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St. Charles / St Charles MO
Mile marker 39.5
340 N Main
Talayna's is located 1/10 mile from the Katy Trail, in St. Charles MO

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Forum Discussions about Talayna's

Talayna's (St Charles)
Local Guy from St. Charles MO on 11/12/2005 05:20 PM:
On the end of the resturaunt strip, Talayna's is smack in the middle of bar row (not a bad thing). Its not much atmosphere, but if you want the best Deep-dish Chicago style pizza this side of the Missippi, go to Talayna's! THier Chicago pizza is out of this world!

Patrick from Cleveland, Ohio on 03/05/2006 11:16 AM:
I was back home in St. Charles in for Thanksgiving, and one evening I went to dinner at Talayna's with my three sons. I met a lovely waitress named Kim who was so charming that on the last day of my visit I returned to Talayna's to talk with her. I haven't been back since November but I hope she's still there. So, if you happen to see Kim, please tell her that guy from Cleveland hasn't forgotten her lovely smile and hopes to say hello on his next visit. And feel free to give her my e-mail address if she'd care to write. I'd love to hear from her.

Patrick (Sixthson1@wmconnect.com)