would call Maggie, 573-657-1095, to see if they can handle a large group of scouts. If not try Hartsburg just down the trail. Call Bill Abrahams about Volunteer Park or Mayor Ditzfeld at

Riverview Traders General Store (Wilton)
K Reed from Ballwin, MO on 09/12/2008 07:27 PM:
We didn't see any signs of tipi camping, but we did go in the trading post where we found a very nice bead necklace. We then sat on the benches out front and had our lunch that we brought from Rochport.