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Rocheport Trailhead (Rocheport)

Is there good parking at this trailhead? I would like to leave my car there for two days/one night. Is there a better trailhead to park at that is close to Rocheport?
posted Dec 4 2006 12:02PM - Ben

There is excellent parking at Rocheport and it should be secure as the City Hall shares the old depot with the park ranger.
posted Dec 4 2006 8:19PM - Arkie, Fort Smith

In Rocheport....there is a park ranger??? Never seen em or city hall at the trailhead.
posted Dec 5 2006 1:15PM - Anonymous

Well unless they have moved out since October, the City Clerk and staff are in one end of the building and DNR occupies the other.
posted Dec 7 2006 7:26AM - Arkie, Fort Smith

Maybe it's the Riverboat Red from the top of hill, but I still don't recall an old depot, the city hall, or the DNR near the trailhead.

There is ample parking around the trailhead and an overflow lot nearby. Also, the Trailside bike shop is right across the street. I wouldn't worry about leaving my car for any length of time. There are restrooms at the trailhead as well as the typical Katy info center.

In Boonville, the old depot (just north of the trailhead) has been restored and is owned by the DNR. It houses the local Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Info Center as well as Division of State Parks offices.
posted Dec 7 2006 2:54PM - Trek Biker, St. Joseph, MO

I think Arkie is thinking of the Boonville depot.

Rocheport would be my first choice of any of the trailheads in the area to leave a car. I have left my car there overnight. I've never heard of any problems.
posted Dec 8 2006 7:31AM - savage24, KC,MO

I believe Arkie is correct. The trailhead depot does house city hall and a DNR office. The restrooms do not take up the entire bldg. As you look at it from the trail, I believe City Hall is on the left end (west) and DNR on the right (east).
posted Dec 8 2006 9:33AM - MAH, Blue Springs, MO

Thanks for the support as I was beginning to wonder about my sanity. I stopped in and visited with the City Clerk during a rainstorm in October. I would have sworn that I was in Rocheport, but was beginning to wonder if I had been abducted by aliens and subjected to probing.
posted Dec 9 2006 12:10AM - Arkie, Fort Smith

I stand corrected! The only entrance to the depot building I have ever paid any attention to was for the men's room. I'm going to blame it on the Riverboat Red up at the winery as well - I love that stuff. (:
posted Dec 9 2006 2:24AM - savage24, KC,MO

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