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Shade ???

Can someone tell me how shaded the Katy is? I plan to ride from Sedalia to St Charles soon, but the MO heat is 100 degree everyday this time of year. Thanks, Paulie
posted Aug 2 2006 11:00AM - Paulie, Knoxville TN

It can be a bit steamy in Missouri this time of year. I'm more familiar the MKT trail near Columbia, MO and a portion of the Katy trail near Rocheport along the Missouri River. In these areas there is plenty of trees to shade the trail. Although I imagine parts of the trail are through farm land and may not be so shaded. With a lightweight hat, a little sun screen, and water you should be fine. You may also want to carry a lightweight rain jacket.
posted Aug 2 2006 12:06PM - Anonymous

From Sedalia to Boonville you will encounter a fair amount of open farmland where you will be in direct sun. After Boonville it will usually be shaded. During the summer it's a good idea to get on the trail early in the morning so you can get some miles in before it gets too hot. After 3pm or so, the trail will be pretty well shaded, so it's good to plan a lunch or break in an air conditioned establishment when the sun is directly overhead.
posted Aug 2 2006 4:19PM - anon

Weldon Spring to Matson is quite shady, there re stretches further west that are long and open heading towards Dutzow. Marthasville to McKittrick is fairly shady.
posted Aug 2 2006 6:09PM - Missouri Joe, O'Fallon, MO

Augusta to Treloar is pretty much all open, in that 15 mile stretch about 5 or so miles are covered, that's it.

Also, between Augusta and Dutzow there're about 4 miles where the trail's raised above even the level of the corn, and the wind just whips around. It's hard riding, and there's no shade, and no places to stop.
posted Aug 2 2006 6:30PM - Clark

There is a fair amount of shade, but remember that at midday the sun is directly overhead--and you will feel it on the Katy. I don't know how sensitive you are to heat, but being from Colorado, we found it to be tough in June '05. We found the only way to beat it was to start really early--say 6:30 AM--rest midday and maybe pedal some more late afternoon. I'd recommend going in spring or fall.
posted Aug 2 2006 8:23PM - Sarah McGregor, Denver

Thanks for the help everybody. I do plan to do most of my ride in the morning. I figure at 12-15 mph I should knock out most of my daily ride by noon. By the way-Great web site-its the reason I'm coming all the way from East Tennessee to ride the Katy!
posted Aug 3 2006 9:38AM - Paulie, Knoxville TN

This site is fantastic and the most helpful I have seen. We are planning a West/East trip the end of Aug, that probably would not have happened without this site. East Tennessee? Have you been on the VA Creeper trail? To date it is my favorite, even the climb to Whitetop.
posted Aug 3 2006 7:45PM - Wayne, Columbus OH

wayne, from columbus, ohio

could you e-mail me at cleo-beo@earthlink.net

you will get it returned on spam, don't resend, i'll still get it. may take me a couple of days to get back to you. thanx, frank
posted Aug 3 2006 10:22PM - frank, festus

Yes, I have been on the VA Creeper. Great ride. Its a shame its not any longer than it is.
posted Aug 3 2006 11:26PM - Paulie, Knoxville TN

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