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Busch's Landing (Hartsburg)

We were scheduled to camp here, but the guy at the post office said that he didn't think anyone even went down there anymore. We checked it out and it was pretty scary looking. We decided not to camp there. Plus, it is about a mile off the trail down a very rocky, gravel road.
posted Oct 16 2006 4:32PM - Jason, Huntsville, AL

Hartsburg allows camping in the City Park (and there is a nice gazebo with a roof and a floor)
and also there is a park on the edge of town (about 1/2 mile from the Trail on a paved road)
where camping is allowed as well. Camp in the City Park, have a nice dinner and glass of
wine at the winery (right across the street) and you are all set!
posted Oct 16 2006 7:34PM - sbikes, Kansas City

We actually did end up camping at the park. Felt a little out of place but no one said a word and we really enjoyed it. Nice little town!
posted Oct 18 2006 2:07PM - Jason, Huntsville, AL

Camping at the City Park is the best bet. Dottys Cafe is across the street and a new restaurant is supposed to be opening soon. There are also two taverns in town, one has food and everyone is always very welcoming to all of those on the trail.
posted May 27 2011 3:26PM - Anonymous, Hartsburg

If you camp at the city park, is there anywhere to shower?
posted Mar 26 2012 12:12PM - Jimmy Kessler, St. Charles

I'm not aware of any showers but the trailhead has running water so you can use the sink and a wash rag to knock some of the dust off.
posted Mar 26 2012 4:26PM - Jim, St. Thomas

Doing some planning for another October trip on the katy, hoping to stay at some different places than usual this trip. Last time I was in Hartsburg, I tried to get to Busch's landing. Was met by a group of people at the end of the road who were having a youths skeet shoot competition. Stopped to ask if I was near the campground, and was told that it was closed, there was nothing around but private property, and no where to camp. Is this true? I have seldom felt uncomfortable in lycra around anyone, but this was one of the few bad vibes I have had.
posted Jul 21 2015 5:35PM - Jason, Eureka Springs

When I want to camp near Hartsburg I usually stay at Harts Creek Conservation Area rather than in town.
posted Jul 21 2015 7:57PM - MidSouth, Rogersville, MO

How about Coopers Landing near Easley just a little bit west. That's on the river like Busch's.
posted Jul 22 2015 9:23AM - Anonoh

Camping in Hartsburg is free at Volunteer Park, in or around the gazebo. The trail bathrooms are close by and so are 2 or 3 restaurants. If you want to pay there are 2 B and B's and the caboose is available. Don't bother with Busch Landing as its a long ride for nothing as its only open to locals.
posted Jul 22 2015 12:15PM - Michael Rodemeyer, Hartsburg

Busch Landing is private property and only open to locals with permission. Hartsburg has a great city park and wonderful atmosphere. Perfect for late summer early fall rides.
posted Sep 26 2016 9:28AM - Busch Landing, Hartsburg

Sure is distressing to see my grandfathers land in print and on maps as Bush Landing. This is incorrect it should be Busch's Landing. My grandfather Barney Busch owned the bank in Hartsburg until the depression when it went bankrupt. I notice even on your map above they call it Bush's Landing. Shame, Shame, Shame. Kind of defiles my families history in Hartsburg. Might note that my grandfather on my mothers side, Carroll H. Sapp of Ashland was Mayor of Ashland and also a judge. Served as a school teacher in
Englewood in his twenties and married my grandmother Wookie Dell. If you could help me change this little quirk I would certainly appreciate any help. Thanks, Bill Busch.
posted May 7 2017 11:35AM - Bill Busch, Ashland, Missuri

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